Ahead of the Premier League season, a list of dates (see below) were announced for the intended days when live TV games would be published.

The initial signs were good, as the August & September games that were going to be moved, were revealed a few days ahead of schedule in July.

Then the October & November live TV matches were published as per the schedule just before the season kicked off in August.

However, this month things have simply fell apart.

With leaked news that the TV broadcasters were intending to move games to Christmas Eve, there was a backlash from fans, with many others backing this view – including MPs and many in the media.

The December and January Premier League live TV matches were due to be announced on 12 October but that didn’t happen as the row rumbled on.

Eventually a week later than planned (19 October) the December games up to 28 December were published, with no games moved to Christmas Eve.

(Newcastle were handed three more live games, meaning they now have five scheduled before the end of December, they are listed below.)

It was then stated that the final games for December and the whole of January would be announced on Friday 27 October (yesterday).

Instead we got this embarrassing announcement from the Premier League…

Official Premier League Statement – 27 October 2017:

“The Premier League had planned to announce the remaining broadcast selections for December and January today (Friday 27 October).

“However, it has not been possible to finalise all the details and we will continue in our efforts to complete the process as soon as possible.”

For all it drags in a lot of revenue, you do have to think that it has just been pure luck, right place and right time, that has made the Premier League such a financial success.

The chancers that run many of the clubs and officials appointed to run the Premier League on their behalf – they are a really bad mixture of incompetence and couldn’t care a less about the fans.

Why they can’t stick to their schedule and make decisions on time, isn’t acceptable.

You can only guess that some clubs are maybe sticking their heels in when it comes to changing particular matches, maybe even the odd one bothered about their supporters…

It would be nice to think Newcastle United might get more active in protesting at the shameful process which has meant the travelling Toon fans will have gone from mid-March to mid-December without a single away game at 3pm on a Saturday…

Intended announcement of Premier League live TV games:

10 July 2017 – August and September fixtures

11 August 2017 – October and November

12 October 2017 – December and January

12 December 2017 – February

25 January 2018 – March

26 February 2018 – April

6 April 2018 – May

Newcastle live TV games confirmed so far:

Monday 30 October

8pm Burnley v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

Saturday 18 November

5.30pm Man Utd v Newcastle United (BT Sport)

Saturday 2 December 12pm

12.30pm Chelsea v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

Saturday 9 December

5.30pm Newcastle v Leicester (BT Sport)

Wednesday 27 December  

7.45pm Newcastle v Man City (Sky Sports)

  • East Durham Mag

    Does that mean the tv lot haven’t told them yet?

  • Wor Lass

    The (appropriately acronymed) FA and the PL don`t care about the fans and neither do the clubs if the money`s right.

    • Rich Lawson

      The people who actually attend matches in whatever circumstances are an unfortunate embarasment to the global brand,everything is now weighted to the tv viewers .Can’t wait for Sky to go bust under the financial burden. ”I’d love it,just love it”

  • Paul Patterson

    Couldn’t organise a…

  • steve pearce

    Look at that badge ye miserable Makems – you will never ever see that on your shirts again!

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    They could not run the Northern league never mind the Premier league but one things for sure we going to be on telly more times than the stars of Coronation Street and EastEnders. Very sad and the bloke who picks the fixtures calls himself a Newcastle fan a disgrace the lot of them. Swansea, Brighton and Southampton all away on a Sunday in a row at four O’ Clock then Burnley on a Monday at eight you could not make it up.

  • Baldygash

    “Football fans wanting to attend football matches are nothing but an inconvenience.”
    Sky Sports media relations officer

  • Andy Mac

    The Premier League package to the world wide audience is predicated upon full stadia, lively atmosphere and quality football. We always meet the first two criteria whether home or away.