When it comes to Newcastle United, one thing is sure.

All journalists from outside the area, believe that they have the right and the knowledge to write about our football club.

There is an arrogance and a condescension that abounds.

The only ones that have any kind of a handle on Newcastle United, are almost always the ones, surprise surprise, who have actually visited Tyneside/St James Park, especially the odd ones who have spent a decent amount of time working/studying up here in the past.

If somebody said to me for example, I’ll give you a few quid if you write an article about fans of Harlequins rugby club, I would say thanks but no thanks.

I don’t know anything about rugby, I don’t even know where Harlequins are (in London apparently), and I certainly don’t know all the ins and outs of what it is to be a fan of them there Harlequins.

When it comes though to clueless idiots writing about NUFC and Newcastle fans in particular, they wear their ignorance as a badge of honour.

Just look at this pile of steaming nonsense that has been published by the Express.

The journalist is called Neil Fissler, his specialist subject is writing about Rugby and he claims to be a Millwall fan when it comes to football…

‘Mike Ashley never should have bothered investing in Newcastle United’

‘MIKE ASHLEY must wonder why in the earth he bothered investing in Newcastle United for all the grief that it has brought him.

He has never really been appreciated by Newcastle fans almost ever since he stepped through the front doors at St James Park.

Although when he first arrived, he did sit and drink with the fans, famously dropping £2,500 on a round of drinks for 500 of them in the Blu Bambu nightclub.

But the honeymoon period was over pretty quickly, well as soon as Kevin Keegan who has god like status among the Geordies departed as manager.

Ashley almost since then has been the target of many years of protests from the Toon Army foot soldiers.

And admittedly two relegations from the Premier League haven’t helped his cause but at least the funds were provided for them to bounce straight back up.

Ashley, who founded Sports Direct, a business which has made him a billionaire, realised one thing very quickly after taking over.

newcastle united

He knew they were never going to compete with the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, even Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham.

Why? Because he doesn’t have enough money in the bank despite being one of the richest men in the country.

Newcastle fans need to remember a few things, the last proper cup they won was the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1969.

I am not counting the Texaco Cup, Anglo-Italian or Inter Two-Bob because they are an after-thought in anybody’s trophy cabinet.

I agree, Newcastle sell out nearly every home game but they are based in a city where they have no serious competition for season ticket money.

In my book that makes them a well supported club rather than a big club and I have my doubts that anybody will be able to realise the unrealistic expectations up there.

Ashley says that he wants to sell Newcastle by Christmas, if he does I reckon it will see him throwing the best Christmas party in town.’

Does the Express not employ anybody at all with a vague knowledge of Newcastle Upon Tyne and/or Newcastle United?

I’ll leave you to count up all the nonsense points he makes but I will make a few comments.

How can you ignore the massive benefit Ashley and Sports Direct have had from their free promotion via Newcastle United? Mike Ashley is now far far richer than when he took over NUFC, the club playing a key part in that.

Yes, we all know that the trophy cabinet has been bare for a long long time but then if we are’t allowed to count ‘ancient’ history, then what about the Premier League era?

Before Mike Ashley came along, Newcastle United had never been outside of the Deloitte Top 20 biggest revenue clubs in the world, in fact at one time Newcastle were in the top half dozen when it came to generating money.

Before Mike Ashley came along, in their first 11 Premier League seasons, in seven of them Newcastle never finished lower than sixth, indeed in five of those first 11 seasons, Newcastle finished in the top four – what is now commonly called the ‘Champions League places’.

Newcastle averaged over 51,000 in the second tier!!! That is quite incredible and indicative of what is a massive fanbase (just ask Sky Sports!!!), a fanbase that can help generate far far bigger revenues than the club currently do, due mainly to a combination of employing no proper team of off-pitch professionals to generate commercial income AND most importantly, Mike Ashley wanting the club just to be pushing Sports Direct (and related brands).

This idiot dismisses Newcastle’s support as the result simply of being the only club in the city. Obviously it helps to have one club and not two or more but Newcastle Upon Tyne hasn’t got the biggest population. Down in South London I hear there are a few people live there and Millwall’s main competition for fans is those megaclubs Charlton and Palace, yet Millwall had only 10,399 when they played Reading at the end of September…

Not having a go at Millwall, just at this knacker’s nonsense. I don’t care about Millwall, or Rugby, I care about what I know about – Newcastle United.

Maybe Neil Fissler should stick to Rugby and Millwall.

Some Newcastle fans have already responded to his nonsense article via Twitter:

‘What are these unrealistic expectations that you speak of?’

‘Quite. It’s the usual hackneyed view rolled out when an nufc story makes the nationals. Not sure why editors pay for the same old garbage.’

‘Did you write this in the pub based upon opinions you’ve picked up from callers to talksport?’

‘What a load of guff.’

‘R u paid for this drivel u call your opinion… Unrealistic expectation?? Do us a favour,write something original based on fact, I dare you!

‘Is this a wind up ? You clearly have no clue what you are writing about. Unbelievable article.’

‘Also he brought nufc to boast the profile of sport direct he’s had free advertising for the last 10 years. No mention of that, poor article.’

  • East Durham Mag

    Another southern hack with an obvious disdain for Newcastle United. He is welcome to publish and hold his own opinions. Why give him credence on here?

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    If you look at most clubs in the Northern area of England it’s pretty bleak to be honest. Sunderland and Middlesbrough going nowhere Leeds to both Sheffield clubs, Blackburn in a mess and the list goes on. Our two derby games are against Huddersfield who will go down this season and Burnley who will just stay up.
    So while you have a pop at Mike Ashley all the time he has not done as bad as most teams north of Lancashire. In a couple of years time our nearest derby will be in Manchester.

    • Keeganontherebound

      Why include Sheffield in the ‘Northern area’ of England while ignoring the Manchester and Liverpool clubs? Burnley are playing some pretty decent football. I’m not persuaded Huddersfield will go down. Even Stoke have become an established premiership team while we’ve flirted with and at times embraced relegation. Yes, we’re not Blackburn but the fact that a journo can publish an article saying we have no right to expect to compete with the likes of Spurs just shows how far we’ve fallen under Ashley.

    • Danimal

      How many bizarre postcode related excuses can you find for the abject failure of your hero Mike?

    • Geordie-7676

      I can totally understand trying at best to remain somewhat objective….it has not all been doom and gloom, but come on mate…..the list of clubs you mention, bar Leeds are no comparison to NUFC in the modern world.

      NUFC has been destroyed in recent years, and all by one man!

    • TheFatController

      I think you’re ignoring where we regularly were in the decade before Ashley (regular top 10) and where the clubs you list were 10 years ago.

      So you think Burnley fans should hate their owners whereas we shouldn’t hate Ashley?

  • Andy Mac

    “And admittedly two relegations from the Premier League haven’t
    helped his cause but at least the funds were provided for them to bounce
    straight back up”

    Maybe this twt should ask Chris Hughton how much he was given to “bounce straight back up” ?

  • Andynufc

    I read his comments today. I actually had to find out who this idiot was so I searched on twitter. Soon as I saw that he’s a Millwall fan, it all made sense. Haha Mike has has overseen 2 relegations but we should be thankful he put the clubs money back into the team. MA is a business man first and he knew that nufc being in the championship would harm the value of the club. Nothing more. So let this silly cockney write his rubbish.

  • steve pearce

    Mike Fister – he likes watching a game where grown men grope each other in public wearing tight shorts under the pretext of chasing an egg shaped ball while their fans shower them with projectile vomit. Stupid cockney [email protected] should vanish up his own rear end as its the size of the Tyne Tunnel….

    • Wor Lass

      What about Jim starting to sound a bit like you, Steve – “Just look at this pile of steaming nonsense …”. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! lol

  • Jonathan

    If you thought this is patronising guff you should have seen the sky chat with dyer and bellamy. Good players but a couple of toon hating knobs, particularly dyer.
    Either that or they were put up to it by sky although even the sky bloke seemed embarrased by their anti toon stance.

  • Grahame Johnson

    I’ve decided I’m a dentist after a bit toothache I pulled the right tooth out,alas it was the 6th attempt so I’ll have to have a rethink, that sums up the self declared toon experts up

  • Lyle

    Rugby and Millwall aren’t they the same thing ?

  • Rich Lawson

    Nonsense ! Ashley has treated NUFC and it’s supporters with selfish disdain,if he was in the movie business he’d be Harvey Weinstein .

  • anyobrien

    What a tool his photo speaks volumes

  • Leicester Mag

    I posted the main section from this yesterday on here. I stand by my view that this kind of purile generalisation if applied in any other context would dimly viewed

  • Philippines

    The motto of journalism is ‘don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story’.

  • Bowlsey

    A Millwall fan eh? Speaks volumes. I know I shouldn’t make such generalising comments but it hasn’t stopped this utter tool so it won’t stop me. He looks a right t*t in that photo too. There, I feel better now.

  • Magpies

    “Newcastle fans need to remember a few things, the last proper cup they won was the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1969.”

    Oh yeah – that had completely slipped my mind – never realised that.


  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    You look at his home in his photo and it is a typical London property so you know what sort Journalist he is going to be.
    A one who has probably never set foot in Newcastle in his life and thinks all the streets are cobbled with horse and carts trundling over them !

  • Lofty

    Just another cut and paste opinion, I laugh at the first couple of lines and move on. However, I noticed Kieron Dyer putting the same opinion across on Sky last night. All from a lad who experienced what this club could be. Fool.

  • paul mclaughlan

    He’s got a rugby ball shaped heed.

  • Paul Smith

    “And admittedly two relegations from the Premier League haven’t
    helped his cause but at least the funds were provided for them to bounce
    straight back up.”

    That sums up his lack of knowledge.

    The first time we went down practically no funds were provided to Chris Hughton to get us back up…. We spent NOTHING in the summer in preperation for the 2009-2010 championship season. We then spent a grand total of about £4 million in January. Meanwhile we raked in over £27 million from outgoing transfers

    The second time we went down yes we spent a lot of money…. but we also made the biggest transfer profit in championship history. Over £30 million proft on our transfer dealings. While we made a £30 million profit on our transfers Villa made a £30 million loss. We were 1 of only 2 teams that made a transfer profit in the championship that season (and the other teams profit was about £1 million).

    The only manager that really been backed in the transfer market was Steve Mclaren… Shame he’s a useless manager who couldn’t get any results out of what was a reasonably good squad.

  • FatParosite

    Click bait. Juvinile ruse. Don’t fall for it. This horrible little gimp needs to crawl back under the cleft he came from. Don’t give him any oxygen.

  • James Concar

    Why all the Rugby hatred? check his Twitter, he writes about rugby but he’s certainly not a Rugby fan. just a clickbait Jorno