Steven Taylor was shown the door by Ipswich in the summer and after failing to find a Championship club, signed a two year contract with Peterborough in League One.

Decent form early on saw Peterborough up near the top but things have now started to fall apart, goals being shipped and only two wins in the last 10 matches (all competitions).

Nevertheless, Steven Taylor says it is much better at his new club than at Newcastle as when he was at St James Park ‘there was a tendency for players to sulk….Players would hide and not want the ball’, something which doesn’t happen at Peterborough, according to him.

Amusingly, Taylor also says since that since signing for the League One club he has had no ‘special treatment’, exactly why he should have expected that is a mystery…

Tuesday actually saw a dream meeting, as in front of 5,789 paying spectators there was the much anticipated meeting of Steven Taylor up against Nile Ranger, Ranger coming on in the 68th minute but the game ending 1-1, which was the score when he came on the pitch. Honours even…

Steven Taylor talking to Peterborough Today:

“It’s been exciting for me (at Peterborough).

“It’s new but it’s been very enjoyable. The players have accepted me as have the fans and the gaffer has been spot on.

“The training is hard and I get no special treatment. I’ve had a big smile on my face since I signed.

“We have a good team as well and the attitude is great as we showed at Southend on Tuesday.

“When I was at Newcastle there was a tendancy for players to sulk when we had a bad run. That would have a negative effect on the team’s morale.

“Players would hide and not want the ball but that’s not the case here.

“Everyone wanted to get on the ball at Southend and when we got going we played some good stuff going forward. We would have won on another day as their goalkeeper was outstanding.

“We also battled hard defensively against very tough opponents. We had players putting their bodies on the line.

“Since I’ve been here, I’ve often heard this team tends to fade after Christmas, but hopefully we’ve already had our blip and we will get back to winning ways.

“We’re hungry for wins though and we will chase one this weekend at Scunthorpe.”

  • steve pearce

    Because your’e playing at the level you deserve you absolute muppet – so go and fist pump yourself in a sensitive area and good luck to you!

    • Geordie-7676

      Bit harsh….he made some errors and never truly lived up to his full potential, mostly due to unfortunate injuries (Being injury prone is not the fault of the individual after all), however he always gave his all, and was by no means the worst we have had.

      How many times have the fans of NUFC berated players for not caring? He did!

  • MichaelMaximusMoose


    • Wor Lass

      I assume you mean Porter.

  • Wor Lass

    The anti Geordie bias on the Mag just puzzles me. The likes of Steven Taylor, Shola, Sammy, Paul Dummett and Steve Bruce are regularly pilloried. OK, none of those players are world class and, yes, Bruce has got Scumderland credentials to live down but the abuse some of them receive is ridiculous. Stevie Taylor was/is a decent player who put his body on the line for the club. OK, he didn`t hit the heights many people predicted for him but that was mainly down to injuries – exacerbated by the number of times he came back too early because we needed him. I`m not particularly bothered who he`s playing for now or what he has to say but I don`t see the point of the sort of snidey digs that he`s constantly subjected to on here.

    • hetonmag

      He’s his own worst enemy mate.

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      When players move to clubs below us or not in our league, I want them to do well. OK, I’m happy for Winni & Sissoko to disappear into obscurity but Taylor, Showtimeobi, Sammeobi and others I want them to drive their respective clubs up the league.

    • Wor Monga

      Spot on…there’s no need for snide like this against an ex-Toon player who wore the shirt and gave everything he could for good of the club…we should have had better quality much sooner in his position, but that wasn’t his fault…

      …and he’s just saying what we all know…that the big time Charlies didn’t want to know when the going got tough!!!

      • steve pearce

        Yes why is the Mag giving these pieces of shyte the opportunity to spout their malice. Has it been taken over by Scumderland fans?

  • Paul Patterson

    He’s at a level he should’ve been playing at, at least five years ago. That’s the difference.

    • Martin Rooney

      What a load of tripe

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    I would agree with him in the fact that there are probably better characters at Peterboro than at Newcastle in a footballing sense.
    There will be no Big Time Charlie’s who are pampered and mostly everyone will be singing from the same hymn sheet.
    Good luck to the lad because he has had a bad time of it in his career over the last couple of years and is now enjoying his football again.

  • S.G.M.

    Porter Pap

    • Toon

      His articles are a bit pathetic aren’t they

  • Rich Lawson

    Glad your happy there Steve,but as far as ”wanting the ball” goes,you had an unfortunate tendency to want it so much in our box that you would use your hands to get it !

    • Martin Rooney

      Twice in longer than most have professional careers get owa yasel

  • Alan Pardew

    You can’t argue with Steven’s record of late!

    He’s a player that, when he’s confident, can get in the England squad, which he did during my time here.

    • Wor Monga

      …You could probably get in the squad now Alan…seeing as it’s full of shyte, and so are you!!!

    • David2211

      I actually love this gimmick. Keep it up, Alan.

  • Bowlsey

    I always liked Saylor, even if he was made of fibre glass and spent the majority of his playing career on the treatment table. He always gave his all for the Toon and I wish him well.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Steven was a great servant to Newcastle playing in 268 matches for the club
    and was in the back four in the premiership in the 2011/12 season which went eleven games unbeaten which could well be a record. He captained England at under 16, 17 and under 21 level which shows what a quality player he was.
    It was only injuries which hampered a full international career although he did get called up twice. He hired our team bus for Monkseaton under 19,s school cup final in London. It’s a shame certain people on this site continue to have a pop but more than likely they have never seen him play.

  • Toon

    Nothing wrong with Steven Taylor, sometimes acted like he wasn’t the sharpest knife but certainly doesn’t deserves the stick this sad website dishes out. Graham Porters articles are all tainted with bitterness and snide remarks about clubs, players, managers and others teams, they really are pathetic. “Porter pap” as someone lower down has said sums it right up

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      I get the feeling Saylor may have taken Mr porter’s girl.

  • Martin Rooney

    Just like themug where there is a groundswell of bullying and hate they jump on it like a flea to a dirty dog. Porter chief wimp on a keyboard could have been expected to be the one who was waiting to find first comments from a Geordie who got a chance did his best as any one would. It doesn’t matter that he wasn’t the greatest. What matters is that he has done a lot more for others in society than the spineless Weinstein bully of northeast sports writing world.
    Porter finally your true colours fully displayed to every one.

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      Very good, bravo.

  • Albert Stubbins

    A player who did well initially but arguably became worse as time went on. The Strange case of Steven taylor. Maybe they could make a film about him.