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This shows you can really print anything about Newcastle and people will believe it

3 years ago

We all see a lot of rubbish written about Newcastle United but sometimes you see something that goes that little bit further.

Earlier this week you had a purely fabricated ‘exclusive’ in the Express, stating that the Amanda Staveley organised takeover was going ahead, and Rafa Benitez was to be given £500m to spend.

This was then blindly repeated by lots of other media and rather than saying what the ‘source’ was, the fact it was something simply made up by the Express is conveniently left out, so it becomes something that is ‘fact’ for a certain number of people, because they know no different.

It was Abraham Lincoln who said:

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

Despite this, it doesn’t stop the newspapers trying where Newcastle United are concerned.

Trying to outdo that rubbish in the Express, The Star have now came up with this ‘exclusive’:

Daily Star:

‘Newcastle takeover EXCLUSIVE: Chiefs meet Amanda Staveley to discuss Rafa Benitez budget’

‘Starsport understands significant progress was made earlier this week, as Magpies representatives met with Staveley in London to discuss Rafa Benitez’s transfer budget for January and beyond.

The Spaniard will receive upwards of £100m when the transfer window rolls back around, with the club prioritising the need for a left-back, midfielder and forward.

Moves for Luke Shaw, Ross Barkley and former Magpies striker Andy Carroll were all discussed in the meeting.

Benitez will no doubt be happy at the prospect of backing in the transfer market, after a summer of broken promises and missed targets.’

It surely takes some leap of the imagination for anybody to believe this, doesn’t it….?

Yet I have seen, mainly on social media, Newcastle fans seriously talking about this as though the meeting actually happened and The Star somehow got to know about it AND what was discussed!!!

The number of ifs and buts are infinite but for starters you would need to believe:

Amanda Staveley is actively trying to buy the club.

‘Magpies representatives’ met Amanda Staveley in London this week.

The Star found out this meeting took place.

An actual figure was for a January transfer budget of over £100m was agreed at the ‘meeting’.

That Rafa Benitez wants Shaw, Carroll and Barkley.

That The Star were given chapter and verse of what went on in this supposed meeting.

Where do you start?

I think we all believe, or at least hope, that an Amanda Staveley led bid is being made for Newcastle United but even that is shrouded in doubt/the unknown.

To then believe the rest of it though…

If this fantasy meeting had taken place, what would anybody who was there have to gain from telling The Star about what was discussed?

I can’t even recall The Star even getting a transfer scoop where Newcastle United are concerned, never mind having the inside track on the step by step purchase of the football club.

We are also supposed to imagine that if Rafa Benitez had over £100m to spend, he would be looking at perma-crocks Carroll and Shaw???

Obviously we all hope that things are moving on behind the wall of claimed non-disclosure agreements/due diligence but when/if the news breaks of anything significant, I don’t think I will be instantly turning to The Star for the breaking news.


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