Craig Bellamy has urged any prospective buyer to come in and take over Newcastle United.

Monday night brought news that an offer had gone in from Amanda Staveley’s PCP Partners to buy the club.

Although it later emerged that the bid had gone actually gone in last week, with last night’s ‘breaking news’ simply a leak, clearly from the Staveley side apparently, to try and push Mike Ashley towards a quick deal.

The message from Craig Bellamy, talking after that Monday night news, was clear: ‘If there is someone out there…please go and buy Newcastle United.

The former Newcastle striker describes NUFC as ‘A brilliant football club and fans’.

A club where if there is the right backing for Rafa Benitez and a willingness to invest, then Bellamy says new owners  can ‘have a good time doing it as well’.

As the two sides set down to battle it out in negotiations, or even a rival bidder(s) to emerge, Newcastle fans just want to see the right solution and the best possible new owners to come in and run the club properly with ambition, to make the club the best it can possibly be – on and off the pitch.

Craig Bellamy talking to Sky Sports:

Mike Ashley is going to sell the club.

“I just look at it from the outside and if there is money available, and there is someone out there that’s wanting to buy a football club, please go and buy Newcastle United.

“It’s a brilliant football club and fans.

“It just needs the lift.

“I they if can get that, someone who is willing to invest in that squad, to back the manager, they (new owners) will have a good time doing it as well.”

  • jack

    Ashley should take the money , he’s made enough out of Newcastle , asset stripping ,,advertisement for sports direct

  • Dillon Tovak

    I liked Bellamy until he recently backed Ashley. Which is a betrayal to the fans that used to support him and pay his wages.

    • Leazes Ender

      I liked Shearer until he started working for Rupert Murdoch’s filthy rag….. he kept his gob shut about Ashley despite having one of the most prominent pulpits in British football…. despite having his name unceremoniously ripped from the bar which borne his name to tempt him to do so!

      • Oooh bobbi fleckman

        You don’t half talk rubbish.

  • Leazes Ender

    Cant understand why Ashley did what he did with United…. What was the point in deliberately weakening your own club and selling its best players and future development land?

    …. Oh aye…. I remember… he’s a Chelsea fan…. and he could….so he did.

    • Mrkgw


    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      You don’t half talk rubbish

    • Jimmy_toons

      He’s obviously made a bucket load out of us – like the previous owners – and is looking to work his magic on another project or club. God help them, or us if/when he’s still here.