The CIES Football Observatory have published a list of the 100 European clubs who have played the most ‘Expatriates’ this season so far.

We have delved below that to show how all 20 Premier League clubs have performed when it comes to using expatriates this season, including Newcastle United.

CIES Football Observatory define expatriates as:

‘Players who grew up in a different association from that of their employer club and who went abroad for football-related reasons’.

They ranked top division teams from 31 European associations according to the percentage of domestic league minutes played by expatriates since the start of the season (ahead of matches on weekend of Saturday 14 October).

Three Cypriot clubs are at the top (having most expatriate minutes) of this ranking: Apollon Limassol (99.8%), Anorthosis Famagusta (95.3%) et AEK Larnaca (91.5%).

Only three teams out of the 466 included in the analysis did not yet field expatriate footballers in domestic league games this season: Oleksandriya (UKR), Veres (UKR) and HIFK (FIN).

In total, expatriates played 41.6% of minutes available. At league level, this figure varies from 80.2% in the Cypriot top division to 15.0% in Serbia.

Ahead of the Southampton game, Newcastle are 14th of the 20 Premier League clubs when it comes to playing expatriates, nevertheless 50.3% of the minutes for NUFC have been played by expatriates.

Not difficult to see the challenges the England national team faces, with Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and the two Manchester clubs all having over 73% of minutes played by expatriates.

Even Tottenham who have got a lot of good press about playing English players, have a figure of 64.6% for expatriates.

premier leaguepremier league

90.4% Chelsea

84.1% Arsenal

78.4% Man City

77.6% Man Utd

77.1% Huddersfield

73.5% Liverpool

72.0% Stoke

71.6% Watford

67.5% Brighton

64.6% Tottenham

64.3% Southampton

64,.0% West Ham

55.0% Swansea

50.3% Newcastle United

47.8% Burnley

44.3% Crystal Palace

39.5% West Brom

38.3% Everton

32.6% Leicester

31.5% Bournemouth