Roll back to the 1 October 2017, the day of the Liverpool game, and Leazes Flags was still just an idea.

Fast forward to 27 November and the journey so far has been nothing short of incredible.

In just short of two months we have achieved so much, yet the journey is only just beginning and there is still so much to do..

As we know, our team are no different to any other, they thrive from the supporters getting behind them – even/especially through the tough times.

It has been noted by most mags over the past 10 years that the atmosphere has become progressively worse in comparison to what went before.

Our aim is to try and raise the atmosphere in the Leazes End and the flags are just the start of that.

Much work has been done in the Gallowgate to this end, and we cannot argue it has had an positive effect on the atmosphere.  We want to continue that sterling work and bring those vibes and goodwill into the Leazes, there’s a will for this in that section so we just need to find a way.

We think we have done that with Leazes Flags and also with our new off-shoot group, Section 1892.  Section 1892 represents people in the Leazes End who want to chant and sing to help raise the atmosphere by getting behind the team before and during matches, adding to the 12th man experience Wor Hyem have been striving hard to achieve.

Our first display is being planned for the Leicester game on 9 December and we simply cannot wait to reach that day.

We have planned around 90 flags to be on show on the day and they are a mixture of sizes and designs.  Our central piece will be three main flags, central will be a very large Newcastle 125 year crest and either side of that will be even larger flags, one for Sir Bobby Robson and the other, Rafa Benitez.  We will also have 1892 spelled out with player shirt flags and spread all over the Leazes will be more shirt flags celebrating players from all the ages.

As well as that we have some surprises and loads of black and white flags for mags to wave.  We need 125 people to help wave the flags on the day and most of our membership will be there to both help set up and also wave them, but we still need more people to help.

We have seen lately a dip in form for our team and that only cranks up the need for us to stay behind them, back them and remain positive, while they deal with the mental and physical challenges of the EPL.

Notwithstanding that, it is our Newcastle United’s 125th year anniversary on the 9 December, even more reason then to establish a party atmosphere, raise the roof, drown out the away support and give the team our backing.

Our intention is to continue with flag displays for every home game, Leicester is not a one-off for us.  So please do come and sign up, even if you can’t help on the 9th there will be plenty more opportunities to support our endeavours and get involved in this worthwhile project.

We will be putting some information on our website and using Twitter/Facebook to spread the word about where we will be putting the flags and who might be able to help in those particular areas of the ground.  This kind of project can only work if there’s people willing to wave the flags before the game, so mags support to help make this a success is crucial to us.

We ask any mags who sit in the Leazes End and are interested in helping improve the atmosphere, to please get in touch with us via Twitter; @flagsleazes or Facebook HERE and on our website

If you have any interest in being part of the positive change we are trying to create, either by waving a flag, helping set up, donating or becoming part of our singing section, please get in touch as soon as you can.

To feature like Leazes Flags submit your article to [email protected] and/or for more info go here

  • Leazes Ender

    No banana skins……You do realise the club was founded in 1881 don’t you?….. and this is the 125th anniversary of the NAME CHANGE.

    I remember the club hanging a banner on the old S&N building proclaiming Ha’way the Lads’…. lets leave the grammatical abominations to the Mackems.

    Hope its successful in making the team play better and galvanising the club to leaping and bounding up the table.

    • Grahame Johnson

      A picture that’s been in the mag from the league cup final shows a banner with Haway the lads and a British flag near it with Howay the lads once the makems put haway the lads on their stand it should always be howay the lads

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Good luck but would be nice if we had flags in both ends which would really create a good atmosphere or have Gallowgate flags retired if so a shame as they did a great job and was badly missed on Saturday.

  • toonterrier

    Nothing worse than sitting behind someone waving a flag for ninety minutes. Watch the game and make a noise supporting your team and if you want to wave flags do it outside the ground before and after games.