Liverpool fans had another frustrating day at the office.

Their team dominating possession at Newcastle but creating relatively few clear chances, then after seeing a wonder goal from Coutinho, only seven minutes later Jonjo Shelvey’s brillant ball caught out a ball watching defence.

End result – one point each.

Interesting reading the comments (see below) from Liverpool fans, credit given to Rafa Benitez, as well as the slating of their own team for not taking chances and the ‘defending’.

Some of the Rafa praise is given alongside an overview of just how poor the Newcastle players are as individual, with the former Liverpool boss credited with forming them into a team that has already picked up 10 points from seven games.

The Liverpool bench cost some £35m more than the entire Newcastle first team, it is indeed a minor miracle what Rafa Benitez is achieving so far.

Liverpool fans commenting via their top Red and White Kop message board:

‘The more i think about it the more Benitez gave Klopp a lesson yesterday.

I mean we won’t come up against many teams who are as rubbish individually as Newcastle, I mean they are woefully poor all over the pitch.

Joselu is slow and ponderous, Atsu lacks any intelligence on the ball. Ritchie is predictable. Shelvey rash but their one player who can pass the ball.

Both the full backs are clumsy, unimaginative going forward and their centre backs grab shirts and hold in order to stay with the man. We basically won every aerial challenge round the middle of the park.

However, what rafa did was let our weakest players have the ball, he literally pushed us towards Gomez, he let Henderson have as much time as he could and he stuck the full-backs like glue on mane and salah when they received the ball with their back to goal, same with Sturridge.’

‘The better side for the whole game, score a wonderful goal, self destruct at the back.

We created fewer chances and generally seemed flat and not at it.

Their goal falls into the category of “you couldn’t make it up”. He was never scoring in that one on one until Matip sorted it for him. Truly incredible.

Up until now I’ve always said we’re just unlucky and still very entertaining to watch. Today, not so much.

We are being nullified too easily by average teams and again in the last half hour we lose our composure and were never going to score.’

‘Klopp’s excuses are making him sound like Rodgers.

You win nothing with Kevin Keegan football. I miss Rafa.’

‘I just can’t get over how unlucky we were to concede yesterday.

Matip did everything right to recover letting a player wander between him and Lovren on the half way line, and 99 times out of 100 his challenge sees that ball deflect away harmlessly. Had that happened we’d be talking about a well earned professional away win…..’

‘99 times out of 100 a decent striker would’ve finished the chance before Matip got anywhere near him.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking we are unlucky to concede when results will tell you that regardless of the opposition we will concede at least 1 goal if not more in a game.’

‘There really were some Bizarre misses by us yesterday.

Not a great result, and we deserved nothing more from the game.

There goal….. great ball but should never have been allowed to play it.’

‘The interesting thing is that today we created more and better chances than Spurs, and gave Newcastle almost nothing.

Yet it’s 1-1 after missing 5 clear chances and kicking the ball in off a players shin. We are having a mare in both boxes. It’s the worst thing in terms of immediate results but a bigger problem for any side is when performances are rotten.’

‘Really? All I remember is:

1.Sturridge and Salah’s chance

2.Goalmouth scramble from a corner

3.Ox’s header.’

‘Probably the first time since the end of Rodgers era that i’ve been embarrassed of our team. We play some decent football at times but the way we defend, it really is hard to take to these group of players.’

‘Wow I am deflated after that one. I had great expectations for this one that our front 4 could finally open up and destroy a team but it just didn’t happen. When Coutinho rattled another screamer into the top corner I thought “let the flood gates open” but it wasn’t to be.

Lovren and Matip should be embarrased by that goal. That is under 12s stuff.’

‘We barely let Newcastle out of their half. The problem was we didn’t drop off and didn’t press the ball for their goal.

Arguably, Gini can’t press the ball there, if he commits and gets taken out of the game by Shelvey it’s a bigger problem. He was positioning himself to prevent a forward pass yet Shelvey still managed it.

But the defence has to drop when they see that happen. Even then Matip did brilliant to get back, tackle the guy and somehow the ball still went it. That is just rotten luck.

We are making these little mistakes too often and it’s costing us every time. Whereas a Newcastle player misses the ball in his own box and we fluff the two chances we have to finish the easy chance.’

Barcodes dug in, worked their backsides off and played a clever game re-loading up on our best players and leaving Gomez to be creative, which is not his gig.

If you don’t take your chances and we had enough, that’s what happens.’

‘He is very good tactically is Rafa. you have a good one there.’

  • Texas

    What a bunch of deluded scouse idiots yes they had the better possession but absolutely had nothing to show for it for all their huff and puff had about 3 chances and yet we had the more shots on goal. It was a very good team performance by Newcastle and we deserved a point if anyone was going to nick it at the end it was us. All I see there is bitter comments probably most Liverpool fans not watching the game absolutely hilarious.

    • Kev Newcastle England

      Scousers most deluded fans around. Just amusing that they think there team is good.No chance whatsover of finishing top 4.

  • Peaky Magpie

    They think they have a divine right to win everything all the time.The fact is they are so far behind the 2 Manchester’s,Chelsea and Spurs it’s unbelievable.

    • Biggs Darklighter

      If Rafa could have played any two of their attacking players yesterday we would have won that game. If we can sign a striker or two in January we could go from strength to strength in this league

      • Toonrobbybobson

        Completely agree. Newcastle were resolute, tactically aware, played for each other. Liverpool looked lacking like they didnt care.

        • Georgia Peter

          And if we werever so ” rubbish, what does that say for them….?

    • Albert Stubbins

      then where does that leave us?

      • Peaky Magpie

        Two quality strikers and we are not as far as we think behind Liverpool,Rafa has instilled a belief that hasn’t been there for years.

        • Andy Mac

          I kinda agree. If that had been a Pardwho or McWally team we’d have probably lost that game convincingly. We were pushovers with those two in charge

          • anyobrien

            Mac wally beat them at home

      • Georgia Peter

        A little way off the pace perhaps.

  • Leazes Ender

    If you make a comment here you’ll probably get a mention on the Liverpool fansite……..’Newcastle fans respond to Liverpool fans reaction after Newcastle match’ .

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    I said as much on another post about their deluded attitude to where they are as a club.
    Klopp should be tempering their ambitions but he is still saying they are challengers which is insane !
    If that was Newcastle fans coming out with piffle of the like that Scousers are coming out with we would be hauled over the coals by all in sundry.
    Okay, They are a top six side but that is at a push and not much else in all honesty so they really need to give their heads a shake !

    • Toonrobbybobson

      With that central midfield and defence and keeper they wont ever win the league.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    I actually thought we gifted them their chances. The ox cross was out. Shelvey gave coutinho spaces stepping off instead of on – he didnt do that again. Clark for Sturridge chance. There was the other calamity in the box when we missed it. Apart from that Newcastle out fought and out thought what is a very offensive liverpool team. Also Gomez should have been sent off for 2 yellows. In the box clark and lovren were both at it so ref couldnt give it. Diame could have won it at the end. Well happy with performance and the point in a game most would have been fearful.

    • Wor Lass

      That`s a decent summary, in my opinion!

  • Guest 2

    No escaping the fact that Joselu’s ‘goal’ was no better than Sissoko’s… i.e. utterly embarrassing especially for a so called striker.
    The lads put a shift in for sure, but there’s no point trying to hide from the inadequacies we have. I can’t see them being able to keep that tempo up until Xmas let alone beyond it.
    Fatso needs to make sure the cash is available in January.

    • Georgia Peter

      Or just get the F out of Toon.

  • ghostrider

    In a way what those Liverpool fans said is sort of spot on.
    We were poor individually in that game but there was a reason as to why this was.

    The reason is what was given.
    We were playing against a Keegan esque type attitude from Klopp.
    We set up to nullify their obvious set up to lay siege.

    Collectively the poor individuals on the day were a master class in sticking to their task.
    We did this as an obvious underdog at our own place.
    We did this as an obvious TEAM.

    In the end the draw was a fair result.

  • Stephen Paylor

    Liverpool were better than us going forward as we offered very little. Perez and Atsu i thought offered close to zero going forward. lost a lot of time for Perez in particular. Pulling out of 50/50s and throwing himself on the ground after Henderson brushed past him. Cant stand stuff like that. We need a real number 10 in January. Even prefer slomo to Perez. We managed a draw for two reasons. One, we were very compact defensively and 2, they were not good in the final third. Rafa working minor miracles on the budget. How many teams have a negative net spend over the past 2 seasons?

  • Andy Mac

    I didn’t watch the game, too hot for staying in, but I think I read somewhere that we had fewer shots than the RBD’s yet more on target ? If that’s true then what were all those fans, quoted above, watching ?

    • gallowgate26

      We had some ‘sighters’ and the type of shots that are like a backpass to the goalkeeper from outside the box in the first half, if my memory serves me. They will get recorded as ‘shots on target’ in the statistics. That’s why stats are largely meaningless in my humble opinion, the only stat that matters to me is how many times did it go in the onion bag.

  • gallowgate26

    For all they passed it about and do have some class individuals like Coutinho, were they actually that good? They reminded me of when we used to go from right to left under managers like Pardew but never really look like scoring. A few of their players are flattering to deceive methinks. They are some way off the top 4, even though some of their fans and pundits seem to think that’s where they belong and that they should be smashing ‘rubbish’ like Newcastle.

  • Gill Ingham

    What goes around, comes around. Brighton’s winner last week went in off his shin rather than his boot while Milner scored with a miss-hit cross in Liverpool’s Champions League qualifier against Hoffenheim.

  • Scottie Chugger Dearden

    If the media are reading this, if there was ever a set of fans that were delusional and thought they were better than they are, then some of these comments can successfully hand that title to Liverpool.