There were 1,600 Bournemouth fans who made the trek to Tyneside and braved the 14 flights of stairs up to the away end.

Along with the Newcastle fans they saw a real game of two halves.

Newcastle could and should have gone ahead in the first half, only for things to fall apart after the break.

So how did the Bournemouth fans see the game overall?

Fair to say some of them weren’t too impressed by Newcastle…

Bournemouth fans comment via their top Vital Football message board:

‘Seen one of the relegated teams today and it is not Bournemouth. Newcastle were awful.’

‘We’ve taken points off Leicester, Brighton and Newcastle, who all looked absolutely atrocious, and all three are above us. Hopefully not for much longer.’

‘Took a battering in the first half but much better in the second and probably just deserved to win.’

 ‘It’s a great win today and last 20 minutes we were good, very good, but that shouldn’t mask some poor performances from some players.

Newcastle were there for a pasting to be honest and I can’t believe they were 9th before the game.’

‘Just going out for a meal….in Newcastle, think I’m going to enjoy the night.’

‘I am going to get absolutely hammered this evening.’

 ‘Great win, their offside goal was dubious, could have gone either way.

We grew into the game and on reflection I think both teams thought they could and should have won.

These are the games that we need to get points from and will define our season. We can’t go on much longer without a confidence boost or we really will be out of touch of safety.

We are now out of relegation and the fixtures in front of us look favourable. We are on our way!’

‘If Newcastle weren’t so rubbish Francis would have cost us another match with a bone headed mistake, and was torn apart by Atsu ALL GAME.’

‘Midfield was all over the shop today. The defence and the front two did their jobs. But in midfield Newcastle bettered us no problem.

Thankfully football is won and lost in the penalty areas, and we did well there.’

‘We won because they stuck together as a team and it came good.’

‘Just calmed down. What a strange game. We made so many individual errors in the game. Under no pressure. Midfield just seemed nowhere. For an hour it was like 2 mini teams. Some blokes at the back defending and some blokes attacking with nothing in-between. I thought Arter began to take control a little in the second half. We looked better when Smith replaced ibe. Wilson and king looked good.

Love that we went for it last 5 or 10 minutes. Belief starting to show. Cook scores then prevents a goal by pushing their bloke over.’

I really like Matt Ritchie but I just wanted him to see we are doing ok!’

‘Make no mistake about it, Newcastle are shocking. Absolutely embarrassing first half on reflection. Such an important result.’

‘Sadly some of our fans chose to boo Ritchie…….Johnny Bandwaggon’s probably.’

‘Crawled up those 14 flights of stairs, but pretty sure I floated back down them.’

‘Arter and Surman both well off the pace in the first half. Surman ran the show after the break, while Shelvey and Ritchie went missing for Newcastle.’

‘I would have Ritchie back. He did fade yesterday but the whole Newcastle team lost their way after a bright start.’

  • anyobrien

    First half we battered them they are very poor… Gayle goal allowed it would go been a different story we played some cracking stuff and they were nowhere near us 2nd half there’s, but to say we’ll go down,? I’ll bet any of them we will finish above them come May.

  • Leazes Ender

    Official ……The stats are really stacking up…. United simply don’t get marginal calls from referees and their assistants……

    It is time for them to have a look at the way they discriminate, we should have had a penalty as well as a goal…. opposition players aren’t penalised never mind sent off.

    Officials come to SJP with the mindset that the fans here are very partisan and will attempt to sway my judgement therefore I’m going to do the opposite!

    That can be the only explanation…. they counter the home crowd…. look at sendings off [15-0] and penalties…. look at yesterday’s game for goodness sake…. Gayle was it pushed to the floor in open sight…. nothing!

    We are playing against a team of 12 at times!

    We have to be better than this so marginal calls don’t effect results.

    Forward with the Rafalution!

    • Lofty

      You can add Atsu being dragged back twice on the halfway line with a clear run in on goal only one resulting in a booking, and the lunge on Lascelles which ultimately saw him come off. Of course these things will even themselves out…

      • Si

        Like losing to Burnley, Huddersfield and Brighton will even itself out?

        • Lofty

          If we win the return games, then yes.

          • Leazes Ender

            When are the penalties and sendings off going to even out….. they never will.

          • Lofty

            That was my point Leazes, the ‘experts’ always tell us these things even out. I should have put ‘not’ on the end of the sentence!

          • Mike

            should bury teams at
            St James no excuses. oh for a striker

  • gallowgate26

    I don’t think they are as good as some of their fans are trying to convince themselves, the table doesn’t lie and it was a really poor performance and result for us yesterday. These are the games where we need to take three points this season. Even so, I think we could have won, had Gayle’s goal stood, or if a decent striker had Joselu’s chance. We are painfully lacking a couple of quality forwards. That game was there to be won yesterday, sorry but Bournemouth do not convince as a PL team at all and just seem to catch us on bad days. If Gayle was a couple of yards sharper, he would have had two or three yesterday in my opinion.

    • Jezza

      “we could have won…..if a decent striker had Joselu’s chance”

      That is rapidly becoming a recurring theme this season.

    • Drew Davies

      funny how all the other team have bad games when bournemouth win but it’s bournemouth who are playing badly when we lose. we’ve also conceded few goals for one of the ‘worst’ defenses in the league. Bournemouth have played alot of the more difficult fixtures this year and i wouldn’t be surprised if we go on a winning streak this month. i’m not sure we’ll be anywhere near the relegation zone come christmas but i think newcastle may be down there looking at their next few fixtures.

  • Mark C

    I agree we were better first half Gayle’s disallowed goal stands it’s a different game. We were poor 2nd half they nicked it. Both teams are bang average at best like many other teams in this league.

  • Mrkgw

    Who would ever have thought it – Bournemouth thinking that we are one of the games that they should get points from. Ashley has crushed our club.