We are now just over a week beyond the date when Amanda Staveley presented Mike Ashley with a formal offer for Newcastle United.

Both side have made clear that this did happen via the media, although still much discussion continues as to what was actually offered.

Pulling all the reporting together, the consensus appears to be that the maximum offer made was for something just under £300m, although for the highest amount to be reached it does rely on certain clauses.

The more believable included a claim that some kind of relegation insurance would be agreed to, with the buyer protected up to a point against that eventuality.

Whilst the most dubious came from journalists friendly to Mike Ashley, claiming the bidder(s) were demanding Premier League/Champions League wins within 10 years for Ashley to get the full amount.

Something which appears to have been universally taken by Newcastle fans as  being the usual Mike Ashley PR machine trying to ridicule the other party. Much like when Rafa Benitez was only allowed an £11.5m net spend this summer and having  to buy £5m Stoke reserve Joselu as our new much-needed star goalscorer, only for Ashley to turn up on Sky Sports saying it was impossible for Newcastle to compete for players such as the £200m Neymar…

Anyway, Saturday has now brought us new claims of new insight as to what is going on behind the scenes.

The Financial Times report that Amanda Staveley has lined up investors from Saudi Arabia and Dubai, if she needs them…

However, they claim their information is that if the price and/or structure of any buying agreement is favourable, then Amanda Staveley and her company PCP Partners could buy Newcastle United themselves, without the need for other investors.

Some fans hoping for/believing in a money no object bid from potential owners where another £50m here or there would be peanuts, may now have their explanation, if the Financial Times are on the money.

The bottom line of course is that pretty much any new owner would be buying the club with an expectation/hope of making a profit in the future, apart from in the unlikely circumstances of it being a Manchester City/PSG type of new ownership, where you become part of something much bigger, that doesn’t need/intend to make a direct profit from the buying and eventual selling of a club.

Eyebrows were raised when Mike Ashley made clear he would be willing to accept payment by instalments to help in the sale of the club.

As well as driving a hard bargain on price, the instalments factor could also lead you to think that this is to help somebody such as Amanda Staveley and her company to buy Newcastle United on their terms, rather than on behalf or in partnership with other investors.

If this was the case then it would appear to rule out money no object arrangements such as exist at PSG and Man City but just because you have very rich owners doesn’t always mean they are willing  to invest much of it on their clubs.

QPR had a group of super rich billionaires (Briatore, Ecclestone, Mittal) owning the club a few years ago but it was run on a relative shoestring. There is also a club on Tyneside who have suffered from a billionaire owner relegating the club twice due to under investment and even refusing to spend the club’s own generated revenue when it was desperately needed to reinforce a dangerously understrength squad.

As to who would be the ideal new owners (very rich or mega rich) is impossible to say.

All Newcastle fans want is to see the back of Mike Ashley and see somebody come in who will believe in the potential of Newcastle United on and off the pitch and do their best to make it happen.

  • Leazes Ender

    Jim wrote…..’The bottom line of course is that pretty much any new owner would be buying the club with an expectation/hope of making a profit in the future’….

    Is this what it has come to now?

    First Hall and Shepherd then Ashley…. and we are expecting to have our pockets picked by all future owners? Do with us what you like just as a childlike malevolent Chelsea fan Ashley did?


    Football clubs have to be put back into the hands of Trustees….. A change in the Law on community assets such as football clubs to give the fans back their club!

    That will require a change of government…..

    …. and fans who care!

    • Martin Rooney

      Why government those ****ers have no place near any football club, it could be done tomorrow just needs fans to back a break away new club and be patient.

      • Mark Potter

        He means a government willing to change the law, not run the clubs. The Labour Party are committed to requiring clubs to have a minimum of a quarter/two fan appointed directors. And allowing fans to purchase at least 10% of the shares whenever there is a change of ownership. So NUFC fans would only have to find £30 million to be part of the PCP bid, rather than finding the full amount and bidding against PCP. I assume the 10% is cumulative, so every time the owners change (which might be only every 5-10 years) the fans could move to 20%, 30% etc and eventually own the club outright.

  • TheFatController

    You make a valid point that some billionaire owners see it as a side protect and not a full commitment and passion.

    The Mansours not only spend on the players, but invest it seems in all aspects, seeing the club as en extension of the values they want to portray in life.

    Abramovich can meddle too much for a coach’s liking, but you see him at every game and he’s delivered on the trophy front obviously.

    Most owners will have an ego, the best fit is when that ego is founded on community values and loyalty. Look at Everton, just needed someone with money alongside Kenwright, almost immediately the problems seem to be arising with the addition of a rich owner alongside him…

    • Martin Rooney

      The values they want to portray in life, have a better look. Their track record is sickening.

  • anyobrien

    I’m Bored of this I don’t believe it will happen either way all I want is a couple of decent players and some entertainment… Super rich countries buying my club don’t interest me the football does. Massive game today we are only 4 points off drop zone we must take something from this game or its doooooooom army..

    • nufcslf

      Just as well the football was so breath taking today. The football has been pathetic for years and Sports Direct United has been centered around fat fu*k’s back pocket all along. Change better happen soon or the only doom and gloom will be this once great club totally shafted with you and a couple of others with 52,000 empty seats to choose from.

      • anyobrien

        I left at half time today something I have never done I’m sick

        • nufcslf

          I do feel your pain and walking out should not even be an option for something you are passionate about. Ashley’s destruction of the club killed my passion along time ago and a new start is the only thing that will slowly start to repair it. Hope Tueday’s starting 11 is not the same as today’s, especially for those travelling to West Brom.

  • Taz

    Blah,blah blah!!!! What is the news her?, there’s been a bid( we know that) its not enough( we know that) another higher bid could come soon (we know that)and this ones from me ….. mike Ashley is a fat [email protected], we all know that!!!

  • Toonrobbybobson

    She’ll buy it then within a year or two it will be fully sold to the real new owner or injection for large portion of ownership setup at their pace with proper plans. She wont be buying this alone. The true owner wont want to deal with Ashley and I wouldnt blame them. This deal is being setup to put Staveley as the head to make Ashley be realistic.