Dennis Wise has been revealed as one of this year’s contestants on ‘I’m a Celebrity’.

He was spotted arriving at Brisbane Airport over the weekend and The Mirror report that he will be appearing in this year’s series.

Ant and Dec will be back on our screens starting Sunday (19 November) and our old ‘friend’ will be joining them.

I’m not a big fan of reality TV programmes but make an exception with I’m a Celebrity.

Ant and Dec are always great value and of course there is always one hapless clown who ends up getting picked on and selected repeatedly for the tasks.

Dennis Wise will certainly be getting my vote and hopefully we’ll discover he is terrified of everything in the jungle.

I take it that his football career has only gone in one direction since even his old mate Mike Ashley got rid of him.

dennis wise

The NUFC owner having appointed Wise as Executive Director of Football just after he had brought Keegan in as manager in 2008. The sight of Dennis Wise at Newcastle United was enough to make your stomach feel like you’d just done one of the very worst bushtucker trials.

None of us knowing at the time that part of his role at Newcastle United was also to undermine Kevin Keegan.

Kieron Dyer appeared on I’m a Celebrity in 2015 and actually came across ok, plus he also revealed that he was donating his appearance fee to charity.

You would guess not much chance of the poison dwarf doing the same and hopefully he will be made to suffer before getting booted off the show.

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  • Viru leckworth

    Hope he gets bitten by a venomous snake.

  • Tino o

    Could be the first contestant to be eaten by a crocodile live ! Now that would be quality tv 😂😂

  • pedrodelgardo

    Poisonous and Toerag are two words.

    • pedrodelgardo

      or 3

  • BillytheFish

    Lives round the corner from me, the poison little shit….Kick him in the slats Ant..

  • Steve Pearce

    Who gives a flying Donald Duck?

    The programme’s a complete pile of shyte full of Z list “celebrities” who pretend they are in the bush when in reality they have full luxury amenities just off camera..

  • mactoon

    Get ready to eat a lot of Kangaroo testicles Dennis.. pass me that phone

  • Leazes Ender

    vermin…. is on the menu and the guest list.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    The sad thing is people will tune in to watch that open sewer in your living room !
    A vehicle for two of the most overrated non entities of all time to push their school boy toilet humour onto the docile public.

    They might be Geordies but I never realised starting off in a kids soap followed by a less than dubious “Pop Career” followed by kids presenting gets you to lofty heights and national adulation based on nothing !
    Where the skill of reading an auto-cue gets you Comedy Awards at the expense of those who graft doing Stand Up the length and breadth of the country all year round.

    Yes it’s that time of year again when “The Gruesome Twosome” get to wheel out their time honoured act which involves humiliating members of the public.
    This has become their trade no matter which show they rock up on along with their parasite pal Simon Cowell.
    Lets be honest, There’s no surprise why Dennis Wise is on this and predictably he will no doubt have to partake in the scranning of a Kangaroo’s nether regions in the name of entertainment or revenge on the part of the two Hi-Ho merchants.

    Dennis Wise must know this but must be desperate for the cash so he is willing to prostrate himself to the indignity in this lowest common denominator.