Newcastle United have 14 points from their first 11 Premier League matches this season.

Earlier today, a report looked at the first 11 Premier League matches for all 20 clubs, then compared to the next 11 matches all clubs will play by New Year’s Day.

For Newcastle United, their next 11 games start on Saturday at Old Trafford then conclude at Stoke City on New Year’s day (a full list of the matches below).

The report concluded that of the 20 clubs, only Southampton and Swansea had a harder schedule over this next 11 game period.

Newcastle’s next 11 games are:

18 November – Man Utd (A)

25 November – Watford (H)

28 November – West Brom (A)

2 December  – Chelsea (A)

9 December – Leicester (H)

13 December – Everton (H)

16 December – Arsenal (A)

23 December – West Ham (A)

27 December – Man City (H)

30 December – Brighton (H)

1 January – Stoke (A).

So Newcastle have six away and five at home, with the likes of Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal, and Chelsea to play.

How many points will Newcastle United get from these next 11 games? Vote now below and we will give you the overall results on Thursday.