So, what happens….you are halfway through writing a bit of an article when Newcastle United suddenly announce to the world (again with the help of the medium that is Sky) that the club is up for sale!

Yes, Mike Ashley is indeed going to finally evacuate himself from the bowels of NUFC and rid us of the disease that goes with it…or is he? Just who would want to buy a club with a price tag quite the opposite of what hangs on every item in his SD stores.

Mike, if your reading, how about hanging a SD green ‘70% off’ label on your price tag for NUFC.

Of course, NUFC have been up for sale before, in fact were they ever taken off the market? However, something seems different this time, so here is hoping! I just hope the cousins of the Venkys are not lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce.

Anyway, it’s football that matters, and a measure of progression under Rafa is the fact that we were disappointed to only come away from Southampton with one point, previous teams and managers would surely have seen a capitulation on the pitch and the obligatory 3-0 defeat.

I have said it before and will say it again, there is an undeniable team spirit amongst the players that was something we could only dream about under Pardew etc.

This weekend however has me nervous, admittedly excitedly nervous, I am already looking forward to the game, there is excitement and chirpiness in the pre-match chatter, the town is buzzing again and it feels good!

That’s not to say this weekend will be easy, it is a banana skin of the highest order, Cabaye and Townsend back in town, a talented Wilfried Zaha fresh from his exciting display against Chelsea – but we know Rafa and his team will have done their homework and then some.

We can give any team a game right now and a fired up SJP can make a difference. Crystal Palace are not bottom for nothing, so a good performance will see three points.

In other news, Leicester dispensed with their manager, and while I like a lot of people applauded them when they interrupted the big guns domination a couple of years ago, I  would not shed a tear should they end up getting relegated. If only for those stupid clapper things they dish out to their fans, irritating at best.

Of course, no football news would be complete without casting an eye down the road.

I have noticed a couple of sympathetic comments toward their fans on various articles on The Mag, it’s everyone’s right to post what they want, but for me…

I simply remember the partying and gloating when they stayed up at our expense and their mass over celebration of six in a row, they conveniently forget the counter balance of us being unbeaten for 28 years on Wearside.

So for me. I’m happy to watch them squirm and suffer and if another relegation and an administration happens, then an immature gloat of smugness and satisfaction will engulf my soul, oh the joy of being a 53 year old kid!

So, things are pretty good for us, the Newcastle United supporting public and long may it continue, let us hope for a win on Saturday and another three points.

One last thought.

Christmas is just around the corner. Wouldn’t it be good if a new sheriff was to ride into town, a sheriff with true footballing ambitions for this great institution, someone with the power to invest sensibly and progressively.

Being brutally honest, the best team in the country right now is Manchester City, a club who in real terms have no more potential than a successful Newcastle United. It shows what can be done and maybe our time is coming…who knows?

Wish I had a Crystal ball.

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  • steve pearce

    Nice one Brian – but I don’t want us to be invaded by a bunch of mercenary prima donnas who only play for the millions they get paid like Man City as that would wreck our team spirit and make us no better than them!

    • Toonrobbybobson

      Have you seen the way City are playing now?

    • CG

      I’m a Man City season card holder for past thirty odd years. All football players are the same and it is all relative. Most current Newcastle players won’t have heard of Newcastle (as like City there was no international profile without European football) so why did they join you? For the money!! These mercenaries had enough team spirit to serve you well so far in the Premier League. We are now close to, if not the best team in Europe both in substance and style, and City fans after so many years in the wilderness. Initially we got mercenaries like Robinho but now players join us for the chance of Premier and Champions League success. To be honest, once a player has enough cash to be made for life, then the extra millions don’t attract the player. City have grown massively to the extent that short of say Real Madrid or PSG (offering even more stupid money) then any player the world would be desperate to sign for us.. The downside is off the pitch. City have good owners but still we now attract more plastic fans, taking selfies and of the crowd instead of watching the match, scarves with both the teams colours. Sadly it is a price to pay not to be the cannon fodder of what teams like Newcastle currently are. The problem for Newcastle, even if it had huge investment, is that FFP (Financial Foul Play) was designed to stop investment and other clubs catching the Europe’s elite. That is what will hold Newcastle back. FFP suits City now but it is wrong for short of investment from those who are willing then there is no other way to bridge the gap and same old same old. Good luck but you’re views are dated. I loved it the way it was, like you live now, but money has took over and that is what it is.

      • Brian Standen

        As I pointed out City are the best at the moment ! So I have to agree with you

      • HarryHype59

        City are very good at circumventing FFP rules! Despite their immense wealth they don’t have a massive world wide fan base and as yet, are not a global brand like Man U or Liverpool!

        • alan ebbrell


          • Brian Standen

            While ours has milked the world via his rotten direct empire! Stifling NUFC in the process!
            Expanding his own wealth and waistline while slimming NUFC to a skeleton

          • Wor Lass

            Well said!

        • alan ebbrell


      • Andy Mac

        Three things
        1. it would be difficult to shoe in plastic fans when there’s 50k trying to get in every match day already.
        2. Citeh’s avoidance of FFP rules include the renaming of the stadium so the sponsors and the owners are linked with one another and difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins.However they were still fined £49m some of which was frozen

        3. As I said earlier FFP only comes into play when (if) we start spending ridiculous amounts of money and are involved in Europe.

    • alan ebbrell

      takes time and a fool and there money can soon be parted yep we have made mistakes but the investment in and around our club is amazing i don’t think i have ever seen such good things done at a football club before plus they team ain’t too bad at the moment either but i must say you do feel a bit daft jumping up an down when the 5th an 6th goals fly in i guess that just cos i am a life long blue respect to all except the scum

    • HarryHype59

      Trouble is we have had numerous mercenary prima donnas at this club over the years!

      The difference is ours weren’t very good!

      • alan ebbrell

        bet we have had more donkey,s than you though but hey if they pull on the famous blue shirt i will always try an get behind them 50 yrs i have followed MCFC and loved every minute off it till we started winning too often lol good luck too the Toon army GREAT CITY GREAT PEOPLE HOPE YOU COME RUNNERS UP NEXT YEAR BE EVEN BETTER IF YOU COULD STUFF THE TEAM FROM SALFORD REPECT

  • Steve Smith

    I’d have to disagree.

    Man City shared a city with arguably the “biggest” football team in the world at the time. Directly challenging that rival has its own appeal.

    Realistically who are we rivals with? A couple of pub teams that wont be back in the top flight for a while. One of which can’t even afford proper coloured seats.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Brian, When it comes to other clubs and especially our biggest rival my course is always one of diplomacy.
    I have seen clubs like Leeds, The Two Sheffield’s, Notts Forest, Soton to name a few who have ended up in the third tier recently.
    It can happen to any club at any time and no one would want it to happen here so with “Karma” and all that, I tend not to gloat at other clubs demise.
    Okay, Banter is one thing but being magnanimous and not rising to it is the way to go imo.

    I remember one of ours having a laugh at Spurs starting the season poorly in the one we got relegated when “Keegangate” occurred so : “He Who Laughs Last, Laughs The Loudest.”
    Like you say each to their own but if you keep your own council there can be no comebacks if all goes Pete Tong lol.

    As for Citeh, I was happy for them when they got took over because of all the rubbish they have been through and remember that 3rd Division Play Off Final with two daft Gallagher’s looking on at Wembley.
    A proper club with proper fans so I wouldn’t begrudge them anything but they are no better in terms of potential etc

    • alan ebbrell

      top post geezer and i don,t think any Man city supporters will begrudge your great club and fans any investment or success in the future as you say we have all been through hard barren times but hey they was still great times too going to many grounds in the 2nd and 3rd division we are still in dream land now but the so call cartel will still try and stop you investing any money your owners want to spend to help you compete don’t forget we are real supporters who love our clubs and respect others unless you are utd supporter of course cos they are the only ones with History as they seem to think good luck ps are owners only picked our club out of Newcastle liverpool an ourselves because they did not have too buy the stadium plus there was lots of spare land round the ground going cheap hope you get a muti zillionare and get top 4

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Cheers mate.

    • Brian Standen

      Sorry but I disagree. Our rivals need to be the likes of Man Utd and the aforementioned City, I remember standing in the San Siro leading Inter Milan 1-0 at HT , getting a text from Home about Sunderland playing Cambridge on same night. I remember thinking this is how things should be…… wasted opportunity!

      • Albert Stubbins

        absolute rubbish. They will NEVER view us a rivals- it takes decades to form proper rivalries man- its the tradition of the game- The Makems will always be every true geordies number one rival- its gone on for generations ffs. Man u? give yourself a shake- they couldnt give a monkeys about us and any rivalry with them no matter how good we get will always be a watered down version of our true rivals- just because the makems are s***** now- so waht- their fans still despise us an us them. a good wine doesnt sit for five minutes man- its in the casket for thirty years in some cases- yes lets aspire to be as good as man u but the makems will always feel bitter towards our success more than any manc or scouser could ever feel just remember that.

        • Brian Standen

          Yeah your actually right, hence the fact I love seeing them suffer! But footballing wise I want us to be up there with the so called big guns!

          • X,WHY,Y MAN.

            I would rather see both of us up there challenging instead of North East football being in the doldrums because it is good for the area.

          • Brian Standen

            And your perfectly entitled to your opinion. Mine just differs that’s all
            I don’t wanna walk through Newcastle airport seeing a poster saying premier league football 30 mins away encapsulated on photo of SOL.
            They as a people are straw clutchers of the highest order, vastly inferior in everything from football to their not so beautiful city!

  • Toonrobbybobson

    I just think we are better in our reaction to the mackems. Its what seperates us. They are doomed its clear so there is not much fun in poking them if im honest. They will do well to survive. We had our fun lets move on focus on us and hopefully a new owner to keep this amazing momentum building. But lets be bigger than mackems. Id happily be giving them some if they were challenging playoffs etc but they seriously are in trouble existing with their debt and now in danger of tumbling down the ladder again. Infeel for North east football this is bad news as a rivalry with Sunderland has always driven us well.

    • alan ebbrell

      as a Man City supporter who followed us down to the old 3rd division an got out through the play off against Gillingham i would just like to say good luck with any potential new owners and i hope they are as good for your great club as our owners are for ours, our clubs have always been well supported and we all hate mufc lol good luck lads here is to the future

      • Toonrobbybobson

        Id love to have some fortune as good as yours :D You’re playing some lovely stuff right now!

    • Albert Stubbins

      They will always be hated by any true geordies. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking other clubs in prem are now our real rivals like some did when we were challenging years ago. The makems SHOULD and WILL be the team that we want to suffer just as they always wish it on us. Other clubs dont really care what happens to us- the Makems always want the worst for us and that will always be reciprocated by 99.9% of us. I dont care what divison they’re in- I will always want they to get beat whoever plays them. I’ll never forget the shear outpouring of hatred and jealousy endured by them over nearly forty years and Im not going to stop now or in the future giving them it right back whenever the opportunity arises.

      • Toonrobbybobson

        Disagree personally. Hate is a strong word. I personally very much enjoy the local rivalry but it is not described as hate. Yes I enjoy there misfortune but not hate. We need the local rivalry, thats exactly what I am getting at. If they go the way they are heading our rivals very much will just be those in the prem and that does not have the same feel.

  • Lyle

    Before Abramovich same could be said about Chelsea

    • Paul Patterson

      I seem to remember that before Abramovic, we were in for half of their squad at knock down prices. Imagine John Terry and Frank Lampard in 2001. It was quite feasible..

    • Alex

      I always remember our FA Cup semi with Chelsea, when Rob Lee thumped in a header from Shearer’s cross.

      I was overseas at the time and watched it in a complex of numerous bars.

      When Lee scored, the noise and cheers were far, far louder than any that happened when Chelsea scored. WE were more popular than then then.

      What has happened since just shows what can be achieved when you build a club properly, and shows how much we have been dismantled.

  • Paul Patterson

    We always had more potential than Manchester City circa 1994-2006 but saldy successive regimes put paid to that..

    • HarryHype59

      Some don’t recall them being in the third tier of English football twenty years ago! The were never a bigger blub than ours before their ME takeover!

  • Andy Mac

    Surprisingly and despite the crapola we’ve had to live through with past owners, I wouldnt want this club to be turned into a Citeh or Chelski. Citeh fans may be loving the football at the moment and Chelski’s fans have a fully stocked silverware cabinet (well more than ours at least) but where’s the fun in watching your team knowing that the owner has bought the league ?

    Given a choice I’d rather have a Chairman like Semore Kurdi at the Falcons who has had to battle against the big boys with less funds, smaller crowds and a minute wage bill. Over the years, despite relegation in 2012, the club has gradually improved, bringing in seasoned players and mixing those with a crop of talented youngsters who have come through the Academy. Currently 4th in the Premiership, who knows what this season holds ?

    • HarryHype59

      ” I wouldn’t the club to be turned into a Chelski or Citeeh!”

      I would!

      Far better than being perennial relegation folder and enduring the Championship twice in seven years!

      • Andy Mac

        Wasnt expecting much support for my view HH. However I have a feeling that if we started along the Citeh, Chelski route we’d be guilty of doing what most of us, as fans, have denounced over the years. Buying the league is all very well but that means you have to keep buying in future to keep the ball rolling. Ask RM and Barca how much they spend just to keep on top ?

        • Paul Patterson

          I don’t see your viewpoint gaining much support, but I DO see what you mean and I half agree.
          The money floating around the Premier league is shocking. Especially when Man City can spend £140m (net) in the last transfer window to go with the £140m (net) last season, £100m (net) the season before to go with an already expensively assembled team, etc etc. It’s a different planet.

        • grumpyoldmag

          I agree with you – citeh and chelski is everything I hate about modern football. Yes it must be great to watch and win something but does it feel like your club anymore or do you have any affinity to the players as we currently do to our relatively cheap honest triers ?

  • East Durham Mag

    However you look at it Manchester City are most definitely a big club and once Ashley goes we still have it all to do, so let’s not count our chickens just yet.

    • Leazes Ender

      Credit to them for hanging in there, they were never as big as United (thats us by the way)


    The good thing for city is they are being bank rolled. Manure are a successful club but they have over 500 million of debt, which is actually 200 mil more than any other club in the world.
    I would hate us to to have a Glazer type takeover. All that debt and the Glazer family are still getting a 18 mil payout this year.

  • gallowgate26

    ‘If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’. Do Manchester City fans care if some other fan tried to take some sort of financial moral high ground, when their team is battering them by 5 or 6 goals every week? Of course they don’t! It’s probably too late to catch them now but we can catch the likes of Liverpool and Spurs. Look at it this way, if a new owner invested enough to finally win us something 99.9% would not care a jot. In fact, the only way to win is to spend money. Apart from Leicester, who are now fighting relegation and it was a 1/2000 freak event. (When both Man City and Chelsea had a poor season)

    • Leazes Ender

      Ther one thing Ashley was right about…. Leicester was a chance event.

  • Leazes Ender

    Ownership has moved from Tyneside (105 years) to the Northumberland (ten years) to Burnham, Buckinghamshire (ten years)…. now?

    You could do a graph…..

    …..In 100 years it’ll be Mars.

  • alan ebbrell