Paul Merson has given his forecast for Sunday’s match.

The former Middlesbrough player claiming ‘people will be surprised’ at his scoreline prediction for the Southampton v Newcastle match.

Well other people may be surprised at what Merson has forecast but I doubt Newcastle fans will be.

Southampton have failed to score in a remarkable nine of their last ten home matches, only against a dismal West Ham team (a week before the Hammers lost to Newcastle) did they manager to put the ball in the net.

Not surprisingly their supporters haven’t been too impressed and judging by their comments ahead of Sunday, they don’t expect to see many goals or entertainment at St Mary’s in the near future either.

So what is Merson’s expert reasoning for Southampton to suddenly score goals and win 2-0?

The Sky Sports pundit declaring ‘I just think sooner or later something has to happen’.

As for Newcastle, Paul Merson acknowledges the very decent result and performance against Liverpool but prefers to take into consideration the previous game at Brighton, when a game of few chances saw the Seagulls sneak it 1-0.

Paul Merson speaking to Sky Sports:

“Southampton are a funny team who don’t score enough goals.

“I know people will be surprised that I’d say they will win this 2-0 but I just think sooner or later something has to happen and they need to start entertaining, otherwise Mauricio Pellegrino is going to be in trouble.

“They sacked the last manager because he was not entertaining enough and the new manager is no different so far.

“Newcastle had a good result against Liverpool but I also look at their last away game when they lost at Brighton.

“Prediction Southampton 2 Newcastle 0.”

Southampton v Newcastle Match Betting:

Southampton win 5/6draw 27/10Newcastle win 15/4

NUFC win to nil 15/2 – Southampton not to score 18/5Merino to score first goal 16/1

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  • Paul Patterson

    Drunk idiot..

  • Andynufc

    He has us down to lose which means we’ll get something out the game. The time to worry is when that idiot predicts us to win

  • ross richardson

    I’m more than happy when he predicts us to lose coz most of the time he gets his predictions wrong. Long may it continue.

  • steve pearce

    Can you please tell us why this Ray Winstone look-alike drunken bag of shyte is even still wasting oxygen let alone babbling on about a team he clearly hates? What we need is the real Ray Winstone to give him a good paggering and break his jaw so he won’t be able to be a Sky dumbtit…..

    • Georgia Peter

      Ive had a few jars with Ray over the years in Cyprus as I used to drink with is cousin Paul, and you wouldn’t believe he doesn’t have a broad cockney accent. Yes hes a Londoner , but he speaks English. It’s all acting.

      • steve pearce

        I bet he’s a really nice bloke and he’s a true star – you’ve got me green with envy. I’d still like to see him give Merson a right paggering though…

        • Georgia Peter

          If he’s owt like Paul , he’s a Spuds supporter.

        • Georgia Peter

          Should think Merson’s paggered most of the time.

    • Rich Lawson

      ”I’m the daddy now”

  • Lord

    It would be a good laugh to see a league table comparing Messrs Owen, Merson and Lawrenson’s predictions for our results this season. They’ve all been hapless so far.

    Has Merson even predicted us to win one yet?

    • Georgia Peter

      No, and the longer it goes on , the better.

    • Kneebotherm8

      We’d be rock bottom if their predictions had been right.
      Luckily they knaaaa eff all

  • Leicester Mag

    What a poisonous t1t

  • Guest 2

    No surprise there like – but that said, given our defensive displays away last season and the Brighton game he probably isn’t too far wrong.

  • Peaky Magpie

    I see he’s borrowed Pardew’s “how to look intelligent glasses again”.Get your money back lads they divvent work.

  • David Bruce

    who cares

  • Mxpx

    Should learn how to do his tie

  • Taz

    Do you have any pictures of him when he doesn’t look like a clueless pi$$ed [email protected]….. ?

  • Paul Busby

    Haha, Southampton will win because sooner or later they have to get a decent result. Right then, guess if we win he will get another torrent of abuse on twitter.

  • Alreet

    Yet another comment from a savern has been. Same boat as his bezzie m8 pards.

    What a bell. Please jog on son. Get rid of that beer belly.

  • tomatau

    He has put us down to lose almost every week and the only weeks he didn’t is when he thought we’d draw but we lost. He hasn’t a clue. Our problem is we don’t perform when we’re favourites, so Brighton and Huddersfield got something against us… We’re not favourites here so I think we’ll get something. Spurs was just unlucky, shelvey getting sent off gave them a boost, if it wasn’t for that we had them where we wanted em… In Rafa we trust!!

  • gallowgate26

    That’s not all, Lawro has us down to lose 2-1. These two ‘experts’ telling us that a team who’ve scored 2 goals in 10 home games are going to suddenly score two goals in one game against a defensive team that have only conceded a maximum of 2 goals once this season. What are they basing this opinion on? Because it isn’t form. Do they have a crystal ball or something?

    • wayne

      You obviously haven’t watched us play. We have only gone for it in the last ten minutes of matches when we look awesome. I think sooner or later the penny must drop for Pelligrino and he’ll take the reigns off from the beginning. But I’m not holding my breath.
      Good luck with your season

      • gallowgate26

        I obviously haven’t watched us play? with my season ticket in the gallowgate you mean? We have only gone for it in the last 10 mins? Against Liverpool we gave then 95% possession and crumbled in last 20 mins. They still couldn’t score mind. Come back when you know what you talking about. Pelligrino (fizzy water?) couldn’t take the reigns off a reindeer.

  • Mrkgw

    It would pain pundits to speak positively of us. Lets just hope that their negativity makes the side ever more determined to prove them all wrong.

  • Phil K

    Wheres the “surprise” ? Merson always sides with whoever Newcastle play