I hate to say it but Alan Shearer was speaking off the top of his head on this one.

The Newcastle legend not having all the facts/stats to hand when asked about the January transfer window.

Recent media reports in Spain have claimed that Newcastle are interested in signing Fernando Torres on loan in January from Atletico Madrid.

Obviously a decent story in the Spanish newspapers with Rafa Benitez having signed him previously for Liverpool, plus obviously Rafa being Spanish as well, so a reunion makes a nice story.

When asked whether Torres would be a good buy for Newcastle, Alan Shearer is adamant he would be and says NUFC need somebody like him ‘With a bit of pace, who can offer something different, a bit of a presence who can sniff out a goal.’

Torres scored a remarkable 56 goals in 69 Premier League starts (plus 10 as a sub) under Benitez at Liverpool BUT that is not the Fernando Torres Newcastle would be signing.

Newcastle definitely need extra goals from somewhere but turning 34 in March, would Fernando Torres be the answer?

Since parting ways with Rafa Benitez, the following seven seasons saw 11 goals being the best league return for Torres, that coming in 2015/16.

In his limited time on the pitch this campaign, the Atletico Madrid forward has failed to score so far in all competitions.

Torres has made only one start in La Liga and whilst obviously a talented goalscorer back at Liverpool under Rafa, it is very dubious he could do it now in the Premier League.

Maybe worthwhile as a supersub but guessing that any wages/loan fee would make that a very expensive someone sitting on the bench that Mike Ashley wouldn’t agree to, if by January he is still here…

Alan Shearer asked if Fernando Torres would be a good signing for Newcastle in January (speaking to Coral):

“Yes he would be.

“That is one of the area which Newcastle are struggling with at this moment in time – scoring goals.

“They have Mitrovic, Joselu and Gayle, all three have different qualities and if we could put them altogether, we would have a top striker.

“Unfortunately you can’t do that and I do think we need additions in that striker department.

“Someone with a bit of pace, who can offer something different, a bit of a presence who can sniff out a goal.

“That is what makes a difference at the bottom of the table…if you have got a guy who can get you 10 to 15 league goals a season.

“You will ten climb (an extra) seven or eight places in the Premier League and that is what Newcastle need – I think he would be a good addition.

“Rafa knows him and he knows Rafa, if he is available then I think he will do a decent job at Newcastle.”

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  • HarryHype59

    Signing Torres would be a cheap short term option! The type of signing so beloved by Ashley! New owners, if they ever arrive, would hopefully be aiming higher!

  • Cuh

    He would definitely get more goals than Gayle and Joselu. And in a 4-4-2, will be a great strike partner for any of our forwards (Gayle especially)

  • 1957

    Almost 34 years old, limited time on the pitch, goalless and adding in a loan fee and wages…he’s not for me. Surely we can do better even with Ashley at the helm.

    Al has either not aware of Torres career over the last few season or he is suffering from a case of pundititis

  • Paul Patterson

    To anybody who thinks he wouldn’t be a good signing, I ask Is he better than what we have? End of.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    Gayle is just coming back to fitness he needs a chance from now to january. Hes capable of scoring goals just hasnt been fit. He was unfortunate to have a goal wrongly chalked off against Bournemouth which would have been rightly a different game and we’d all be feeling different.

    I think many writing him off are being unfair. Yes hasnt happened yet but he hasnt been fit.

    • Damon Horner

      Agreed. If that was rightly counted the outlook on a Joselu/Gayle combo would look more favourable.

      • Toonrobbybobson

        I think we have to be careful to not overreact to recent results or upcoming results against the big boys. Any positive result against them is a major bonus but its not our barometer.

        Coming out of those games woth our head held high is the most important thing by keeping it tight at the back.

        To add to comments about Torres though – he could be a great foil as hes more threatening than Joselu. His hold up and unselfish play is really good but he offers more fonishing threat and intelligence that could help if Gayle was played alongside him. Gayle and Torres up top instead of Joselu ‘could l’ be decent.

        Mitrovic isnt going to happen under Rafa there is something serious there and we have to respect Rafas decision. So Torres brought in would be another option.

        • Damon Horner

          There’ll be an overreaction without doubt. Too much short term thinking and obsession over detail. I’d take Torres in a short deal, think him and Gayle could be a decent partnership.

  • Rich Lawson

    ”Someone with a bit of pace”,probably not at 34,yet if we could get him on a short term loan deal with no money being spent in Jan’ it’s got to be worth a go ?

  • Viru leckworth

    Can anyone remember any faded old timer signing that proved a worthwhile signing at the toon? Off the top of my head – I can’t.
    My memories of Torres are his amazing record at Liverpool followed by virtual ignominy at Cheski.
    Can’t see I am enthused although I respect Shearer’s opinion.

  • Damon Horner

    His pace isn’t poor and he works his socks off, Simeone played him with Griezmann and credited his occupying of defenders as a reason for how Griezmann could score so many. Might not be prolific for us if we got him but could he be good to have on the pitch with another? not to mention the invaluable experience and advice he could have for our current players.

  • Peaky Magpie

    Remember Ian Rush anyone ???

    • Mike

      owen barnes waste of money

  • Malcolm Fisher

    He’s got to be better than we have, worth a go.we’ve nothing to lose

  • ghostrider

    I think Torres would be an excellent signing.
    This is what he can offer.
    He can offer next to nothing on the pitch.
    He can offer the fans a glimpse old timers on massive wages.
    He can offer the start of a destroyed dressing room on wages alone.
    He can offer a two fingered salute when his contract expires and his pockets are fuller than he deserves.
    If Rafa goes down this route he wants kicking out.