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Would suit a romantic daydreamer

4 years ago

Ok, ok, the frenzy which has erupted since Sunday surrounding the rather perky Amanda Staveley has resulted in some pretty poor journalism so far.

Clearly no one knows anything of substance other than perhaps George Caulkin of The Times,- having some degree of insight from whatever means he has.

That said, unless the Toon has a secret society of football psychics among our support I’d surely love to know how that flag (pictured above) appeared on September 16, a full two weeks before Ms. Staveley took a seat in the Directors box.

True Faith stated it was originally seen outside The Percy Arms and had nothing to do with Gallowgate Flags.

Caulkin suggested “supporter efforts” had resulted in Ms. Staveley’s appearance, which seems to have some credence, though I’m bewildered as to who on the terraces actually has her in their contact list! Is Mr. Wraith, pictured sat next to her husband, involved?

Should that be the case, I would chuckle all the more at all the comments (including some of the amateur bean counters frequenting The Mag comments sections) over the years, suggesting supporters can have no impact on the Club or Ashley – or the entire skullduggery about high flying mysterious foreign investors.

Here’s a North Yorkshire lass with reportedly access to £28billion of funds and the world’s wealthiest in her speed dial. Mike Ashley eat your heart out – oh, and close the door as you leave.

However, I am more intrigued about Amanda Staveley herself. What no one is reporting at the present time is that she was diagnosed with carrying the gene for Huntington’s disease back in 2013.

From an interview she did with the Standard back in 2014:

‘The test was not fine. Staveley is almost certain to develop full-blown Huntington’s disease within 20 years: the diagnosis is effectively a death sentence.’

Amanda Staveley’s story reads like a work of fiction, though undoubtedly it identifies a woman of character. The details are all out there to read so I won’t outline her career and life again here.

I am most interested in the current time and her recent years since the Huntington’s diagnosis. She has said it has made her take stock of her life and how she realizes how money can do ‘extraordinary things” and that she can help other people due to her success.

Maybe, like that flag, I too am hoping for a romantic daydreamer to buy the club – maybe Amanda Staveley is just that. A wealthy woman, with access to wealthier friends and associates and due to her roots is someone who already knows all about NUFC.

Perhaps, just perhaps, Ms. Staveley wants to leave a legacy behind which includes the creation of a successful football club and team. Surely, what better way to attain that than with our underachieving drama strewn club instead of buying a trophy laden Liverpool or Spurs?

Where’s the fun, or legacy, in that…


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