Rafa Benitez felt that Newcastle were in control until the 74th minute of Monday’s match but Jamaal Lascelles disagrees.

He feels it was Burnley that were in control but at the same time weren’t the better team.

However, he does agree with the United boss that it was only ‘one lapse in concentration’ that decided the game.

Ayoze Perez far too weak when caught in possession near his own box, the winning goal in the back of the net only seconds later.

The Newcastle captain thinks his team came close a few times to equalising in the final stages as they belatedly posed a threat to the Burnley goal.

However, he takes a lot of heart from the strength of the team in defence overall this season.

As for moving forward, Jamaal Lascelles advises the team that ‘It’s important that you stay humble, stay level-headed and you’ve got to respect every team, but at the same time be confident you’re going to beat them.’

Saturday at home to Bournemouth is the perfect opportunity for everybody to bounce back.

Jamaal Lascelles:

“We are very disappointed with the defeat, naturally.

“It was one lapse in concentration (for the goal), they didn’t have many chances, or when they did we dealt with them fairly easily.

“But down the other end we had two or three chances where we could have equalised at the end.

“I suppose it’s just one of those games where things didn’t quite go for us.

Turf Moor’s a tough place to come, they have played this way for years where they’re hard to break down, they are good at set-pieces and they’re a compact team.

“Maybe we didn’t control the game well enough – I wouldn’t say they were the better team, but they definitely controlled it.

“I’m just looking forward to playing them at home though.

“Obviously we’re disappointed but we aren’t going to let our heads drop. We’re going to look to turn things around on Saturday.

“The main positive to take is our defensive organisation. We’ve been really organised this season and hard to break down.

Burnley didn’t have many chances apart from the goal. That is the key positive to take.

“Maybe we could have scored a couple of goals but it’s one of them where it all pans out over the course of a season and we will be looking to turn things around on Saturday.

In the Championship this team learned to just put these results in the past quickly and move on.

“You can’t be too happy when you win and you can’t be too down when you lose.

“It’s important that you stay humble, stay level-headed and you’ve got to respect every team, but at the same time be confident you’re going to beat them.

“That’s how we’ll be approaching Saturday.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    You can have the best defense in the World but if you can`t score goals you`re in trouble & our attack would struggle to score in league 1 never mind the premiership

    • Paul Patterson

      After ten games, the forward line (?) clearly hasn’t worked. Joselu and Perez are useless, as is Diame. We can get away with one in the team but two or three of them and forget it. It’s like starting with a man down at least.

  • steve pearce

    We will never become a goal scoring team whilst we have such an utter clod as Hoselu up front and an absolute pussy in the number ten spot. Roll on the Staveleylution and new strikers and a proper number ten!

  • 1957

    It’s a sign of his growing into the captain’s role that he is prepared to deviate a little from Benitez thoughts. Hopefully he can influence the manager not to put SloMo in the team again.

    Jamaal has looked much better this season, it might be being free from last season’s injury or that he knows that Benitez has a replacement waiting on the bench in Clark if standards slip.

    • Munich Mag

      Thought our centre half duo looked dodgy against Burnley. Dread fleet footed attackers running at them.

  • toonterrier

    I’ve got a bit of advice. Get your fingers out or we’ll be in the relegation zone by the New Year.

    • Munich Mag

      Dead right, we have lost away to all our bottom half rivals, not a good sign. Just need to beat the same teams at home, but without goals in the team it makes for a nervy SJP where the home fans can easily get on the teams back.

  • ghostrider

    It’s refreshing to see someone like Lascelles speak out in blunt truth but hopefully Rafa won’t see it as any kind of question to his authority.

    I’m not fully swung on Rafa just yet.