Jose Mourinho is on the warpath after he revealed that another key player will be missing when Manchester United play Newcastle United.

The Man Utd manager gave an exclusive to The Mirror, stating that Phil Jones won’t be playing on Saturday.

Jones has been the lynchpin as Mourinho’s team have had the tightest defence of all, the centre-back playing all 11 matches and the side conceding only five Premier League goals.

Jose Mourinho says that he only played Phil Jones in ‘extreme conditions; because it was such an important match against Chelsea before the international break.

The defender having been playing with an ongoing thigh injury.

Hoping that he would be rested in the international break, the Man Utd manager is furious that instead Gareth Southgate played the defender in a friendly against Germany, with the end result being that the player broke down and had to come off, ensuring he misses the Newcastle game and possibly beyond that.

Jose Mourinho always looks for someone/something to blame but on this occasion you can’t really disagree with him, as he complains about the lengthy list of England drop outs (Delph. Alli, Winks, Kane etc) who he predicts will still play for their clubs this weekend, or in the case of Danny Drinkwater refused a call-up to Southgate’s squad.

Another small/significant lift for Newcastle, in a game where it would be a massive boost to take anything from.

Jose Mourinho speaking to The Mirror:

“I don’t think it is possible for a player with a problem to play in a friendly.

“Of course, Phil Jones had a problem. He was having a problem for three weeks, he’s having problems that are stopping him to play for his club and then he plays for his club in extreme conditions because it’s a big match against Chelsea.

“And then he goes to the national team and he comes home with an ongoing injury that everyone knows is an ongoing injury.

“You have always some clubs where their players, they have always have something.

“It could be a fingernail, he has a little flu, he has a problem with the little toe, and they withdraw, and they stay with their clubs and they have their holidays and they have their rest.

“Then, there are always the clubs where the mangers are naive (holds his own hand up), too pure, and they say you have to go and they go and sometimes they pay the price and they pay the price.

“I want to see this next weekend if the players that were not going to the national team, I want to see if they are going to play. Drinkwater? Delph? The only one that is not playing is Phil Jones.”

  • Paul Patterson

    In fairness he has a point. No player with so much as a knock should be played in a friendly. Just look at Atsu, called up for a meaningless friendly with a thigh strain and now he’s out with a tear. Mourinho always likes a moan, but on this occasion he’s right. It can also be argued that we will miss Atsu far more than they will miss Jones on Saturday.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Absolutely correct,Rafa will be seething about Atsu too.
      He,s just not as vocal about it as Mourinho is (then again,who is?)

  • Wor Lass

    When isn`t Phil Jones carrying some sort of injury?

  • BillytheFish

    Yes players do carry injuries, and unlike some of the other primo’s he actually wants to play for England, took a risk which backfired on him…..This is a free hit for the Toon so lets get up em…..

  • Steve Pearce

    These pointless and meaningless friendlies should be stopped or managers should insist that key players do no attend them at their discretion.

  • hetonmag

    If he had a problem why not pull him out like the North London clubs did with their player’s.

  • NUFC9

    An ongoing injury so serious that it has not prevented him playing in a single one of Man U’s 11 league games this season?