Mark Lawrenson is in serious trouble.

The BBC pundit is set to be called in front of the disciplinary panel of the (clueless) expert Premier League predictors union, after the grave error of predicting a win for Newcastle United.

Prior to this weekend, the combined efforts of Michael Owen, Paul Merson, and Mark Lawrenson, had seen 22 predictions so far this season, without a single one forecasting a Newcastle victory.

Paul Merson and Michael Owen kept on message, both of them going for a draw on Saturday, despite Newcastle being at home against rock bottom Crystal Palace, who until last weekend hadn’t scored a goal or picked up a point.

Lawrenson though has seriously stepped out of line, predicting a 2-1 home win for Newcastle.

No doubt, even if he is right in his prediction this weekend, we will see Mark Lawrenson quietly disappear and be replaced by somebody who knows the score, somebody with a proven record, like say David Prutton…

Mark Lawrenson talking to BBC Sport:

“Palace finally got off the mark by beating Chelsea last week and you could see in that game the effect Roy Hodgson has had on the players on the training ground.

“The Eagles were also buoyed by Wilfried Zaha returning from injury and being extremely lively, as well as scoring the winner.

“Now there will be an expectation that they go to St James’ Park and get another positive result, but I think this is an extremely difficult game for them.

“Newcastle should really have seen out their game against Southampton last week. They had to settle for one point instead of three, but I was still very impressed by them.

“Of the three promoted teams, they are starting to look the most comfortable and – surprise, surprise – they have got a manager who is extremely experienced in the Premier League.

“Magpies boss Rafael Benitez moulds teams and makes the best out of the players he has got, which is why he is getting some good results.

“Hodgson follows a similar template, in that he organises his side and makes them hard to beat, but he has only just taken over so he is obviously a little bit behind Benitez in terms of where his side are at the moment.”

Newcastle v Crystal Palace Match Betting:

Newcastle win 1/1Draw 5/2 Palace win 31/10

Merino to score 1st goal 17/1 NUFC to win 2-0 17/2Shelvey to be man of the match 11/1

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  • Wor Lass

    Oh My God. Don`t tell Triple H – if he jumps on that bandwagon we`ve absolutely had it!

  • Leazes Ender

    BetVictor is registered in Gibraltar and doesn’t pay tax here…… avoid this Mag advertiser.

    This is an advertisement story …. I forget what you call them.

    • Guest 2


    • Lord


    • Mark Davies

      Neither do NUFC if we can get away with it haha! Suppose you avoid them as well…..oh hang on…your not a happy clapper!

  • Guest 2

    Zaha looks fresh and handy. Won’t be surprised if they turn us over as goals for us are always looking hard won..

  • Wor Lass

    I see Joe Root`s got us to win 2 – 0. All this positivity is making me nervous!

  • Peaky Magpie

    Think it’ll be a tough game tomorrow.
    1-0 Ritchie pen.

  • Oldgeordie

    I put a comment on here 3 hours ago. It was deleted. I repeated the comment and it was deleted. Not much point in contributing. Those who read my comments will know I do not swear nor put any derogatory statements. anyone know what is going on?

    • CaptainCaveman

      I’ve had a similar issue in the past. Disqus was marking my posts as suspicious, probably because I use a vpn. Try looking there to see the status of your comments.

      • Oldgeordie

        Thanks. Will give it a go.

    • Rich Lawson

      I have had several comments on here with no bad language or chance of potential legal action where they say an examination of the comment is pending but nothing happens,it just isn’t shown with no explanation ?

  • Oldgeordie

    Will try again Lawrenson has just killed my Super6 chances. I scored the match 2-1 to us as well.

  • steve pearce

    This no joking matter I assure you!

    The hidden agenda of anti-Newcastle bias has no been exposed. Its very interesting that this has emerged in the run-up to ownership change isn’t it. I thought the media in this country operated on the principles of free speech but I have been proved wrong. How can a respected BBC pundit be victimised for predicting a win? What powerful parties have been offended by this verdict? I only hope the Amanda Staveley bid succeeds and ownership change happens quickly because she will have a legal team that will look into this bias and not stop until action is taken. The FA and indeed FIFA should also institute an investigation, but in the dying days of this Tory government who are particularly rabid in their hate for our region this matter will be brushed under the carpet. This is a sorry state of affairs but the only good thing is that it cannot influence the match – or can it?

    • Rich Lawson

      Is it a serious headline then ? Surely he can’t be pulled up just for expressing an opinion on how the match will go ? Why do Sky not get criticised elsewhere for their blatant bias against us (despite picking so many of our games for live showing) ?

      • steve pearce

        Sky are also biased Rich – it seems to me there might even be some coercion at work here. And yes it is a serious headline.

        • Frank Fforde

          Are you having us on Steve?

    • Frank Fforde

      Oh for goodness sake! Mark Lawrenson is just a guy with an opinion. Nothing more, nothing less. He’s right sometimes, wrong at others. He just sees Newcastle as a team who just gained promotion and likely to struggle in the premier league. No one has anything to gain by him predicting us to lose (some bookies maybe?) and it’s not only us. Watford get the same underestimation. If you don’t like his opinion, just ignore it! You don’t have to like everything he says!

  • S.G.M.

    Are we allowed to have a laugh on here?

  • Magpies

    These guys don´t make predictions. Each week they produce a ´wish list´ of the results they would like. Lawrenson, predicting no losses for Liverpool for all of last season, is the proof.

  • Mag_Ladd

    Hate this “world is against us” attitude a lot of the toon fan sites and some of our fans have.