Last weekend Mark Lawrenson broke ranks.

After over two months and 20+ match predictions from Michael Owen, Paul Merson, and himself, Mark Lawrenson was the first this season to forecast a Newcastle win.

He predicted a one goal margin win for Rafa Benitez in a tight game against Roy Hodgson’s Crystal Palace, which was exactly what we got.

Mikel Merino coming off the bench to head the winner after neither goalkeeper had hardly had any serious efforts on goal to worry about.

Monday night looks set to deliver a similarly tough match with two teams built from the back on what have looked solid defences this season.

Mark Lawrenson saying both Burnley and Newcastle are ‘well organised and well drilled, and are difficult to beat’.

So far this season Burnley have lost only two out of nine and Newcastle three from nine.

Being the worm that at last turned last weekend, there is seemingly no stopping Mark Lawrenson now, the BBC pundit going for  2-1 away win for Newcastle.

He admits to being impressed with Newcastle this season ‘who have been doing much better than I have been predicting they will’.

Hopefully now we will see Newcastle doing exactly as Lawrenson is predicting…

Talking of worms turning, Paul Merson looks to have also caught the bug, as he has also predicted a 2-1 win for Newcastle at Burnley, although his reasoning for the change of mind is predictably nonsense.

Mark Lawrenson talking to BBC Sport:

“I have been very impressed by Newcastle, who have been doing much better than I have been predicting they will.

“Much like Burnley, the Magpies are well organised and well drilled, and are difficult to beat.

“This game is going to be very close, but I am backing Newcastle to come out on top – just.

“Prediction: 1-2”

  • Paul Patterson

    To be honest I’ve been happy to slip into that top 10 unnoticed. Rafa has managed expectations brilliantly so far.

  • TheNutJob

    On another subject i`ve just read a report that Liverpool gave Stavely the bums rush when she tried to buy them for a reputed figure of over £1 billion so the Fat Boy may well get what he`s asking for

    • Paul Patterson

      Just read that. Hopefully it makes us an attractive option to someone..

  • pedrodelgardo

    Please don’t take any notice of what these “pundits” say – unless they come up with valid reasons and argument, it’s jobs for the boys isn’t it?

  • steve pearce

    Lawro should watch whats he’s saying – hasn’t he been summoned to appear before the Pundits Union to explain his previous prediction in our favour.

    The Great Castrator is already being sharpened….

  • Peaky Magpie

    6 points from Burnley & Bournemouth is certainly doable but will settle for 4 before we go to Old Trafford.We seriously owe Bournemouth a hammering after the debacle under Ginger Elvis.

  • Rich Lawson

    These people adapt their predictions to suit the media,all of a sudden ”world class” manager Rafa Benitez actually seems to know what he is doing.What next,Michael Owen always looks for the NUFC result 1st and loved the fans and his time here ?

  • Andy Mac

    Now Merson and this nugget have changed their tunes assume the worst for Monday night ? 🤔

  • TheFatController

    The bitter boys are so upset that we win despite their doom mongering, they are going for reverse psychology – ‘if I keep predicting them incorrectly I’ll say a win at Burnley.

    However, it does appear they are taking note of the form table.

  • Lord

    Pundit algorithm:

    – Man City: Win

    – Man U/Arsenal/Chelsea/Spurs/Liverpool: Win at home. Win away unless playing a Big 6 side, in which case draw or lose depending on headlines you want to make.

    – Top 6-10 club: Lose against Big 6 side. Win at home against anyone else. Draw away from home against Bottom half side

    – Bottom half club: Lose to top half side. At home, win / draw against bottom half side based on pundit’s mood. Away from home, lose to anyone but a club in relegation spot.

    – Relegation side: Win at home if playing another relegation spot club. Otherwise, lose.