You can’t deny one thing about Alan Pardew, he always seems able to find people to come out in the media and make, often outrageous, claims about his abilities.

Out of work for almost a year now and ignored for the Premier League vacancies that he has targeted since the sackings started this season, the former Newcastle boss has now turned his attentions to Scotland.

With Rangers looking for a new manager, Alan Pardew has put his name forward for the job.

No decision announced as yet by the Ibrox club but one of Pardew’s mates has come out and backed him for the job, making some quite amusing claims on Pardew.

Peter Grant worked as a coach with Alan Pardew at Reading and West Ham, so maybe he is hoping that a job could be in the offing if he gets the Rangers post:

Peter Grant talking to BBC Sport:

“Alan Pardew was a very good man-manager, very diligent, up to date with sports science.

“He earned respect, then Newcastle finished fifth in the Premier League, under severe pressure. He’s got the skin of a rhino and you need that to be the manager of Celtic or Rangers.

“Fantastic man. I thoroughly enjoyed my time (at West Ham). I loved working with him and the only reason I left was because I got the opportunity to manage Norwich.

“We had some wonderful players at the club, Tevez, Mascherano, Sheringham, and I saw very close hand how he handled top quality players. He did that exceptionally well. I’ve got great respect for him as a manager.

“Certain managers know how to handle top players.

“You talk about Tevez, Mascherano, fantastic players, different characters. You have to manage them well.

“I thought they should all be the same, one rule for all, but he (Alan Pardew) softened me on that. You have respect for the players, the discipline and they knew the rules, there was no fine line and nobody got away with anything. He was hard but fair. You respect them and tell them your thoughts, but you’ve got to manage them the right way.”

West Ham signed Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano in summer 2006 but despite having some very talented players at his disposal, Alan Pardew and the Hammers struggled badly.

Pardew eventually sacked in December 2006, with West Ham deep in relegation trouble. Alan Curbishley came in and saved them, winning seven of the final Premier League matches to keep them up on the final day of the season.

Despite having both starred in the 2006 Germany World Cup for Argentina, they found life under Alan Pardew a little strange, Tevez starting only seven Premier League games and Mascherano a measly three.

The likes of Hayden Mullins and Nigel Reo-Coker kept Mascherano out of the side and within six months a certain Rafa Benitez had rescued him and he went to Liverpool, where he started in the Champions League final against AC Milan where the scousers were losing finalists.

It’s funny how Tevez and Mascherano have slightly different recollections of Alan Pardew’s management, both having spoken since about his incompetence and inability to manage top managers…

Javier Mascherano:

“It was frustrating to join after a World Cup and have the manager (Alan Pardew) ask what position I played but I continued to push forward for six months.”

Carlow Tevez:

“I never had a fluid relationship with Pardew.

“I don’t know what his motives were but I think that he never had confidence in us.

“My impressions of Pardew are not positive.

“He did not really speak much with the players – with us he was a mute.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    The Mockney Mafia always support the Silver Scumbag.
    me, i hope he ends up with the Skip Rats in Scumberland

    • Stephen Butler

      Aussie football is on the improve because even the aussie clubs knocked him back. happy days if he goes to scumberalnd

  • steve pearce

    Yet another Mag writer whose massive ego demands that he writes reams of irrelevant shyte about ex-managers from the distant past who were universally hated by our fans. Look you small minded moron – we don’t give a flying Donald Duck about this whiny-voiced ex-glazier any more. He is gone and forgotten so live with it, and if you feel that your life is meaningless without your daily article you could always get a job with the Chronicle……

  • Wor Lass

    A pretty parthetic article which proves absolutely nothing. Who cares if some people who played under him say he was a good man manager (eg Joey) and who cares if some others say he wasn`t? Let`s face it, neither Tevez nor Macerater are a full shilling. They were modern day slaves to some dodgy middle eastern wheeler-dealer and wanted to move on to earn more and more money for the scumbag! As Steve says, he`s long gone and it`s time to forget him.

  • Oooh bobbi fleckman

    I think you have to bear in mind that there was a massive cloud over the Tevez & Mascherano deal and 3rd party ownership. I think Pardew had been told not to play them which of course made them look a mug. Sheff United still think they should have taken the FA to court over it.

  • Andy Mac

    Man management ? Not sure Carl Fletcher saw any of it ?
    “What’s that cuming into your wife? It’s Alan Pardew! Alan Pardew!”

  • MadMag83

    He’s not so much thick skinned, just arrogant and self obsessed.

  • 1957

    In fairness to Pards, he didn’t have the full dream team working with him then. Things might have been different if he had the best coach in the PL working with him and probably had no one to hold the door open at team meetings…Geordie John and Stoney are one offs

  • Andy Mac

    Got my post about Carl Fletcher deleted. However I will say that (without implying anything at all) when the stuff hit the fan and he tried to gain an injunction to prevent newspapers printing stories, he shamefully used his wife’s mental “ill health” as a factor in preventing the papers from telling the world.

    Pardwho has a massive ego as well as a chequered past of marital misdemeanour’ s all of which was common knowledge within the footballing world. Yet Fatman and the weasel Llambias gave this shlite four years at this club when he deserved nothing.

  • Alan Pardew

    Shola was magnificent- he was brilliant in the air and he’s got such fast feet. He’s as good a striker as I’ve ever worked with and I’ve coached a few good ones, including Carlos Tevez.