The Sky Sports predictor has given a ‘strange’ forecast for Newcastle United’s season.

The Sky Sports predictor is their model to work out a percentage chance of the outcome(s), using an algorithm to rank results, previous performances and the difficulty of upcoming fixtures – which has given this predicted end of campaign table below.

They have given the percentage chance of Newcastle ending up as: champions, top four, and relegated, as well as a predicted final league position and points total.

Before the game at Southampton, their predictor was forecasting an eventual 15th place in the table for Newcastle United and a points total of 45.

After a very good display and credible draw at St Mary’s we now have this…

Sky Sports predictor says:

sky sports

As you can see, the computer now says ‘no’ to Newcastle surviving this season.

Very strange.

Not sure how Newcastle can now be forecast to be bottom…although it isn’t only NUFC that suggests the Sky Sports computer has gone a little bit haywire.

They still have Manchester City to finish top but with only 71 points – they already have 22 points after only eight matches and at that rate would get over 100 points by the close of the season.

Similarly, Man Utd have 20 points already banked and that would see them end with 95 if they kept that form up, yet the Sky Sports predictor only gives them 64 or 65.

The same story at the bottom end, Crystal Palace have three points from eight games and yet forecast to get 43 or 44, which leaves them needing to win pretty much every  other game on average in the final 30 matches.

I think the likely explanation is that Sky Sports have allowed a team of chimps to have access to their computer this week, or even worse, Paul Merson

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Sky must be using Clarko`s predictor

    • HarryHype59

      Clarko would have us in CL spot!

  • Paul Patterson

    If it was taken last week it probably didn’t factor in Palace beating Chelsea. In other words it is a waste of time.

  • Guest 2

    Must have input the predictive data of Prutton, Merson & Owen ;-)

  • HarryHype59

    I hope Ashley has seen this! It may encourage him to sell the club a bit quicker.

    I assume the algorithm reckons we have harder games to come throughout the season!

  • S.G.M.

    Paul Merson is no where near as intelligent as a team of chimps.
    If Paul Mersons I.Q. was one higher, he would just about qualify for pond life.

  • Peaky Magpie

    Is this the Sky Sports pundits Wishful Thinking League ???

  • Taz

    Another cracking article from the mag. Any chance of a decent story?

  • aswinkok

    Hi Sky Sports.. if you keep putting those stupid fools preqdicting and giving things like this, you’ll soon be left behind and bankrupt. DISGUSTING!!!

  • steve pearce

    Complete and utter Sunderland!

    When the sale goes through and Rafa is given a blank cheque for the January window we’ll get a striker and an effective number 10 at the very least and the goals will come in torrents. Fourth place finish and 150 million to spend for the Champions League next season is my prediction.

    Not that I could give a flying Donald Duck what those inbreds at Sky have to say…