Aleksandar Mitrovic was once again left sitting on the sidelines at the weekend.

Yet to start a Premier League match this season, the Serbian striker was once again named on the bench and only brought on against Watford once the game was lost with Newcastle three down.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Mitrovic has no future at Newcastle under Rafa Benitez but despite being desperate to trade in the former Anderlecht forward and bring in his own man in the summer, the pair were left stuck with each other.

However, a solution may be at hand.

Whilst I don’t give the Turkish football media any weight in normal circumstances, they have been relentless in their reporting on Newcastle interest in Cenk Tosun.

The Turkish international has been scoring regularly for club and country and has 10 goals (all competitions) for Besiktas so far this season.

Having helped his club qualify top of their Champions League group for the knockout stage, you wouldn’t imagine he’d be keen to leave, but it is repeatedly reported that he is desperate to give the Premier League a try and that Rafa Benitez wants to accommodate that.

Not a week goes by without the Turkish media reporting Newcastle scouting the player, or meetings between clubs and/or agents, ahead of the January window.

Two separate reports now claim that a January move is progressing further and a deal could be about to be reached.

The Turkish sports newspaper Fanatik report that Newcastle are willing to offer £9m plus Aleksandar Mitrovic in return for Tosun. Giving Besiktas the chance then of a ready made replacement.

In the summer it was reported that Mitrovic had been offered to Turkish clubs but nobody was willing to pay the £16m+ Newcastle were allegedly asking for.

Meanwhile, Futbol Arena report that Besiktas sent representatives to London at the weekend where they met Aleksandar Mitrovic himself, his father, and others representing the player, with talks claimed to have been positive.

They also report that a Mitrovic plus cash deal is being proposed but with it being the Newcastle player and £7m to change hands for Cenk Tosun.

If Newcastle could indeed bring in a decent goalscorer and at the same time offset the cost by losing a player Rafa Benitez has no intention of playing if at all possible, then it would look a dream deal on the surface.

A swap type deal will also potentially help one or both clubs to save face, as it helps disguise how much exactly each of the players has been valued at in the arrangement.

Newcastle obviously massively overpaid on the £14m or so that Mitrovic cost two and  a half years ago and stand no chance of getting anywhere near that much back on him. No club making an offer to buy him in the summer and zero chance of selling if Mike Ashley was insisting on anything like the claimed £16m this summer.

With their relentless coverage of Newcastle’s supposed interest in him, even I am beginning to think this potential deal reported by Turkish media for Cenk Tosun coming to Newcastle, could have some substance.

  • TheNutJob

    Just needs another cloob to go after him & this deal won`t happen, Nufc only buy players other cloobs don`t bid for.
    put it this way, when have we ever outbid another cloob for a player

    • TheNutJob

      enter stage left Clarko with the answer

      • Peaky Magpie


    • Marveauxless

      Ironic to comment this on a Mitrovic article when we outbid Porto and Roma for him

      • TheNutJob

        they never put the money on the table, we did

        • Marveauxless

          So, in other words, Porto and Roma were unwilling to meet Anderlecht’s asking price and we were. Sounds like outbidding to me.

          • TheNutJob

            No no no, we bid for Mitro, Porto were willing to meet the asking price but Mitro unknown to them had already signed
            so no other bid was put in

          • Marveauxless

            That’s not true at all, in fact Mitrovic’s father had the transfer delayed by several weeks in the hope that a Champions league team would match Newcastle’s offer. But no-one did. Because no one else would meet his asking price.

  • Rich Lawson

    Sounds good,but Jan’ still seems an awful long way away ?

    • Jezza

      Never going to happen. There’s no way Fatso will allow the club to put £7 to £9 million cash into this deal, he’ll want a straight swap for Mitrovic.

      • Rich Lawson

        Nice to see you back on a week day,I did wonder how long you could keep to just the Saturday posts ? But £7-9 mil’ seems small beer to put a regular goal scorer in to protect the sale from bottom 3 ?

        • TheNutJob

          Fatso won`t pay up, Rafa will have to sell other players to get the 9 mill

          • Rich Lawson

            That’s Colback gone then !

          • Andy Mac

            Only if we could sell him 18 times ? 🤔

      • Leicester Mag

        He’s like the kid wanting a scaletrix for a rubic cube on swap shop

        • Jezza

          Or wanting a Subbuteo set for Casdon Soccer.

          • Leicester Mag

            Jos reminds me of a subbuteo player with the heed missing!

  • BillytheFish

    5 marbles, a plonker, and my best conker..FFS get on with it…

  • cmrowley

    Unfortunate for Mitro that Rafa plays in a particular way and the individual must play a very specific role within the team. At the minute, the way our team needs him to play is playing to his weaknesses not his strengths.

    Rafa can’t use him therefore he needs to go, I’m confident that Mitro will score goals for a team set up to utilise his strengths.

    I don’t think we overpaid for him, a young striker banging in goals for his club with a decent record for his country.

  • Paul Patterson

    So this Turkish lad is effectively worth £25m? He better be good for that otherwise there’s no point.

  • anyobrien

    Non proven in the epl… Another big risk

    • MadMag83

      Neither was Mo Salah….

    • gallowgate26

      Neither was Demba Ba or Loic Remy. We only signed Ba because he failed a medical elsewhere with a dodgy knee! We are at the stage now where risks will need to be taken, even if Tosun is more of a Cisse, it would be a step up on the stikers we have at the moment, because NONE of them are PL grade or anywhere near it in my humble opinion.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Why would Ashley want to take a large loss on a player who has good potential
    in a team which plays to his strengths got to be worth £15m a least as a recognised international goal scorer.

    • Damon Horner

      “recognised international goal scorer” is a bit overplayed. Not many players enhance their reputation unless they do it at a major international tournament.

  • 1957

    Tosun has been linked with other PL teams including Spurs so there is the first hurdle for us, if he is left with a choice. Secondly this story for me falls down on the idea that he would give up Champions League football for a relegation battle in January, he surely would wait until the summer for a move.

    If it did happen of course it would mean a player not rated by Benitez moving to a club in the knockout phase of this year’s CL and will qualify by their, admittedly weaker, league each year, a seemingly good move for Mitrovic.

  • Andy Mac

    This surely has to be the simplest LOGICAL explanation for leaving the only NUFC striker to score 9 PL goals in one season on the bench ?

  • Whitehurst

    Never going to happen!!

  • gallowgate26

    Ironically the time to sell Mitrovic may be at the end of next summer, it worked a treat with Sissoko…Somehow I can’t see Mitro getting to the World Cup final though. 😂😂

  • fistsofsteel2

    It will be a MASSIVE mistake to get rid of Mitrovich.

  • Phil Yare

    it amazes me that newcastle will offer nowt for half decent players yet ask 16m for a player that nobody rates at the club
    either give him a chance or give the lad an opportunity somewhere else. either way it looks shambolic when joselu leads the line when he wouldn’t get a game for the mackems

  • Philippines

    Strange that NUFC value Mitro at 16M but won’t play him.