Garth Crooks has been evaluating Saturday’s teatime match.

The BBC Sport pundit passing judgement in particular, on both Newcastle United and Paul Pogba.

Garth Crooks has picked Paul Pogba for his Premier League team of the week…but says he does it ‘through gritted teeth’.

Crooks has a dig at/gives a reality check to Newcastle United, when he declares that Saturday for Pogba was a case of ‘you can only beat what is in front of you’, saying the midfielder ‘tormented Newcastle throughout’.

He has challenged the Manchester United player to do the same ‘against the top teams’ having stated ‘Newcastle simply do not have the resources to compete with Manchester United’.

Garth Crooks though is more preoccupied with what Paul Pogba does on top of his contribution during play, commenting ‘I have no time for his hairstyles and even less time for the dancing exhibitions’.

Oh for it to be the case of those being Newcastle United’s only problems.

Following Saturday’s game, there were claims in the north east media that if Mike Ashley is still in charge when we reach January, there will be minimal money available for Rafa Benitez to spend.

There is a big difference between not having the resources to compete with Manchester United, which is a message Mike Ashley has consistently put out over the years, and backing your manager with what should be a bare minimum of support that Rafa Benitez should expect.

After a £40m transfer profit in summer 2016 and no transfers at all in January 2017, then a meagre £11.5m net spend this summer, to risk both relegation and losing Rafa Benitez would be extreme even by Mike Ashley’s usual standards.

Garth Crooks:

“I have no time for his hairstyles and even less time for the dancing exhibitions. They are for beauty parlours and catwalks.

“What I do enjoy, though, is a footballer who can produce moments of magic with a football at his feet.

“There is no doubt that Paul Pogba’s return to the Manchester United line-up was as empathic (ED: It means ‘showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another’ – think he might have meant ’emphatic’…) against Newcastle as it was stylish, and so it should be.

“Newcastle simply do not have the resources to compete with Manchester United. But you can only beat what is in front of you and Pobga tormented Newcastle throughout.

“I would like to see the Frenchman have this sort of performance against the top teams, but there is no doubt that, given time and room, Pogba can destroy the opposition.

“I had little choice but to pick Pogba over Jack Cork for example. Cork was outstanding for Burnley against Swansea but Pogba is in a different class. Yet there was something quite virtuous about Cork’s performance I did not see in Pogba’s against the Magpies.

“Nevertheless, it would have been vindictive of me not to pick Pogba. I refuse to allow a poor rendition of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever with a poor haircut to stop me from producing an honest selection, but I do so through gritted teeth.”

  • Leazes Ender

    Getting the feeling the takeover is just a work of fiction by the deceased owner.

    • Soldier

      that would come as no surprise

    • Rich Lawson

      Has he left a will,who inherits ?

  • Soldier

    we have never been able to compete with Man Utd on a regular basis, only under Kevin Keegan did we give them a run for their money for a short period of time.
    my dad has said there isnt a player at Newcastle that would make the bench under Keegan. Cashley has diminished the club to such an extent even with Rafa we may be relegated again. sad times under a man possessed by greed

    • Peaky Magpie

      Your dad is right Soldier and to be honest any of the current squad would struggle to get into Sir Bobby’s best lot.

    • Toonrobbybobson

      Watching the Alan Shearer documentary the other night made me sad that we arent likely to see a player of such quality again in the shirt the way football is. Gave me many great moments of happiness did wor Alan.

      I hope new owners come in with the right intentions and buy into what the club is about. Even speaking to people associated with the clubs history like KK.

      When you look at the 2 clubs and the two different directions they have gone… wasted opportunities :-(

  • Rich Lawson

    How can he have so much money and such awful hair,”stupid boy” ?

  • MadMag83

    Thanks for clearing up what empathy is….

  • Viru leckworth

    Wish I had a crystal ball, then I could relax. I think it will happen but not as smoothly as we would like. Ashley will not want to lose face, and Pcp
    Won’t want to be taken for a ride. Let’s face it , if it all goes wrong, only Ashley is to blame. Why didn’t he put up for sale at the end of last season, and why did he not allow more money to strengthen? Can’t understand his thinking at all.