Mike Ashley and his representatives are said to have been ‘inundated’ with interest, since Monday afternoon’s announcement.

The Newcastle United owner releasing a statement formally announcing the club was up for sale.

This was swiftly followed by an appearance by Ashley’s legal representative appearing on Sky Sports, lawyer Andrew Henderson helping to push the story further.

On Wednesday, Press Association Sport say that as well as four ‘interested parties’ having already signed non-disclosure agreements’ allowing them to study the club’s books, Andrew Henderson has also been ‘inundated’ with calls regarding buying the club.

The lawyer acting for Mike Ashley on the potential sale of Newcastle United, reported to be having the lengthy task of separating ‘time-wasters from genuine candidates’.

Apparently the offer called in by Billy from Byker of a tenner a month in staged payments is still in Andrew Henderson’s undecided pile…

Whilst we are all aware that the sale of a football club for hundreds of millions of pounds is always going to be a little bit more complicated than selling  your car.

You do always feel that nothing is ever simple and straightforward where Newcastle United and Mike Ashley is concerned. Almost as though everything is done to create the maximum amount of publicity and leave everybody wondering just what exactly is going on.

In a poll we put up after the Monday announcements, we asked Newcastle fans whether or not Mike Ashley was serious about selling the club this time and put it up at a market price that would allow it to be bought.

The response was massive and at the same time remarkable, with 50.1% believing he WAS trying to sell at a realistic price this time, 49.9% not believing it.

That pretty much sums up the mood of the supporters overall, hoping that this time the club will be sold, but also sceptical after so many lies and false dawns in the past.

With claims that Mike Ashley wants a deal done by Christmas and if not by then, potentially not at all, hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out either way.

  • TheFatController

    Ashley will try for £350m+, not get it, and so tell us that we’re stuck with him, and then someone associated to him will make a comment about how much the club needs Ashley for financial stability, just before a transfer window where we fail to sign any player worth more than £10m….

    Then Ashley will do an interview saying he has no money and if there is a Geordie billionaire out there he would gladly step aside.

    Typical abuser’s strategy, tell the victim no-one else wants you, completely reducing their expectations in life, affirming “you’re stuck with me and my abuse and should be grateful I put a roof over your head …”

    • Mark Spark

      good post,I hope he goes,but i fear this is exactly what will happen.The more that comes to light about this man,the more I detest him

  • steve pearce

    How I wish this story was kept secret – stand by for amazingly useless “links” and the suspension of the due process of reality…

  • HappyToons

    One minute it’s ‘Turkish Delight’ and the rumour is we are be taking over by a biscuit munching Mafia, but that soon ends up in broken biscuits. So far Billy from Byker sounds the most believable followed by a delegation from Roy of the Rovers.

    • Simon Ritter

      Turkish Delight is definitely off the menu. See my post lifted from the Beeb

  • Simon Ritter

    There will be plenty of nonsense spun by interested parties, including Ashley’s minions, in the next few weeks.
    Today’s non-development, reported by BBC Sport: “Turkey’s richest man has denied he is interested in buying Newcastle United. Reports suggested Murat Ulker, chairman of giant foods company Yildiz Holding, was the front-runner to take over from club owner Mike Ashley, who put the Magpies up for sale on Monday. But a Yildiz Holding spokesperson told BBC Sport: ‘The company is not purchasing Newcastle and no discussions about the team have taken place. We wish them the best of luck in finding a new owner’.”


    I would not trust Billy from Byker, he still owes me £20 from 3 year ago.