Stan Collymore is the latest to comment on Newcastle United and a potential sale by Mike Ashley.

Although he is often annoying, on this occasion the former player is pretty much on the ball this time.

Collymore’s initial reaction to Ashley’s Monday afternoon statement being ‘Thought Newcastle United was always up for sale??‘.

What this latest NUFC circus definitely does prove, is just how big a story Newcastle United are.

Which is of course why Mike Ashley bought the club in the first place, in order to promote his retail empire to a worldwide audience.

Stan Collymore believes this moment in time presents Ashley with a ‘perfect selling storm’ and gives four reasons as to why.

These are Newcastle United being a ‘huge name’, the club having a ‘decent playing staff’, in a ‘good position’ back in the Premier League, and ‘little debt’.

I can’t say that these last 10 years have flown by but it is frightening that we have already had a whole decade under his control, as Stan Collymore puts it: ‘Another great club dragged through a soap opera’.

The player turned pundit says ‘Genuinely hope Geordies get a good buyer to take them forward’.

That would be a dream Christmas present for all Newcastle supporters.

Stan Collymore:

“Thought Newcastle United was always up for sale??

“Ahh, ok, Big Mike wants to officially officially officially sell the club this time.

“Instead of kind of, maybe, semi, sort of selling.

“Newcastle United:

“1. In a good position

“2. Huge “name”

“3. Decent playing staff

“4. Little debt

“The Mike Ashley perfect selling storm.

“Genuinely hope Geordies get a good buyer to take them forward.

“Another great club dragged through a soap opera in recent years.”

  • Rich Lawson

    Shut up and let a grown up comment on it instead (where are you Clarko,Jezza ?)

  • Grahame Johnson

    I’m waiting for Harry’s dog to have his say then everyone one and the dog will tell us their truth about Ashley, alas Newcastle United fans have been at the coal front and have seen first hand how this man has treat us with contempt time and time again. He has splintered our fan base and at times divided us it took Rafa to unite us wholly with our club, if he sells I will not forgive or forget what he has done

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    No debt, as for the money in the bank account that will disappear

  • TwinFire

    what are the chances this is just an excuse for Cashly not to spend in January?

    “We tried to get a deal over the line before the transfer window closed but no offers matched our club valuation. With no buyers meeting our fair valuations we have no option but to take NUFC off the market and focus on first team activity”

    • Guest 2

      No one matched my desire or ambition in taking the club forward…

    • nufcslf

      Probably not too far from the truth.

  • Andy Mac

    Stan Who ?

    • Guest 2

      Norman Hunter bites yer legs. Stan Collymore slaps yer lass…

  • steve pearce

    In a perfect world any potential buyers would be vetted by a committee comprising local dignitaries with a passion for our club including a fan’s representative. They would ensure that their interests were best served by at least two board members from local backgrounds should the buyers be from the middle or far east. That would ensure that we never never get a greedy fat jumped up barrow boy within a thousand mile radius of our club!

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      I proposed that fans should put up and get involved and warned that football fans become socialists as they want to spend other people’s money, iirc, your response backed that up perfectly.

  • toonterrier

    The sooner he buggers off the sooner I can apply for my season ticket but no doubt will have to get into the queue with the others who have walked away over the last ten years.

  • Guest 2

    Little debt? 144 million more like! Cheers, fatty.

  • Mike

    yep good comment Stan thats wot 50k supporters and the whole of the NE wishes. Maybe Santa will come at Xmas


    I believe Ashley will sell to whoever comes up with the money, he is not bothered who it is. That is why I won’t be popping the Champagne just yet. He is a Shyte owner but there are plenty more potential Shyte owners out there. Ask the Blackburn, Coventry, Leeds and Macum fans. Keep the corks on the champers until we find out who our potential new owners are.
    It would make Ashley’s day if he got his cash and the club went into free fall under new owners.

  • steve pearce

    Breaking news – the owners of Durex have expressed an interest in buying Newcastle United. They aim to stop us receiving unwanted intrusions into our areas and want us to play with a slippery yet fluid style. It is expected to be a frustratingly slow sale and it is feared that the passion of our fans will be worryingly diminished when it finally happens…