Paul Merson has been called out on Sky Sports about the fact it has taken him almost three months to forecast a win for Newcastle United.

Paul Merson was quizzed on the Sky Sports Premier League Predictions programme by Max Rushden.

Amusingly the starting point for the Paul Merson inquisition was an article that appeared on The Mag.

Max Rushden;

‘Your predictions made the papers, Paul Merson.

Here it is, this is from The Mag – The independent voice of Newcastle United…’Paul Merson continues to mess with our minds in Burnley v Newcastle prediction’.

It is because you predicted a victory for Newcastle for the first time this season.

They’d basically have minus points if they’d had the results that you have gone for.’

Paul Merson (laughs):

“Yes, I have gone 2-1 Newcastle.

“I don’t think Burnley have been great at home this season and Newcastle unlucky at Southampton, beat Palace, got a feeling for them.”

‘Why has it taken you this long to give Newcastle a win?’

“I dunno…the games they have played have been difficult games…I could have probably gone either way. The Palace game I sort of went with the draw there on the strength of what Palace did against Chelsea.

“If somebody had said who would you go for of the two, it would have been Newcastle.

“Fair play to them (Newcastle), they have done great.”

paul merson

‘People on social media say that you hate Newcastle?’

“Honestly I don’t, it’s just giving my opinion…”

paul merson

‘Your opinion, that is what is affecting the content of important newspapers…’

(Paul Merson nods) “….Burnley have got to take the game to Newcastle.

“I just think Newcastle, the reins will be off, they can relax and go out and play.

“They are in a great league position at the moment – outstanding.”

  • Sing in the Leazes

    So 10 games in and we’ve finally lost the element of surprise.
    Nice to get a bit of recognition I suppose (if you value the opinion of pundits), but I was quite enjoying us being the dark horse.

  • steve pearce

    Aye Jackie – your’e really after Poter’s crown of the King Of Boring Shyte aren’t you. Back in the real world we don’t give a flying Donald Duck what this walking brewery has to say!

  • Mag_Ladd

    “Ooh look at me, I got my stirring article on the tele mam!”

    Some of the writers on here are so obsessed about what other people think of us, instead of writing about whats happening with our team.

  • Paul Smith

    Hopefully he will go back to predicting defeats.

    • Whitehurst


    • Peter C

      And Mark Lawrensen

  • steve pearce

    So its Merson’s fault we were absolutely shyte is it?