England play Germany on Friday at Wembley, then Brazil next Tuesday (14 November) at the same venue.

That is, if they have a team to put out…

At the moment it is six and counting when it comes to those dropping out.

Dele Alli was the first, then followed by Harry Winks and Harry Kane.

That trickle getting ever bigger, as now on Tuesday it has been confirmed that Jordan Henderson, Raheem Sterling, and Fabian Delph, have also now left the squad.

Interesting to see how many of the half dozen end up still playing for their clubs in the first game back after the internationals…

So far, England have called up Everton defender Michael Keane, as well as West Brom midfielder Jake Livermore, to help plug the gaps.

England say that they will release a further squad update later, presumably today.

In addition, Chelsea defender Gary Cahill was late in joining up with the national team, having first been assessed by his club’s medical team.

Jamaal Lascelles was much talked about before the squad was announced, and could count himself unlucky not to be included maybe, with the likes of Liverpool’s Joe Gomez getting in ahead of him.

I think though that if the Newcastle captain hadn’t picked up that injury on Saturday, he would very likely have got into the squad via these half dozen pulling out.

So will Jonjo Shelvey now make it, especially with it being the likes of Delph and Henderson pulling out, who play in his position, which is on top of Winks having already opted out.

With a normal start to the season, no stupid red card and if playing regularly, I think Shelvey would surely be a knocking bet. Only three months before joining Newcastle he was a regular in the England squad still, starting in a Euro 2016 qualifier in October 2015.

They must surely be now really struggling to think of alternatives and only the bans Shelvey has served in the past year standing between himself and a squad recall.

On ability he surely should be in but you can’t help thinking that no doubt politics are playing a part in any deliberations, even though Jonjo Shelvey still disputes that he made a racist remark in September 2016 against Wolves.

Nice to have recognition for your players at international level but you do wonder just what is to be gained if your better/key players head off to sit on the bench, missing most of the build-up to what is a massive game at Old Trafford in 11 days time.

  • Rich Lawson

    It stinks how many top players go injured for friendlies that don’t carry much glory then are miraculosely fit to play for the next club game,the England shirt means nothing to most of these over paid to##ers,bin them and give some of the young lads who have won cups recently a game !

    • Hughie_Gallacher

      Spot on. They don’t care even if they will miss games against prestigious opposition like Germany and Brazil.
      Apparently there was one player in the England squad at the last Euros who contacted his agent asking if there was any way he could get out of it. I can believe it.

      • Rich Lawson

        Disgraceful,any clues who it was ?

  • Paul Patterson

    His face doesn’t fit, so expect someone from totally left field.

  • Geordiegiants

    I hope he is over looked, international football is a joke now. We want him fit for us he is one of our very few quality players.

  • Mrkgw

    I don’t watch or, even pay attention to England results now. Its all so stale and boring. If ever you wanted to watch paint dry, just watch England instead. Even more dull.

  • Steve Pearce

    With an ex Boro manager and player in charge of England there’ll never be a Newcastle player in the England squad . Which doesn’t bother me at all as I never watch any internationals as I only support one team…

    • Wor Lass

      You should have watched the England U 17`s in the world cup – it was fantastic!

  • ghostrider

    The FA manager England. England don’t have real decision making managers anymore. All they have is a face as a front who can make excuses and nod his head.

    I’ll still watch internationals and still watch England but the excitement of watching them or hoping they do something special is gone and I fear, never to return.

    England players who feign injury to get out of playing and blue eyed boys being played, is a disgrace when you have genuine players biting at the bit to play, who are clearly quality enough to be doing the job ahead of the wasters.

  • gallowgate26

    Based on current u17 and u20 results, maybe in 5 or 9 years time, we’ll have a crack at the world cup (highly unlikely)? This current England team however, is the worst I can remember in my whole lifetime. Southgate… most people still remember him for missing that penalty. Surely if there’s one man in reasonable living memory that doesn’t inspire tournament hope, it’s him!!

  • Steve Smith

    Cork is in.

    • Wor Lass

      I prefer it when the cork`s out!