It is six months since Aleksandar Mitrovic started a league game for Newcastle and as it stands, it could be another four months before he is selected to start a match of any description for club or country.

The striker got 19 minutes on Saturday but it was a hopeless cause with Newcastle already well beaten.

In total that is 50 Premier League minutes this season, not ideal for somebody hoping to make a big impression in Russia next summer.

Aleksandar Mitrovic insists he is still ‘patient’ but that ‘patience is almost to the end’.

Having scored six in the qualification group and having notched nine goals in his last 11 games for Serbia, for Newcastle’s number 45 the situation is clear: ‘It (the World Cup) is a big thing for the whole country…If I want to be ready, I have to play games and to be on the pitch scoring goals.’

The only Newcastle game he has started this season was when he scored in the League Cup defeat to Forest and it is very likely that if he stays at St James Park, only the FA Cup will offer hope of being in the starting 11.

By now everybody must accept that Rafa Benitez doesn’t want to play Mitrovic under any circumstances and it appears that attempts to move him on in the summer were blocked, by the Newcastle hierarchy refusing to take a big hit on the £13m/£14m they paid two and a half years ago.

Any FA Cup involvement would probably be fleeting as well, very difficult to see Newcastle in any kind of position where they can make it a priority with Premier League survival so important.

If Rafa Benitez had been given total freedom in the summer to wheel and deal (as well as a more realistic budget), then Aleksandar Mitrovic would surely have been moved on by now.

The fact that he isn’t playing regular football for a different club and Rafa wasn’t able to bring in the kind of quality striker he needed, is hopefully one of the final hangovers from the failed Mike Ashley transfer agenda and overall running of the club.

Aleksandar Mitrovic speaking to the Chronicle and Shields Gazette:

“I’m patient but we will see.

“My patience is almost to the end, so we will see.

“I want to play, I want to be on the pitch, I’m patient, but we will see.

“It (the World Cup) is a big thing for the whole country, for all the Serbian players, for my family and for all people in Serbia.

“If you want to do something there, you have to be ready.

 “If I want to be ready, I have to play games and to be on the pitch scoring goals.

“This (the support of Newcastle fans) is what’s keeping me alive…

“Since the beginning, I don’t know why, but we have had a really amazing relationship. I love them, they love me.

“Newcastle is in my heart and even if I maybe go somewhere else, Newcastle will still be in my heart.

“I hope I will stay here but we will see what happens. I will always be a Newcastle United fan all my life.

“With big teams like Manchester United, if you don’t score your chances they will punish you.

“They did that and scored two goals (late in first half) and in the second half they finished the game.

“This (Manchester United) is a big team, one of the best on the world.

“They have the best players in the world, so they will use every chance and punish you.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    He`ll be off in January & good luck to the lad, when you`re behind a pile of schitt like Hoss you know your times up, the same applies to Mbemba when a Duck Egg like Manquillo replaces you in the team

  • Peaky Magpie

    I’m probably going to get mullered for this but Rafa’s stubbornness in playing his favourites could ultimately cost us this season.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      it`s a good point, because it is

    • Damon Horner

      Rafa is about managing risks I think.

      He’d like the idea of playing a 6/10, hard-working “goals will come” grafter like Joselu than an occasional 8/10 often 4 or 5/10 inconsistent work-rate, elbow throwing Mitrovic.

      Mitrovic is brilliant on his day but he doesn’t help himself at times and you have to say he has contributed to his ommission, he should be used in some capacity but I wouldn’t say he has earned the right to usurp our other options.

      • Mike Adam

        Well Damon you and Rafa can keep watching Horselu, I cannot watch it anymore, because we are playing with 10 men when he is on the pitch!

        • Damon Horner

          So you’re going to stop watching Newcastle because you disagree with team selection?

          I’m not a fan of Joselu but Mitro is pants too. Best we can do as fans is back the team we apparently support.

          • Mike Adam

            Honestly Damon, it has nothing to do with Mitro. I am a fan and I hope he is moved in January, for his own good. I cannot watch Horselu anymore! I would rather see anyone in there ahead of him. I honestly do not know how a manager the caliber of Rafa continues to start this donkey. In my humble opinion, he provides absoluetly nothing! The guy has only scored 35 goals in his whole career. What does Rafa think is going to happen all of a sudden at 27 years old? Rafa gets alittle too much respect in my opinion. If this were any of the previous managers and they marched Horselu out game after game, there would have been a mutiny at St James’s Park!!!

          • Popnbgd

            I guess Rafa is getting the cut from Joselu’s manager if they manage to sell him …

    • HarryHype59


  • Holt

    He isn’t going to set the league on fire, but he’s already proven that he can score goals in the Premier League at a higher rate than Joselu. He also holds the ball up very well, which is something a limited team like ours could make use of. If there’s any criticism to be made of Benitez, it must surely be what Peaky Magpie suggests above

    • 1957

      Hoss could play every game until the end of the season and he wouldn’t match Mitrovic’s 9 goals from our relegation season.

      Why do we not see Mitrovic and Mbemba?. For me its as simple as Benitez wants to sell them, and probably has replacements in mind, and if they play and perform well his rationale for selling them goes out of the window…and of course they would be expected to be outstanding every week not being his buys or Spanish.

      IRWT, sorry not on this.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    For everyone involved its best he moves on.

  • Rich Lawson

    The Watford game just begs for 4-4-2 again with Mitro’ and Gayle being the 2.

  • S.G.M.

    Be real sad to see this dude go.

  • Jimmy_toons

    The move hasn’t worked out, and it would be best for the lad, and everyone if he was to move on. And if we can get anywhere near what we paid for him, we should snap their hands off.

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    It’ll be a damned shame to see him and Mbemba (for us, not them) leave and succeed elsewhere. Good luck to both of them.

  • Alreet

    How hosseloo has been picked so many more times than this lad is strange. Gives his heart snd soul. Hes a ypung gun but scores for his country as well. Really hope rafa can give him one last chance against watford with gayle up with him at least for the first half. If he fluffs it or looks like hes gonna implode then at least its proven and we move on.

    We need 2 new strikers in jan whatever happens with Mandy

  • Popnbgd

    If someone deserves a second chance ,it is Mitrovic! The problem is Rafa who has major personality flaws,completely non-emotional person,huge ego and He is very bad pscyhologist and motivator and is very bad in connecting with a players….I don’t think Rafa is a right coach for the team like NCU…His carrer took a major downturn after he got sucked from Real Madrid

  • Philippines

    The first football match I attended was in 1957, Man City v Fulham. Bert Trautman was in goal and Don Revie was centre forward for MC.Johnny Haynes, the first 100 quid a week footballer was playing for Fulham. In all my time following football the reluctance of Rafa to give a start to Mitro is the wierdest thing I have ever experienced.