A list of the Top 10 most watched live TV games so far this season has just been published.

Seven rounds of Premier League matches have gone so far.

Five of Newcastle’s seven games have been shown live: the home games against Tottenham & Liverpool, plus away ones at Huddersfield, Swansea and Brighton.

Of all Premier League live TV games so far, eight of them have had a UK audience of over 1m viewers.

This year’s top 10 most viewed live TV games (so far) according to BARB:

Newcastle v Liverpool – 1.56million

Spurs v Chelsea – 1.29million

Manchester United v Everton – 1.271million

Manchester United v West Ham – 1.15million

Liverpool v Arsenal – 1.089million

Arsenal v Leicester – 1.07million

Manchester City v Everton – 1.059million

Swansea v Newcastle – 1.002million

Chelsea v Arsenal – 900,000

Manchester City v Liverpool – 800,000

As you can see, Newcastle feature in two of those games that attracted at least 1m UK viewers.

The trip to Swansea was the eighth highest so far and then the home game v Liverpool easily the biggest so far.

The game against the scousers attracting some 270,000 more UK viewers than the next highest – Spurs v Chelsea.

With no doubt those domestic viewing figures reflected in the worldwide audience for Newcastle v Liverpool, little wonder Mike Ashley is in no hurry to sell the club, thanks to the massive global (free) promotion it gives Sports Direct and the rest of his retail empire.

The Chronicle report that Newcastle’s other three live TV games had audiences of:

Newcastle v Tottenham –  794,000

Huddersfield v Newcastle – 724,000

Brighton v Newcastle – 718,000

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    Not so on this side of the Atlantic, unfortunately. If it isn’t Manure, Chelsea or Arsenal no one gives a flying fart. I’ve had people walk up to me in bars during matches and ask why I was wearing a “referee” shirt (with Mitrovic on the back…).

    • Georgia Peter

      Sad bunch them yanks like.

    • Sean Lynch

      Our lack of exposure in the States is squarely on the shoulders of Ashley. No market for SD I guess.
      Hopefully the ever improving Yedders and who knows, maybe a deal for Pulisic on the horizon. Fuelled by a new driver behind the wheel, could dramatically elevate our status. Maybe not to Manure’ s standards, but who knows.
      I strongly believe that whilst using us as an advertising medium, Ashley has prevented us from becoming a globally recognised and supported team.

  • Peaky Magpie

    The irony of all this is their so called “experts” bloody hate us !!

  • Grahame Johnson

    I would love a few pundits to be honest and say boy did we miss the toon in the premiership, love or hate us I don’t really care, but 3200 at saints game, 51000 in a crowd of 52300 for palace and 2600 at Burnley on a Monday night and Bournemouth tickets selling well, shows what we bring to the premier league, as for our manager, backroom staff and squad I’ll say this its the first time in ages they match my love,passion and commitment for the toon and that’s all this deluded Newcastle fan asks for,

  • Toon

    Wow, who’s booking the open top bus for the parade?

  • Dillon Tovak

    Sky should start backing us then, we’re keeping them afloat 😉

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Wake up and smell the coffee Newcastle have been on telly for every away game this season four on Sunday one Sat night one Monday night the next one Tuesday.
    The way things are going will not be one game away on a Saturday at three o clock
    this season great for the arm chair fans but night not for the fans that go.

  • Fred

    Do spurs fans have tellys?