Sunderland fans have reacted to Mike Ashley’s announcement on Monday that he has (allegedly) put Newcastle United up for sale.

With a hated owner, claims that there were only around 18,000 fans who actually bothered to turn up on Saturday v QPR, and second bottom of the Championship…fair to say that the mackems are also fancying a change of ownership.

Amusing  to see some of these comments from Sunderland fans below, claiming that any potential buyers out there, would find Sunderland a much better investment than Newcastle United…

Sunderland fans comment via their Ready To Go (into oblivion) message board:

‘We have a better ground, state of the art training facility which is all paid for. We will be cheaper by around £200 million and have similar levels of debt.’

‘We are cheaper, the Stadium of Light is fully owned by the club and the Academy of Light is a decent training set-up.’

‘In terms of fanbase both are similar and any threat of success and both stadiums would be sold out each week.

Sunderland is primed and ready for a revolution and for somebody to make themselves an absolute legend as an owner…..

Newcastle is on a hiding to nothing unless you have the really big money to throw at it like the Arabs as massive spending in the Prem will buy you mid table these days.’

‘I would say our stadium is better and can be extended easily, I think they would struggle to make theirs bigger, hence they were trying to move to the town moor not so long back. I seem to remember signing a petition against it.

We have won more league titles and therefore have the greater history.

I think they main problem for them is that fat mike is trying to jump ship as the vat man is after him. I really think they could be in bother over that and any buyer might be scared off.

Both clubs are having the same problem of getting in players as it’s not in the south east.

I reckon because of this vat thing we have more chance of being bought.’

‘As an investment, sunderland is by far the best bet, mainly due to a very possible doubling of the crowd, far less will need to be spent to improve the club’s standing.

Once in the premier for a few seasons then the asking price will rocket…the SoL has the potential to increase to a 60k capacity.’

‘Newcastle have more fans but you cant get more into 52K than 52k .

We have a better atmosphere when things are going well – but a new buyer would not fall for that like Ellis did with Quinny.’

‘Leaving the actual clubs aside for a moment, you have to also consider that Sunderland as a place is an absolute monstrosity.

It is a stagnant, decaying mess. The general depression that hangs over the place will hardly be pursuasive in tempting somebody to part with millions.’

‘In the modern day the mags have already realised their potential under hall and keegan and blew it.

The closest we’ve come was under reid when we didn’t capitalise.

If an owner wants to make a profit then we are a better bet than them lot up the road. they can’t get many more fans in, can’t sell many more tops and can’t get much more exposure than they get at the minute. the tag of everybody’s favourite second team has been and gone.’

‘The SOL is better because it’s not lopsided and the capacity can be increased.’

‘We having a swimming pool next to the ground, the toon don’t.’

  • Dave Pattinson

    Wow! I’m convinced. My 5/- postal order’s already on its way! SMBs.

  • Clarko

    they’re not wrong though really.

    • Wor Lass

      Didn`t you mean to put, “we`re not wrong”. SMB

  • Peaky Magpie

    Inbred pasty chomping idiots !

  • Andynufc

    Hahahahaha and people call nufc deluded. Double their crowds! To what 30k. They’ve shown the world what type of fans they are by their pathetic crowd attendances this season. Like rats deserting a ship

  • Peaky Magpie

    “SOL is better because it’s not lopsided “ ??? At least they went to a nursery school for a child’s point of view !!

  • Mark Davies

    I thought they had had their chance in the sun and blew it as well? Werent they going to be the next big thing in their sad eyes with Saint Niall and the Irish lot? Seem to remember they still didnt fill the pink seats and their own Saint Niall slagged the SMB’s off for not going. Doesnt seem like much of an investment to me.

    Mind can you imagine the sales pitch…Eeeeea yes buy us and you can live in the beautiful, multi cultural, histroric, world famous place up the road that our players all love…what is this place up the road you speak of as though its Nirvana?…..Erm Newcastle…Wait arent they up for sale as well??..Erm Yes…where you gone, hello, hello eeearr Ellis eeeess gaaarn, NOOO ITS NOT FAIRRR CHORDEY TW4T5555

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    All joking aside they do have some points that are valid :

    It would be a lot cheaper to buy than Newcastle.

    Their stadium could be extended without too much fuss.

    They do own their own ground.

    St James’ Park is lopsided and expanding is a problem when a new stadium should have been built years ago.

    It does have potential if you could get it moving in the right direction with a decent fan base.

    To the cons side of it :

    Who would want to buy a club who could quite possibly be plying it’s trade in the third tier next season ?

    Aesthetically Sunderland doesn’t cut it and lacks vibrancy which cannot attract people to the area.
    How many players have signed for Sunderland and have lived in Newcastle ?
    I’ll wager the list will be endless !

    Sunderland has always suffered from having a diverse and itinerate fan base which comes from parts of Durham, Gateshead, South Shields, Jarrow, Hebburn which have Tyneside connections where allegiances fluctuate.

    It’s too close to Newcastle which has the biggest and most well known identity in the North East.
    Sunderland people are always lumped in as Geordies by the media and are swallowed up by that said identity.

    The city is also on the up with many developments and business coming to the area.

    Yes we have rivalry but if you put the jokes to the side Sunderland is not an attractive option for investors across the board.
    That is just a fact and that is not having a go at Sunderland or it’s people but at this minute in time it doesn’t have much going for it.

  • Paul Patterson

    Forget the money side of things and look at how attractive the proposition is.
    Both sides were consistently fighting relegation and when they went down Benitez stayed because he saw what was possible even with Ashley and the crowds stayed.
    Sunderland ended up with Geography teacher Grayson and the crowds have halved.
    That’s telling. They will go down again.

  • MadMag83

    It may be £200m cheaper to buy, but you’d have to spend something close to that (given the current transfer rates) in order to get a squad good enough to get promotion and then be good enough to survive in the Premier League. Surely a greater risk than Newcastle at this moment, given their predicament.

    • Paul Busby

      Even if they had that money, they wouldn’t be able to spend it on two accounts:
      A. Falling foul of FFP rules
      B. Enticing players with that kind of valuation into the club

      • Guest 2

        No offence like, but when Neymar goes for 180 million euros, FFP means diddly squat.

        • Paul Busby

          For a club like PSG who only need to maintain their current level, no it doesn’t. For a club like Sunderland who basically have nothing right now it could be pretty crippling.

        • MadMag83

          Did PSG not try to fudge it by calling it a loan so the transfer fee is deferred for a period? Can’t remember if that was truth or a rumour.

          • Paul Busby

            Yeah something along those lines

      • MadMag83

        Fair point. In order to attract that sort of quality, they would have to offer big wages, which again would risk breaking FFP rules.

  • John W. Pattison

    The difference of course with both fan bases; despite their claims, is that we had a full house EVERY week (50,000+) in the Championship unlike the fickle support of the lowly mackems, struggling for 19,000 at home.

  • Leazes62

    ” ‘Leaving the actual clubs aside for a moment, you have to also consider that Sunderland as a place is an absolute monstrosity.
    It is a stagnant, decaying mess. The general depression that hangs over the place will hardly be pursuasive in tempting somebody to part with millions.’

    see they aren’t all deluded cretins, some of them understand their place in life

    • WayneClayton

      Probably an undercover Mag with an accurate description. All of the villagers together wouldn’t be able to string such an articulate comment together.

  • Mark Spark

    hahaha.we have a swimming pool.good to see some of them still have a sense of humour

    • Milo79

      Bet it’s going to be a lovely pewl – a pewl worthy of League One.

  • paul mclaughlan

    “We have won more league titles and therefore have the greater history”.

    Titles 6-4 to Makems
    FA Cup 7-2 to Toon
    European titles 1-0 to Toon.

    I reckon we shade the history side. Although neither side have covered themselves in glory recently.

    • Anni Selby

      You lot ain,t going to get a deal that Ashley doing with sale of your club,he,s offer of the sale NUFC for 390million he ain,t get the money,well for less than Ashley is putting your club up for grabs Eillis Short asked less than him for 90 million to sell our club.You lot mock our club for some reason,I don,t think you thick heads are wiser a enough that nobody is going to buy your club for that price,to be honest,weather your in the top flight or not.Stop this big club gobshite we are than the mackems.We are both suffring from money bags like Man City and Chelsea,Look at Liverpool are struggling to comptete at the top,Man Utd are red hot in debt,they spending big,despite those issues

      • Hagar

        what language is this in? is it a special moronic half breed dialect?

        • WayneClayton

          Cheesy peas Mackemese?

      • Leazes62

        Sorry, you need to get an adult to retype that,

      • paul mclaughlan

        Get down off your high horse and read my post again.

      • Guest 2

        Ah, a highly educated Mackem response. Can’t spell or string a legible sentence together. We expected no less – thanks for not failing us.

      • Albert Stubbins

        Are you on drugs?

      • Georgia Peter

        Your grammer and command of the English language is absolutely abysmal.

  • Oooh bobbi fleckman

    On the plus side for Sunderland, they don’t need to expand the stadium and in reality, they could sell half of it.

    • Sean Lynch


  • TheFatController

    Billionaire : where is Sunderland ?

    Advisor: near Newcastle – you’d fly into Newcastle airport, stay in a Newcastle hotel on the Tyne, dine in Newcastle, but watch out as you may bump into your players you’ve signed as they’d live in Newcatle obviously

    Billionaire: just make a bid for Newcastle …

    • 1957

      Don’t know if its still the case but a few years ago their players couldn’t face living in or around Sunderland, they lived in Newcastle or Durham

  • Leazes62

    Whats this boll*x about lopsided, do they mean its not a flat pack ikea build like to Stade du Plop plop & the rabieside?

  • steve pearce

    Graham Porter strikes again!

    Can somebody inform this terminally deluded bore that he should follow his interest in Scumderland and go in live in the tunnel under Roker Pier where he can compete for scraps of food with the other red and white rats that live there…

    • Hebburn

      well said Steve, who would have thought a mag & makem could ever agree on anything football wise !!!

  • Steven05

    Try to imagine Newcastle United with the same players, manager, support, stadium, history – everything – but somewhere down south or even in another country

    Would the people of sunderland still favourably compare themselves to us??

    • HappyToons

      Yes, because delusion is inbred

  • HappyToons

    Location, Location, Location …The big difference is that Newcastle is an amazing City and the ground is in a fantastic position and looks fantastic. Sunderland is in the top 8 worst places to live in the UK.
    London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds are all great places…but the only bright thing about Sunderland is the idiot who put the Sun in their name.

    Lopsided mackems would still be handing out free tickets in a Champions League final. Those with good memories will remember one of their chairman saying he wished he had support like Newcastle!!! The fact they couldn’t even sell their home or away allocation for derby matches several decades ago and we sold 10k like they were free tickets to see the Chuckle bro’s ;-)

  • toonterrier

    Why would anyone want to buy the mackem dump. Its already been fracked.

    • Sean Lynch

      Kudos on the absolute classic retort, simply hilarious!

  • Albert Stubbins

    The one glaring omission from their statement is that they can’t fill their ground when they do well and that the city of Sunderland looks like coventry AFTER the Luftwaffe had visited!! and they call us deluded. lol lol lol

    • Georgia Peter

      Its a town …Nomatter what they choose to call it.

  • Hebburn

    Once again you Mags show your true colours. Here you have a great opportunity to possibly go on to greater things yet the only opinion that matters on events is ours (41 comments to date).
    You should be wondering what other fans from clubs in a similar position think not your noisy neighbours from 12 mls down the road (google SJP to SoL) & that is why no matter what you think, we are all in the same locale & tarred with the same brush by moneyed southerners & the BBC (todays figs on house prices for example).
    Oh & by the way your stadium is an asymmetric blot on the landscape when coming over the Tyne Bridge no matter what you say.

    • anyobrien

      Go away you absolute buffoon…. You lot should be sponsored by mcains as the chip on your shoulders is massive… Smb

      • Hebburn

        Our chips are the same as your chips or we wouldnt be discussing it surely?

        • anyobrien

          And sleep

    • NUFCLX

      Serious question, are u not embarrassed when u see your ground on TV with all the faded pink seats, it makes it even worse when u see the odd Red seat which just makes it look worse. I guess they had to replace some of the seats that are emulating your club and rotting away. Just looked at pictures on line and it is what it is, a stadium that was thrown up on the cheap.

      • Georgia Peter

        And built on a pitheap that wouldn’t take the serious weight of any reasonable extensions. Cheap an horrible, the brand new…”Joker Park”.

    • Leazes62

      “Oh & by the way your stadium is an asymmetric blot on the landscape when coming over the Tyne Bridge no matter what you say.

      As opposed to being hidden away on a trading estate you mean?

    • Biggs

      You should focus your energy on your own clubs survival Hebburn, still no sign of a parachute

    • Derek

      The stadium is beautiful. Ask any neutral what stadium they would tether go to and which one is nicer plus a more better experience. Everyone of them will say SJP!

    • Albert Stubbins

      P*** off. You’re not gloating now I notice. SMB

  • Leazes62

    Does anyone else get the feeling that there’s than just a little bit of pet lip, foot stamping and ” Its just not fair …” about these posts..

  • Andy Mac

    ‘Leaving the actual clubs aside for a moment, you have to also consider that Sunderland as a place is an absolute monstrosity. It is a stagnant, decaying mess. The general depression that hangs over the place will hardly be pursuasive in tempting somebody to part with millions”

    If thats genuinely from a makem I’m amazed that I actually agree with him/her.

    • Biggs

      Haha! Some of them realise just how bad their situation is. Instead of looking up they are looking down as things could still get a lot worse for them before they get better.

  • Rich Lawson

    So you have money to invest,NUFC are currently in the top half of the prem’ with a world class manager who has put together a young committed team on a minimal budget and the ground sells out regularly,Sunderland look in real danger of dropping straight down another division,the manager is some what average and has not improved the team a jot and the ground is less than half empty.I know which looks the better buy ?

  • Blackburn1066

    the thing is we know where we are going,Sunderland fans think they are about to come with us. Yeh! Right