The BBC Price of Football survey is now an annual event which is used to gauge the cost of tickets (as well as Programmes, food and strips) across British football.  For most clubs this will be simple information for the BBC to collect.  Most club websites publish details of price categories for the whole season.

At Newcastle United, it’s a different matter.  The prices stated by the BBC would have to come only from the games currently on sale, or from asking the club and trusting their honesty.

I’ve kept a record of ticket prices at Newcastle since 2014 though, so can compare the details for 2017/2018 published by the BBC with the prices temporarily available while they were on sale.

The BBC report the cheapest Season ticket as £473 and the most expensive as £735, but adult season tickets this season were sold for:

£378 – Family Enclosure

£544 – Category 3

£598 – Gallowgate/Leazes

£735 – East Stand

£750 – Sports Bar

£848 – Bar 1892

£957 – Platinum Club

The £473 doesn’t appear here.  This figure the BBC refer to was the price of category 3 seating in the championship.  People renewing in 17/18 were able to get tickets at that price, but the BBC don’t include price freezes or renewals, which is why the most expensive ticket is the £735 paid to sit in the east stand this season, this assumes it’s a brand new purchase.  Renewals in the East stand were £639.

Category 3 represents the seats available in the bottom row of the Leazes end and level 4 of the Leazes/Milburn corner and for 17/18 the cheapest seat there is £544 which would have been a more accurate figure for the BBC to use, even though space is very limited in that area.

bbc price of football

Here’s how all the Newcastle Season ticket prices above compare to the rest of the league as reported by the BBC.  It’s unclear how the club and BBC define premium seating and whether that’s included in the survey for each club,  but I’ve included all available NUFC tickets.

bbc price of football

It’s notable that without a child, a renewal or a ten year deal to qualify, the cheapest Newcastle season tickets are more expensive than 14 other clubs. Only Bournemouth, Spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal not offering anything cheaper.

Single tickets

For those buying singles, the BBC say the cheapest ticket is £27 and the most expensive is £50.  Neither of which make much sense to me.

Adults pay £23 for the lowest category games so far in the Family enclosure, but the BBC don’t include discounted tickets that require a child to qualify, the £27 they report is greater than that anyway, but no standard adult ticket is £27. The cheapest is £31.

A senior citizen would have paid £27 to sit in the Gallowgate or Leazes end for the Spurs game if they were a member, but that is the only ticket Newcastle have sold for £27 all season, and again, it’s a discounted, age dependent ticket.  Similarly the £50 most expensive ticket does not exist in “standard” areas..

There are currently £50 tickets on sale in Bar 1892 for the Everton game, but also £55 tickets available in the Platinum club, again though, which premium tickets are included or not?  Surely it should be the most expensive available anywhere.

Here’s a comparison for singles.

bbc price of football

11 clubs are selling cheaper tickets than Newcastle members enjoy and outside of London or the top 6, only Brighton charge more for any game, and that includes transport to the game.

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  • Leazes Ender

    You need a graph for that.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Or Clarko

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  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Hide the truth, sell the lies

  • Mike

    flippin heck employ this guy to do the books at the Toon

  • Oooh bobbi fleckman

    Chris, You are trying to make a negative point when the story is all good.

    You are saying that the club have rewarded (Championship) season ticket holders by freezing their renewals prices, very good stuff from the club. The vast majority of season ticket holders have paid the lower price, very good stuff from the club. Johnny come lately who was not prepared to watch us play Burton comes along because he’s only interested in ‘big’ teams and pays more than the loyal fan, very good stuff from the club.

    We’re still one of the cheaper clubs to support, very good stuff from the club.

    errr, what’s not to like Chris?

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    The article is a load rubbish not from the author on this site but the BBC.
    For example Arsenals match day prices are sixty to ninety but on here it’s twenty six and for Liverpool it’s fifty to sixty but on here nine total rubbish what they have written try going on their sites when they have a home game. We got the ten year deal thanks to Mike Ashley that’s the great news and my season ticket a quarter of the price that at Arsenal.

    • Leazes Ender

      Do you actually know what you are talking about plank.

  • Andy Mac

    I applaud your attention to detail Mr Holt but I find it hard to believe that a ST for the Platinum Club is more expensive than the Mancs top price ?