Another day another defeat but Sunderland fans were lifted by the presence of Roy Keane at Saturday’s match.

After defeat to Bristol City 2-1 at home, Simon Grayson now finds his position at Sunderland ‘unattainable’ according to one Mackem…

Apart from the odd sane voice, most Sunderland fans would gladly welcome Roy Keane back, talking of him as one of their greatest modern day managers.

I had to check as I though I must have missed something but sure enough, when Keane was as Sunderland he got them promoted (in 2006/07) to the Premier League in his first season but then almost relegated them the next (stayed up by three points on 39 points), then resigned before he got fired when they were deep in relegation trouble the following season – having lost five of the six PL games before he walked in the December.

After leaving the Mackems, Roy Keane was a disaster at Ipswich in the Championship, sacked in January 2011 with them in danger of dropping to League One, having finished the previous season in 15th place.

Following his disastrous record as a manager, Keane then gave up and has been a number two ever since.

As a Newcastle fan, to have enjoyed having the likes of Kevin Keegan, Sir Bobby Robson, and Rafa Benitez, within the last 20 years. You have to be feeling almost sorry for the Mackems when they laud somebody who is closer to JFK, in both his ability to swear and manage.

Sunderland fans comments via their ReadyToGo (into administration) message board:

‘Is Grayson position now unattainable????

I think it is. As a manager it’s a results driven business and his results have been pathetic. Time to go. Job far too big for him.

Any manager worth his salt can organise a team starting from the back. Then work forward.

Time to go Grayson.’

‘I would go as far as saying untenable.’

‘I think it’s probably unattainable as he won’t be sacked.’

‘3 f…… points are unattainable.’

‘He has just been blaming the players on the radio, aye a lot of its their fault, but I reckon he will have lost the dressing room also now. Has to go.’

‘Keano in crowd today…’

‘Please come home.’

‘Would love him back..’

‘Hero. Legend.’

‘Imagine Keane been told there’s no money to spend.’

‘Haway back man Roy you crazy radgie bearded f…..!

You will need someone with about £300 million to help you.’

‘Irony today, Roy Keane is at the game having basically been forced out by Short for location reasons, the same week short f…. off back to America.’

‘The Messiah has returned.’

‘And Peter Reid tweeted that he’d been to Romano’s in Cleadon for his tea the other night. Reid and Keane in the North East. Dare to dream!’

‘It would be a nightmare.

One a dinosaur.

The other a quitter.’

‘Just imagine them coming into the dressing room at half time, a goal behind to mighty Burton (or whoever) and instead of Grayson, it’s Keane waiting for them!’

‘The Ellis Short journey to footballing oblivion started the day the arrogant owner thought he was smart hoying his weight around and pushed a proper football man into walking away from the club.

Since then it’s been one disaster after another.’

‘Short acted like a p…. and Keane, rightly, walked. Would be delighted if he’d come back.’

‘There are none so blind ..

You have selective amnesia.

The team was a shambles when he left.

He spent millions on rubbish which took years to offload adding to our current problems.’

‘Roy Keane put Sunderland back on the map and took the club to the Premiership. Proper feel good factor home, away and abroad pre season.’

‘I don’t blame Roy Keane for quitting and didn’t at the time. Looking back on it, he made the right decision.’

‘He must have sat there thinking – I bust a gut establishing this club in the Premier League and look at the  state of it now.’

‘I suppose Quinn feels the same, from those magical times to the current nightmare, gutted.’

‘Behind Reid the 2nd best manager in my 35 years plus watching us.’

‘At least we had belief when he was manager.’

‘Bring him home.’

‘Love Keano me.’

‘Unfinished business…’

‘There’s only one Keano!’

  • Mag_Ladd

    So f*ck about the Mackem’s, couldn’t care less. Isn’t this supposed to be a Newcastle site not Sunderland, we’re becoming as obsessed as they are…

  • gallowgate26

    I hope they stay up, the way it’s going SOL will be knocked down and turned into a supermarket. The smog monsters will be our ‘local derby’ and we’ll be as sad as them, with no real local rivals… o_O

  • Adam

    Give it a break Graham

  • Billy the fish

    You would be better getting beano than keano 😂

  • steve pearce

    Porter you utter dipstick – this is the Mag which is a Newcastle fan’s site.

    You are allegedly a staff writer, so why do you keep churning out reams of shyte about Scumderland? Did your cradle stand in Roker and did your dad take you to see the red and white scum? If that is true are you some sort of Makem secret agent sent to infect us with your inane ramblings?

    I think you are a deluded idiot who urgently needs either professional help or a swift hard boot up the rear end that will kick you back to where you obviously belong. I know which option I could offer you,…..

    • TwinFire

      its spelled Scumdidilybumberland, actually. ;)

      • steve pearce

        That’s easy for you to say….

    • Albert Stubbins

      I think it was well written personally. More anti smb articles please!! Obsessesd? Definitely.

    • Mike

      Eh howay they are rivals history work everything around the north east. Get real a love in for safe? Next rangers and celtic? City and united get real bonny lad banter is part of being a fan

  • M Williamson

    I like the magical times comment, just shows how bad they are when mid table mediocrity which is the best that they have ever had is classed as magical times, sad, sad people.

  • Toon

    These obsessive mackem articles make us look ridiculous

    • TwinFire

      I dunno, if you cant laugh at your local rivals, where the fun?

      • Rich Lawson

        Yep,what goes around comes around.

  • Rich Lawson

    Never mind the managers job,they would frankly be better off with Keane,Reid and Quinn in the team now even at their advanced age than the shambles the’re putting out ?

  • TwinFire

    The funniest thing is checking their results so far. bloody hilarious considering they were in the prem last season!

    • Safc

      Your so funny my sides are splitting you muppet

      • Albert Stubbins

        Not laughing now though are you? Give my love to Sammy!!

      • whitleylad

        Should be “YOU’RE so funny”. Who’s the muppet now?

    • gallowgate26

      The championship is a competitive league now, I said that to mackems at work last year and they just sniggered, thinking back to ten years + ago when they were last there. Well I don’t do ‘I told you so’s’ but…

  • Dillon Tovak

    When was their magical time?

    • Scottie Chugger Dearden

      Fo you not remember when they finished seventh and Peter Reid used to say ‘we are victims of our own success! ‘ yet when we finished second we were monumental failures!!!!!

      I just keep thinking Status Quo opened the SOS what an appropriate song for them now ‘get down deeper and down’

  • Peaky Magpie

    I take it the “Let’s all laugh at Newcastle “ banners have all been incinerated now ? I’ve got no sympathy at all for this lot,in fact 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    We used to have “Save our Seats” campaign, I think they need to start a “Paint our Seats” campaign.
    Great to see their team deteriorating as fast as their stadium.
    Any derogatory stories/comments about the filth are welcomed by this reader.

  • gallowgate26

    You know it must be desperate times when they’re talking about Keano and Peter Reid!! to save them… hehehe. Tuesday night’s going to be hilarious, Grayson just cannot afford to lose that one, Sammy Ameobi to score? Seven years to the day from halloween 5-1. :)

  • Albert Stubbins

    Lol. I sometimes feel the need to cheer myself up. When I do I go on the rtg site and laugh myself hoarse at them Sb’s. It’s great fun. Try it whenever you feel down it works a treat. They are close to totally imploding as a club. Anyone who disagrees with the thread topic is instantly called out as a Mag. The paranoia is palpable. Some even want Peter Reid monkey heed back and because he was seen having a meal in cleadon it must mean that he s going to form a double act with Roy Keane as he was in the crowd. Easy to spot as he was surrounded by 20,000 empty pink seats!! Not that he was checking up on players in his capacity as assistant manager for the republic of Ireland or anything as obvious as that. They really have sunk that low and it’s cheered me up no end.

    • Mike

      Me too class……wot comes around comes around

  • anyobrien

    ‘bring him home’…. “messiah”…. Lmfao

  • anyobrien

    They had a right go at us so Iwish for nothing but misery upon them… Absolute morons

  • Horses Heed

    Get him in, would help them getting established in the Championship