Wednesday morning has brought an interesting update on Amanda Staveley, the dealmaker who was spotted in the Directors Box at Sunday’s match.

She runs the $28billion private equity fund, PCP Capital Partners, which is an investment vehicle for investors in the Arabian Gulf and Asia.

Having played a part in the buying/selling of Manchester City in 2008, when in London this summer, Amanda Staveley was reported to be looking to put together deals to buy two Premier League clubs – thought to be Liverpool and Tottenham.

Tuesday brought reports (see below) that it Kenny Dalglish who invited Amanda Staveley to the Newcastle v Liverpool match.

Nevertheless, today we have the news that whilst she may not have been at the game as a guest of Newcastle United/Mike Ashley, Staveley did meet the owner’s minions.

George Caulkin, who covers Newcastle United for The Times, has now revealed that after the match she met Justin Barnes, who is now Ashley’s main man at the club, reportedly brought in above Lee Charnley earlier this year to control all important financial matters and allegedly, prepare the club to be sold.

Charnley was also there on Sunday, as well as the ever present Ashley PR goon Keith Bishop.

George Caulkin says that Kenny Dalglish accompanied Amanda Staveley to the NUFC boardroom, where she spoke to the trio of Newcastle United officials, with the outcome said by Caulkin, to be an agreement to talk further.

The man from The Times says that before Sunday, there had been no previous direct contact between Staveley and Newcastle.

The report says that no discussions of substance took place and nothing on the table yet…but that ‘contact details have been exchanged and both parties are open to more talks’.

The Mag – 3 October 2017:

All the reports of the Newcastle 1 Liverpool 1 match centred on three things: the performance (of both sides), the scoreline, and the presence of Amanda Staveley.

For anybody who has missed it (read up below on our article yesterday), Amanda Staveley made headlines because she is an entrepreneur/dealmaker, who is said to manage a $28billion private equity fund on behalf of investors in the Arabian Gulf and Asia.

She was involved in helping to do the deal that saw Manchester City sold in 2008 and admitted in July this year that she was involved/interested in helping to try and purchase other Premier League clubs, with Liverpool and Tottenham reported to be the two that were mainly being targeted.

With Newcastle fans desperate to see ambitious new owners taking over from Mike Ashley, Amanda Staveley’s presence in the St James Park Directors Box was bound to get tongues wagging/hopes up.

One of the big questions that was repeatedly being asked by both media and fans was, who had invited her to the game?

Tuesday morning has seen Clubcall report that their information is that the person who invited Amanda Staveley along to the game, is none other than former Newcastle manager, Kenny Dalglish.

Dalglish is also of course a former Liverpool player, captain, manager, role at the youth academy (appointed by Rafa Benitez), ambassador, manager (again), and currently he is a Director at Anfield.

Many of the more respected journalists covering Newcastle United were at pains to say Amanda Staveley wasn’t at the game as a guest of Newcastle United.

If she was indeed there as a guest of Liverpool’s Kenny Dalglish then who knows what it means, if anything.

We live in hope.

The Mag – 2 October 2017:

The appearance of Amanda Staveley at the Newcastle v Liverpool match, almost managed to overshadow the actual game.

Sitting in the Directors Box at St James Park, a lot of people were putting two and two together and getting an answer that would see us waving goodbye to Mike Ashley very shortly.

Mike Ashley has once again claimed he is willing to sell the club and there has been a lot of smoke and mirrors in recent days/weeks, with reports of possible talks and signing of non-disclosure agreements to allow potential buyers to view the finances/workings of the club.

After over 10 years of Ashley rule, no wonder so many Newcastle fans though are still sceptical that the owner has any intention of selling, especially with repeated claims that he always has an asking price that is way above the actual worth of the club.

Little wonder considering all of the free worldwide exposure it gives his retail empire.

Amanda Staveley is a 44 year old English entrepreneur who has made her name as a dealmaker  and has done deals worth billions of dollars in the Arabian Gulf.

She runs the $28billion private equity fund, PCP Capital Partners, which is an investment vehicle for investors in the Arabian Gulf and Asia.

When in London this summer, Amanda Staveley was reported to be looking to put together deals to buy two Premier League clubs.

In an interview she admitted that she was looking at the Premier League and that clubs in the English top tier were an ‘attractive investment’. No deals as yet have been done and Staveley refused to name the clubs she was looking at – but they were reported to be Liverpool and Tottenham – each with a potential price tag of up to £1bn each.

Amanda Staveley also has history, having been involved in an ultimately aborted 2007 deal, which saw Dubai investors attempting to buy Liverpool. Then in 2008 she advised on the deal which saw Manchester City sold to Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al-Nahyan of Abu Dhabi.

No wonder Newcastle fans could be forgiven for getting a little bit excited yesterday, when the entrepreneur/dealmaker made an appearance on Tyneside.

However, the usually very reliable George Caulkin, who covers the north east for The Times, has given us a bit more of an insight into Amanda Staveley turning up at the game.

Caulkin says that the businesswoman was present in an unofficial capacity and associates of Amanda Staveley made clear she was simply on Tyneside with friends.

The man from The Times  adding that there have been no direct discussions between her and Ashley and not even any formal communication between Amanda Staveley and the club.

Whilst it was maybe asking a bit too much for two plus two to simply make four for once, it isn’t all doom and gloom because of course nothing to say why the likes of Staveley and investors from the Arabian Gulf & Asia wouldn’t consider Newcastle as an option to buy.

George Caulkin also adds that he understands that leaving aside Amanda Staveley for a second, there HAVE been talks with other potential buyers in the past month. With ‘several interested parties’ having signed non-disclosure agreements with Newcastle United

As supporters we are left on a knife edge, as you can’t help but think about the possibilities that could/would open up with ambitious new owners of the club, but at the same time remembering all the false dawns throughout the last decade, when the club was allegedly set to be sold.

One day.

  • steve pearce

    So you got all that wrong! As I patiently explained to you, Liverpool had publicly announced that they were not seeking new owners or investment as did Tottenham. Yet you just did not have the simple brain power to put two and two together and work out she was here to start the process of buying us out. Please pay attention to other news sources before making wildy inaccurate statements or are you a rare thins – a Mike Ashley lover?

    • Milo79

      Who are you talking to?

    • Guest 2

      It was only a year ago that fatty swore live on tv that the Club wasn’t for sale and he wouldn’t sell until we ‘won’ something.
      Whatever the Fenway group say about LFC, is about as realistic as Ashley’s words therefore. If the money is right then a sale or investment is always a possibility. They were after all in discussions for an investment just last year with a Staveley brokered deal with Everbright (Chinese).

  • Guest 2

    There’s only one inescapable fact we can all be sure of. Regardless of who may be interested, fatty will sell to the person or group which is best from himself, not the Club.

  • Guest 2

    Caulkin wrote that she was there following efforts by ‘supporters’. A flag appeared with her face on it also (club for sale etc), displayed outside The Percy, on 16th Sep. True Faith reported that and said it had nowt to do with Gallowgate flags.
    Somebody knows a whole lot more than the national media and our own Chron.

  • Peaky Magpie

    Don’t get too carried away.Fatboy is probably asking Amanda Staveley to try and force a takeover of Greggs all for himself.

  • Stephen

    Hope she didn’t go for the 7 quid deal- Balti Pie and 1/2 pint at half time.

  • TwinFire

    What happens if Ashley drinks himself into a coma during his next board meeting? Do we automatically sell to the highest bidder?

    • Peaky Magpie

      Fireplaces of the world be aware !

  • HappyToons

    There’s nothing in any news sources that puts ‘any’ real light on her visit except as Guest 2 said, the strange case of the flag with her face on it, and what Caulkin mentioned and reiterated above.

    The sources differed, some had her as Rafa’s guest, and then we find out she was indeed King Kenny’s guest.

    Caulkin is probably the one to shine a torch into the dark recesses of the old Mausoleum that is NUFC and catch any movement, before anyone else goes to print… whether the fat slug or the other creeping crawlers, he’ll be looking for any movement.

    ‘Please pay attention to other news sources’…I am not sure which ones have come up with anything. Let’s hope it doesn’t become the pantomime season…she’s behind you, Oh, no she isn’t…now you see her, now you don’t.

    • Guest 2

      What no one else has reported yet is already available from previous articles about her.
      “Staveley is almost certain to develop full-blown Huntington’s disease within 20 years: the diagnosis is effectively a death sentence.” . That was in the London Evening Standard, Feb 2014.
      Who knows . Perhaps among her achievements she also wants to create / be part of her own successful football club and team as part of her legacy?