Three more Newcastle United live TV matches have been announced on Thursday afternoon

This makes now five (details below) in total up to 28 December 2017, as well as the six that have already been screened (see below).

The away game at Chelsea is same day (2 December) but now a 12.30pm kick-off.

Home to Leicester is same day (9 December) but now 5.30pm kick-off.

Whilst home to Man City is moved from Boxing Day to 27 December with a 7.45pm kick-off.

On 27 October we will find out whether any January matches are to be shown live, as well as the final December one, which in our case is Newcastle v Brighton currently scheduled for 30 December.

The big news overall, was that in the end no matches at all have been moved for live TV coverage on Christmas Eve,

Monday 30 October

8pm Burnley v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

Saturday 18 November

5.30pm Man Utd v Newcastle United (BT Sport)

Saturday 2 December 12pm

12.30pm Chelsea v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

Saturday 9 December

5.30pm Newcastle v Leicester (BT Sport)

Wednesday 27 December  

7.45pm Newcastle v Man City (Sky Sports)

Announcement (approximately) of Premier League live TV games:

27 October 2017 – January matches (and final December ones after 28 December)

12 December 2017 – February matches

25 January 2018 – March matches

26 February 2018 – April matches

6 April 2018 – May matches

Matchweek 38 will be announced after all clubs have played 37 matches (All last matches of the season will be played on Sunday 13 May with a 3pm kick-off, whether live on TV or not)

Live TV Newcastle matches previously confirmed:

Sunday 13 August

Newcastle 0 Tottenham 2

Sunday 20 August

Huddersfield Town 1 Newcastle United 0

Sunday 10 September

Swansea City 0 Newcastle 1

Sunday 24 September

Brighton & Hove Albion 1 Newcastle United 0

Sunday 1 October

Newcastle United 1 Liverpool 1

Sunday 15 October

Southampton 2 Newcastle United 2

  • Leicester Mag

    For a small town provincial club with deluded fans Sky seem keen enough to air our games. Happy to find ten a penny rent a mouth pundits plenty willing to ridicule both the team and fans yet at same time make money off us. Sky – Believe in hype

    • Paul Patterson

      The TV companies are hypocrites. Happy to take the viewing figures and slag the club off and/or report half truths and lies.

    • Biggs

      With us being on the telly so much can they get someone interesting in who is actually a friend of the Toon to commentate is stead of Alan Smith who clearly hates us. Johnny Beresford would be my suggestion.

  • Rich Lawson

    Strange how Sky pundits(!!) give us no chance but their employer keeps picking up our games ? Am I right in thinking from a previous post that the viewing public has put many of our shown games in the top 10 for subscriber figures ? You’d almost think we were becoming entertaining to watch ?

  • David S

    Don’t have to be popular … don’t have to have even half a chance … NUFC can still be a major draw in the great Sky football soap opera. Sky is just being smart when it bigs up the drama surrounding the club … it attracts viewers.

    NUFC is a much more attractive media property than most of the other sub-top-6 clubs. Keep the drama going!