Fans continue to wait on news of progress on the Amanda Staveley takeover of Newcastle United.

Or indeed progress of any other potential buyer…

It is a little bizarre that a couple of months after claims of four or five other interested parties looking to buy the club, not a single journalist has managed to identify a single one of these other claimed potential buyers.

However, Sunday morning HAS brought claims of Amanda Staveley progress, of sorts.

The Chronicle claim knowledge of Staveley’s company this week requesting copies of club accounts going back 27 years.

This takes us back to the days of Gordon McKeag and trying to fight off John Hall, then the accounts would progress through his eventual takeover, eventually the flotation of the club in the late 90s, before then Hall and Shepherd delivered us into the hands of Mike Ashley.

Quite a tale to look through for Amanda Staveley and friends.

The Chronicle – 19 November 2017:

‘Newcastle United’s potential buyers PCP Partners are carrying out an assiduous look into the Magpies’ financial history before submitting their formal offer to take the club off Mike Ashley’s hands.

But there have still be some signs of progress this week as fans await one of the biggest stories in decades at St James’ Park.

After national reports last weekend that Amanda Staveley was close to completing the deal, the reality is that the due diligence period is yet to be completed.

Although, Staveley and PCP Partners are the frontrunners to buy the club with interest from other groups starting to fade away.

It is understood that PCP Partners are currently carrying out a thorough review of the club’s history books and finances including past transfer dealings and sponsorship agreements.

Indeed, it is believed that PCP requested copies of accounts that date back 27 years and the group are looking through those finances after requesting information last week before it was despatched to the capital for further review.

United officials, though, have yet to receive the a formal offer with a final price for the club yet to be negotiated.

PCP value the club at £300million but it is expected that Mike Ashley will hold out for more which has led to some suggestions that it could take until the summer for the sale to go through.

United originally stated to the media, via their solicitors, that they wanted a sale concluded by the festive period.’

With previous claims that due diligence started more than a month ago, it would be strange if the relevant club accounts from previous years are only now being looked at.

If the Chronicle report is on the money, then it certainly doesn’t suggest that anything of substance will happen soon.

Fair to say that all Newcastle supporters are currently existing on a point somewhere between believing a takeover is certain and we will all live happily ever after at one extreme, then at the other end, there are fans who think the whole thing is just another case of Mike Ashley playing us all for fools and sometime next year we will be told that he did his best to sell but…and we are stuck with him until further notice.

A bit like religion I’m not sure what to believe about a Newcastle United takeover because pretty much it all comes down to belief.

I have no belief whatsoever in what Mike Ashley or his minions tell us because we have been lied to so many times in the past.

With no confirmation from Amanda Staveley/PCP Partners or anybody else, that they are in talks to buy Newcastle United, then it comes down to what you read in the media and whether you believe it. Knowing full well that they have to report something to get you reading, whether anything is actually happening or not.

And yes, I know there are claims that NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) have been signed BUT that wouldn’t necessarily stop any potential buyer confirming that they are indeed in negotiations. It simply prevents them discussing confidential information that they are given access to, in order to decide what the club is worth and/or whether to make an offer.

I am not saying it isn’t possible Amanda Staveley or whoever hasn’t signed an NDA and isn’t interested in making their possibility of buying the club public, more the fact that whatever is or isn’t happening, the supporters/public don’t know anything for sure.

Whatever the case, one thing for sure is that the club is simply adrift without a paddle at the minute, with Rafa Benitez valiantly trying to keep it afloat until the rescue happens.

Despite being one of the richest owners in the Premier League and with funds often sitting in the club’s accounts, Mike Ashley has consistently allowed Newcastle to court disaster season after season with a lack of investment in the squad and a distorted/disastrous transfer policy with Graham Carr, leading to two relegations and close shaves on a number of other occasions.

If he remains in control and there is no sale, then to me it would only mean a certainty of more gambles with future disaster to come, no matter how long Rafa Benitez was willing to stick it out under him.

Two instant promotions have only come about through very favourable circumstances, in the shape of managers of the calibre of Chris Hughton and Rafa Benitez, as well as transfer funds and/or decent standard players staying on after relegation.

No reason to suggest why the next time we won’t hit an iceberg the size of the one the mackems have hit as they stand 24th and bottom of the Championship, whilst Hull who were also relegated are currently 20th.

None of are expecting a minute by minute reporting of a takeover happening, we just want to see the end result and something at last that is tangible to believe in going forward.

I can stand being left in the dark for the time being, if eventually we then leave these dark ages of life under Mike Ashley.

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  • Mike

    smoke and mirrors cant see it happening at all

    • Paul Patterson

      Not unless a silly offer comes in . .

  • Leazes Ender

    How much did the club get from Ashley for Little Benton land now built upon and Strawberry Place ?

    Why did NUFC lease Freddy Shepherd’s refrigerated warehouse to store shirts made for a fiver?

    How did the Shepherd and Hall families benefit from the meagre £153 million they took out of the club? Oh aye a property portfolio.

    Why was Shepherds catering company so much better than bloody Sodexo when he had no experience in catering?

    Where did McKeag get that accent from…. it wasn’t Oxbridge?

    • 1957

      Why did the club employ Kenny Shepherd (and or his employers) as its football agents and fund Douglas’s dodgy Gibraltar based ‘agency’?…surely not nepotism.

      • Leazes Ender

        How did Shepherd miss out on Wayne Rooney’s signature when he was his bloody agent?

        • Andy Mac

          There was never any intention of signing Rooney as Rooney and Stretford wanted a deal done with the Mancs. However SAF wanted to wait another season before signing the lil Granny lover so the”bid” from NUFC was used to flush out the Mancs cash

          • Leazes Ender

            Yup…. shepherd used United to bump the fee up!

  • James

    It’s 300 million pounds, mate accept it you’ve got sports direct aswell to keep you going

  • HTL

    Looks like the Chronicle are doing a great PR job for the club, trying to fool people into thinking there is a credible purchaser while all the time Mr A has no wish to sell at all, (no hard evidence to make me think otherwise)
    Smoke and mirrors to try and obfuscate Mr A’s unwillingness/inability to adequately maintain the first team squad for a premiership season (never mind being competitive lol),

    • Leazes Ender

      Charnley is going find alternative employment difficult.

      • HTL

        Charnley will have no problem finding alternative employment , he is simply carrying out the instructions given to him by his employers, if he was under-performing in his post he would have been replaced by someone else.

        • Leazes Ender

          He failed to warn of the consequences of running a premiership club on a shoestring or selling your best players and keeping the average…. he had worked for Shepherd as an accountant or similar disreputable profession for years, he took his wage and ducked from the glare of responsibility….. He’ll not get a job in a MacDonald’s serving burgers.

  • Wor Lass

    Whilst anything is possible where the fat man`s concerned, one thing is for sure – Amanda Staveley/PCP HAVE signed a non-disclosure agreement and ARE in negotiations to buy the club. They wouldn`t allow newspaper and other media outlets keep on saying this is the case if it wasn`t. This is what due diligence is all about – dotting every i and crossing every t. People don`t throw upwards of £300 million into the pot based on what they`re told (especially when the “teller” is a proven liar). I don`t care if Ashley goes in December or summer as long as he goes. One way or another Rafa will get funds to buy in January because our PL status must be preserved and Ashley knows that.

    • Leazes Ender

      Yes Ashley was kidding about the lack of due diligence, he had been in contact with the club at least six months prior to the takeover…….registering United’s name as a merchandise outlet part of a S**** D***** ownership in December 2006.

      Will stavely use the technique of holding an artificially created debt over thre club to do the same? Which team did she support when she was a lad I wonder?

    • HTL

      Why would they not take the free publicity of them being involved in a possible purchase of a premiership football club. The free publicity will only benefit their corporate image as I have not seen anything remotely defamatory about their alleged interest. (hence no legal action)
      The chronicle printing another story full of ‘It is understood’ ‘it is believed’ without any sources (let alone reliable ones that can be believed or verified) They are just telling people what they want to hear, producing more click-bait journalism to get more revenue from their intrusive on-line ads.

      While I genuinely hope you are correct about an NDA being signed and due diligence currently taking place, Without any verifiable information coming from a reliable source it is all just hear-say and cannot be believed. HTL

  • Arty Hume

    If the NDA checking goes that far back-maybe Amanda will find out just how badly the club has been run in the past. This would be great for the fans as it would show that a lot more could be done with the club both in terms of profit and in terms of investment. IMHO it would be great for the rest of the premiership to see NUFC reach its true potential and will show a major shift in the order of the league. Roll on the take over, Amanda will become a goddess if it happens.

    • Leazes Ender

      You can see for yourself in Dennis Cassidy’s book ‘ The day that the promises had to stop’ a castigation of the Hall and Shepherd regime…. they strung the supporters along for a ride. [Not serialised by the Chronicle]

      They started with good intentions but were drawn into the dark side…. feathering their own family nests.

      • 1957

        I thought it was a great read, it showed the extent to which the club was used as a family cash cow by our major shareholders. Anyone who wants an insight into the Hall/Shepherd regime needs to read it.

        • Leazes Ender

          It wasn’t a great read it was an attempt at a book by an accountant…. the most interesting bit was the addendum showing how much the two families received. Even Cassidy’s attempt at a ‘model for running a club’ was simply a way of saying….’if you want to compete you can’t go on taking money out’, which is what they had done…..why ‘because we’re worth it!’

          • Gallowgate Dave

            Great shout, that’s going on my Christmas list.

          • Leazes Ender

            I wouldn’t bother….. I’ve summarised the main point.

          • Oooh bobbi fleckman

            It’s about 10p on amazon

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    It could all end in tears & we`ll be stuck with the Great Fat One who will be to busy Quaffing Ale down at the Nags Head to worry about silly little things like players and there`s always Mr Scumbag Pardspew lurking in the background.
    That should add some Cheer to Chrimbo

    • Leazes Ender

      They haven’t found the body yet…. not surprising as there’s so much to scoop up.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose


      • Guest 2

        At least we get to watch the Posion Dwarf eating kangaroo [email protected] in the jungle. There is some justice after all …

  • Toonrobbybobson

    A). An party has nothing to gain by declaring interest.

    B). Going through the books correctly is a good sign for any propspective new owner being a good one. Eg not a Mike Ashley style takeover!

    Let them do their thing and focus on supporting Rafa and the lads.

    • Leazes Ender

      Ashley did go through the books…. he set up NUFCDirect dot com SIX months BEFORE the purchase….in December 2006.

      His tenure has been a Lie!

  • Shipcote Willy

    They are being thorough but I still have doubts about any potential takeover. Ashley is asking £80m above the price Staveley is reportedly prepared to pay and she is not someone who will pay over the odds in any deal. I am more concerned about January as it looks as though Ashley will be in charge whatever happens and doubt he will fund the signings needed to survive. He always likes to gamble and thinks he knows better than anyone else, including Rafa.

  • GToon

    Lets just hope she doesn’t go back too far and find out we were once owned by a real pirate!

    • Jimmy_toons

      We’ve come full circle then.

  • Saul Williams

    It’s becoming an obsession.checking all the news outlets every five minutes,hoping for that headline.Breaking news.Staveley completes Newcastle takeover.All we get is rehashed stories from last week.I will need help if takeover doesn’t happen.

  • Down Under Mag

    Giving a lesson to Mike Ashley on what he SHOULD have done eh? While it is all speculation due to NDA’s, I think it’s positive that there is some element of truth or I would have thought th eparties beign named would have stated they are not interested by now. It all just comes down to how profitable they believe the club could be, not in terms of finance like Ashley is worried about, but in terms of public image…that is where they will generate the real money in the future for big name sponsorship deals. I think the relative financial success of the Keegan and Robson eras when we did show something on the field will be a huge boost to any prospective new owner that we could generate interest and financial clout if they put out a team that could succeed on the pitch! Now it’s still just a matter of patience and waiting to see what happens…tough but hopefully we all get a great xmas present!

    • Leazes Ender

      Football Clubs were never run to make profit until John Hall stuck his nose in….. they were NOT motivated by the thought of lining the shareholders pockets….. those shareholders were in effect trustees…. and that changed with Hall.

      Remember the phrase from SJH….. ‘We would jump at the chance to take over United but understand ‘firstly we are businessmen’. It didn’t take long for him to change from Hero to Businessman…. a share floatation, a Sun expose and the cat was out of the bag….. thats a black cat…. the Gateshead entrepreneur was a season ticket holder at Sunderland along with his shifty son…. they were cashing in.

      …. and how Gibson and the Chronicle praised themselves for their ‘coup d’etat….. and they still do!

      The club has been stolen from the fans…. the same as every club that followed the model and now we have absentee amateur owners quite happy to cement their clubs position, in United’s case its fifteenth. This breed of owner has sucked the joy and the uncertainty out of the game.

      Who did Stavely support when she was a lad?

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      I think we lost money throughout the kk years.

  • Return of the Mack

    Not a chance he will sell, certainly not for 300,000. Do the maths, it’s quite straight forward. He’d make as much in one season as he would be selling for that. He’s a con man. Very good one. Still a con man. He has just the customer base he wants.

    • Guest 2

      300 million man, not 300,000!

  • Gallowgate1982

    Speculation and click bait….The Ronnie Gill knows less than you and me and will come up with any old Sh’te in order to sell papers. They are also owned by The Mirror which means they will be happy to make anything up and pass it off as an exclusive. When they are holding the scarf up at a press conference you will then be able to believe its happened…in the meantime no news is good news because an early decision will probably mean they have turned their noses up at it.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    Wow ive really got to fix my typing skills on phone screen haha!

    Interesting that dont think many know but would be no shocks as he has constantly lied.