Dwight Gayle says David Beckham is the reason why he supports Manchester United.

The Newcastle striker saying Beckham was his ‘idol’ when growing up, as they both come from the same part of London, so it was only natural (like so many Londoners..) to support Man Utd.

He says that all the Newcastle players are ‘ready to go’ again after the disappointment of the Bournemouth match.

Agreeing that games at Old Trafford are the kind you look forward to on promotion, Gayle says that at the same time you have to be focused on the performance rather than the occasion.

The United striker says that there ‘been some great classics’ over the years between Newcastle United and Man U, with many more to come in the future, as they are ‘Two massive clubs and fans who support them are so passionate’. Well we have seen some classics but some disasters as well!

The last eight visits have seen one win and three draws for Newcastle, so actually not a bad record, another draw would do very nicely.

Dwight Gayle speaking to NUFC TV:

“We didn’t have the best of results just before the international break and we have had time to think about it and work on perhaps what we need to.

“When you don’t have your best results you want to get straight back out there. 

“All the boys will be ready to go at the weekend and hopefully we can get a good result.”

‘Did the Bournemouth defeat hinge on your disallowed ‘offside’ goal?’

“It was a good time for us in the first half as we were putting pressure on and creating chances, so if we had got a goal then, you never know.

“These things happen though and you have to react, maybe we didn’t kick on from there.

“It is an unfortunate one and it happened. Of course, pleased to start as frustrating when you are out of the team. 

“Obviously the team have been doing really well so I understand it. I just need to work harder and prove to the gaffer that I can be in the starting eleven.”

‘Are games like this what it is all about when getting out of the Championship?’

“Everybody knows how big a team it (Man Utd) is and playing at Old Trafford in front of seventy five thousand is going to be fantastic for the boys – but we can’t get too overrun by it and we need to concentrate on how we play – and pick up points.”

‘You grew up supporting Manchester United…?’

“David Beckham was from my area (London!) and was a bit of an idol for myself, so I followed Man Utd when I was growing up.

“I still have a little feeling for them I suppose and enjoy watching them.”

‘There has been a little bit of rivalry between the two clubs over the years?’

“There have been some great classics and sure there will be many more because it is two massive clubs and fans who support them are so passionate.”

‘Is it daunting – they haven’t lost at Old Trafford for more than a year?’

“You look forward to playing it but you have to remain focused and not let it get to you.”

‘What is the mood in training like?’

“The boys are pretty happy in training, frustrated that we didn’t win but we have moved on from it.”

  • TheNutJob

    Hope Dwight can prove that he can score in the premiership, after all who else have we got

  • Steve Pearce

    So why doesn’t the useless little [email protected] just go to Manchester where he’d be lucky to get a game with the Sewer Lickers B team……

    • Dillon Tovak

      You’re a ray of sunshine.
      Did you want him to lie and say he supported Newcastle when he grew up when he was asked?
      He’s hardly useless as he scored 23 goals that got us promoted.

      • Steve Pearce

        Yes – but he’s sadly not up to the Premiership and if we’d had a decent owner who wasn’t such a tight wad he’d have been replaced bu someone who was….

        • Oooh bobbi fleckman

          So supporting the lads for you is to moan about the tight was in charge despite you being too much of a tight was to go to the match. Even then, our players are useless little [email protected]? Some fan you are.

          • Coach Clagnut

            The [email protected] was singular. Let’s not sensationalise it.

            Ashley recently lost 85 million sterling on a bet with goldman sachs. Nowt to do with the price of fish I’ll grant you, but he is a [email protected]

          • Oooh bobbi fleckman

            He was talking about Gayle. Fans like him, we can do without.

  • Coble’s Return

    Give the lad a break. He was bought for a purpose and he delivered on that with the goals that brought us back up. But for injuries, his tally would have been outstanding. Yes, he’s injury prone and as a result may be lacking in confidence, but that is something which can affect any player. It is not his fault either that Ashley didn’t fork out for Lewandowski in the summer. Given our chronic lack of options up front, Gayle will have his part to play this season – a bit of support isn’t too much to ask.