You don’t expect it to be like having a conversation with Stephen Hawking when you hear what a former football player has to say but there are limits…which Kieron Dyer has managed to go way beyond this time.

On Sky Sports and paid handsomely, the reason he is there is because he is supposed to give an ‘expert’ knowledgeable opinion about the subject.

That subject this time being Newcastle United (and fans) and Mike Ashley.

Geoff Shreeves was the host and also appearing was former Newcastle striker Craig Bellamy.

Kieron Dyer claims that Mike Ashley ‘has been treated a bit harshly at times’ by Newcastle supporters.

To back this up he says that fans got their wish when fans got their wish and Kevin Keegan was appointed but ‘it doesn’t go well’. Surely even this clown must be aware that the reason it didn’t do well was because Ashley told Keegan he would have the final say on transfers in and out – BUT then employed Dennis Wise and unbeknown to Keegan gave the cockney dwarf the final say. The legal action ending with Mike Ashley proved to have lied and Kevin Keegan winning £2m for being forced out (constructive dismissal).

Kieron Dyer then repeats this with Alan Shearer, Ashley supposedly having his hand forced by fans when appointing him. Shearer was given an impossible job as Ashley waited far too long after having brought in JFK and only belatedly gave Shearer eight games to avoid relegation. The owner then asked Shearer to come up with a plan to get the club bouncing back, which he did, only for Ashley never to get back to him and then gave Chris Hughton the job as caretaker.

Dyer describes ‘stuff like’ changing St James Park to the SD Arena as ‘a bit of a rick’. Tearing up over 100 years of tradition and changing the name of the stadium to a company of which he is the majority shareholder, with not a penny going into NUFC, is more than any ‘rick’!!

Kieron Dyer then comes up with the classic – ‘Knowing the Newcastle fans…I think the fans think they’re a Champions League team’. Adding that the fans have been ‘spoilt’ by the Kevin Keegan and Sir Bobby Robson eras. (Did he get to know the Newcastle fans so well when he was out getting mortal and causing mischief, or did he have the supporters helping him look for that £5,000 diamond earring that he lost…?)

No, those two managers showed what is possible at Newcastle United. Newcastle fans don’t expect Champions League football but they hope for and aspire to it.

Craig Bellamy actually spoke well and said ‘If they (a new owner(s)) are willing to invest, I will tell you now, if they go in and do it well – it is a really good club’.

Ironically, Kieron Dyer even ends up agreeing with Bellamy, saying ‘The club has got so much potential, I would love to see them do well and get back up and in the Champions League‘.

Surely if Newcastle United has got ‘so much potential’, then it has to be aiming for the top four as its long-term aim, with the likes of Tottenham, Leicester and Everton having all done it in recent times, why wouldn’t NUFC be aiming for that. The big thing of course is that the fans don’t expect it, they hope for it to happen.

Newcastle have been year in year out one of the six or seven clubs with the most revenue and biggest support, so that says our natural place – based on cash coming in, should have been the top six or seven with the possibility of aiming for higher if  everything was done correctly. Instead of Mike Ashley getting the club relegated twice in eight seasons of Premier League football, a few other near misses, with only one finish in the top nine.

Craig Bellamy and Kieron Dyer talking to Geoff Shreeves on Sky Sports on Wednesday night:

Kieron Dyer:

“I think he (Mike Ashley) has been treated a bit harshly at times (by Newcastle fans).

“The fans wanted Kevin Keegan as manager, he gives them their wish, it doesn’t go well.

“The fans wanted Alan Shearer, he came in as caretaker manager, that didn’t work out well.

“He has had a bit of a rick when he changed the stadium name and stuff like that.”

Geoff Shreeves:

“To change the name of the stadium in the manner he did, he admitted himself in that rare interview he’s got so many things wrong.

“I don’t think so much the Newcastle fans are apoplectic so much about the amount of money he’s put it, it’s the way he’s run the club under his stewardship.

“This isn’t about Mike Ashley now. Can you see a big investor, there are allegedly people looking at it, taking Newcastle on?”

Kieron Dyer:

“I find the problem now in football, you just look at Arsenal, they will see the football club as a business. Not bothered about winning anything, just to make money, Arsenal have shown they are happy to come top four every year, job done.

“So knowing the Newcastle fans, would they settle for just….

Craig Bellamy:

“But for there to be a business then you have to invest, you would have to invest at a club like Newcastle…

Kieron Dyer:

 “I think Newcastle staying in the Premier League will make money with just the TV deal.”

Craig Bellamy:

“It’s clear why a lot of clubs in the Premier League have been bought because there is a lot of money due to the TV deals.

“Money from China has dried up a little bit due to the government rules now. You look at the Middle East: Abu Dhabi have taken on Manchester City, Qatar with PSG, so a lot of money (interest) has gone into clubs already.

“Maybe America is a route for a club like Newcastle.

“If they are willing to invest, I will tell you now, if they go in and do it well – it is a really good club.

“It’s really difficult to get like your Manchester Uniteds and Liverpools because they have had 50 and 60 years of success, there is a reason they are supported all of the way around the world, because of winning European Cups and winning  leagues. It would take a long time for them ever to get to that stature.”

Geoff Shreeves:

“I’ve spoken to quite a few Newcastle fans. I was on the train with quite a lot after the Brighton game and they said they’re fed up with this reputation that they believe they have a right to win a trophy or belong alongside Manchester United. That’s a myth. They just want to support their team and see them do well. They do not believe they have any divine right.”

Kieron Dyer:

“I disagree. I disagree. Being there…I think they expect to be up there. I’m not saying winning the league but I think the fans think they’re a Champions League team. I honestly believe that.

“They were spoilt with Kevin Keegan.”

Geoff Shreeves:

“You say spoilt, but they went in an (upward) direction and then did that went downhill).”

Kieron Dyer: 

“They were spoilt by Bobby Robson in a way, he exceeded expectations but that was when, especially under Kevin Keegan, they broke the world record transfer fee. They just cannot do that now unless a massive investor comes in.

“The club has got so much potential, I would love to see them do well and get back up and in the Champions League.”

  • Leicester Mag

    All due deference should be paid to a player who fought his own teammate and refused to play for Sir Bobby. Clearly a genius, one is left to wonder why clubs ever bother to employ foreign coaches when Sky employ such a rich vein of talent

    • Peaky Magpie

      “Depriving a bell of an end” Love it,going to use that one moving forward.😂😂😂

      • Leicester Mag

        I might have to copyright it 😁

  • Paul Patterson

    Another ex player that thinks he knows the fans. Big on reputation in his own head. How these two treated Sir Bobby should ensure that they never have a credible reputation around these parts..

  • David2211

    He gets told he is talking nonsense, then says he disagrees and talks even more rubbish.
    Good stuff, Kieron.

  • TheFatController

    These pundits ‘insight’ into the game doesn’t extend to the major problems with the Ashley regime:-

    – Poor PR with no communication of any merit
    – employing amangers desperate to keep the job and then undermining their limited ability by having someone else signing players primarily for the balance sheet not the team
    – buying a heritage club with passionate fan base to further business interests, with no link to the area and no attempt to fit in with the area.

    That would be a good basis for discussion, not an agenda of ‘is Mike Ashley a victim of supporters with too high expectations?’

    What next? dyer and Bellamy discuss ‘is weinstein a victim of actresses desperate for roles in his films …?’..?

  • steve pearce

    Well done – a great article! I bet Graham Porter’s banging his head on the wall in a fit of jealousy as he could never write one like it.

    Kieron Dyer should crawl up whatever gutter he was born with a huge tube of superglue and seal himself up there so he never speaks such shyte again!

    • Rich Lawson

      If he really knew the fans,he’d know how much he is detested for his petulance and part in getting Robson sacked,clown.

  • Dillon Tovak

    It is confusing that someone who spent so much time at the club can have such incorrect views?
    Has he just taken a passing interest in football since retiring?
    How can Geoff Shreeves know more about Newcastle than him?
    I guess he’s just a bit dumb.

  • Stephen

    Good footballer,
    Luckily for him.

  • Oooh bobbi fleckman

    If you look at the comments over the past few years on here. To paraphrase, the talk is of a club that has been a regular champions league club under the previous regime getting relegated under Ashley. Newcastle fans are not all as grounded as you say.

    • Mark Spark

      really?look if you think The Parasite has been good bad or indifferent, fair enough.Make your arguments but dont post up lies in a desperate attempt to bolster your position,it makes you look like a complete fool,which i dont actually think you are….wum,maybe,maybe not

  • Clarko

    It’s strange how everyone else thinks that the fans have treated Ashley “harshly”, must just be a coincidence…

    • Mark Spark

      Hows the sauces Clarko?I prefer Franks chilli and lime myself…

      • Clarko

        Couldn’t even think of an applicable “joke” let alone a funny one. To be honest I’m not even sure that it’s actually a “joke”, I have no idea, it’s not even grammatically correct. All from a 43 year old, you couldn’t make it up.

        • Mark Spark

          It was in reference to your oft repeated assertion that the Parasite is going up market which youve been told about, but always fail to mention what these mysterious sources are.
          And the fact you know im 43,shows that you read my posts.good to know i have a fan.x

          • Mark Spark

            And the fact you cant think of a funny joke is not news to anybody who reads your posts

          • Mark Spark

            of course you have spent your life being the joke maybe I should take pity on you.

          • Clarko

            I have never stated anything close to the following, “the Parasite is going up market which youve been told about”, you’re mistaken.

            Me knowing your age is called research, it’s called being informed, something which you are clearly not.

          • Mark Spark

            you may be right,i might of gotten you and someone else mixed up,just goes to show how little attention i pay to your posts.

          • Clarko

            I am right, and you are wrong.

            You would think after 43 years a person would learn to apologise after making a mistake, apparently not.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    treated harshly, i would have put the Fat C in a wood chipper given the chance.

  • Mark Spark

    fukin mong.when he was here we were in the champions league,what he says doesnt even make sense…arghhhhhhhhhhh

    • Dillon Tovak

      The complete ¥agina couldn’t handle the pressure of maintaining standards so he’s bitter about having to try every week.
      I bet West Ham fans hate the guy.

  • anyobrien

    Crock who was made rich by us and his attitude to sbr disgusting when he refused to play out of position.

    • Coach Clagnut

      Anyone else remember…smoggies away I think…when he got subbed and passed the captain’s armband off as if it were one of his soiled tampons?
      Thicker than fishpaste.

  • CaptainCaveman

    Yes Kieron, we all expect to be fighting for a Champions League place every season…

  • Alreet

    They are after all the best former players to be interviewed about this.

    One welsh dwarf that we made the name of after the depths of coventry and another tempremental swede who started fights with team mates and the gaffer.

    When do they interview shay given. Shearer. Rob lee. Kevin nolan even joey barton. Noooo nooo way too riskey to give a positive slant on things. Sky sports is biased as they come. BBC eat your heart out.

  • Sheptoondog

    Remember his goldfish bowl comment! He never liked a well supported passionate club.

    • anyobrien

      That was jermaine Jenus… Who left for spurs