Karren Brady has been talking about Mike Ashley once again.

The West Ham vice-chair has often in the past (see below) talked negatively about Ashley at Newcastle but thought that after promotion his ‘big cheque book’ was going to be unleashed.

Instead, Rafa Benitez was only allowed a net spend of £11.5m in the summer, whilst Huddersfield and Brighton’s were both £40m+.

With Mike Ashley putting the club up for sale, Karren Brady now believes Newcastle United ‘are a tiger waiting to be unleashed’.

With 52,000 crowds and Rafa Benitez in charge, she has joined the queue of people who believe NUFC are heading for much better times…if the right new owner appears.

Karren Brady speaking to the Sun:

 “Rafa Benitez went to St James Park understanding far more clearly than his employer that the Toon are a tiger waiting to be unleashed.

“Mike Ashley the gambler was initially tempted by the huge potential of the club.

“But Ashley the businessman admits he has not been able to work out how to operate the intricate internal machinery that makes one up.

“Rafa’s management skills are responsible for Ashley’s windfall and he now has a fair chance of transforming Newcastle into one of the few clubs with the support and profile to challenge the very best.

“A guaranteed 52,000 home crowd will be a warming prospect to potential buyers with sound ideas and an even sounder wallet….only billionaires need apply.”

Previous Karren Brady comments on Mike Ashley:

Karren Brady talking to The Sun – 12 May 2017:

“Championship champions Newcastle are lucky to have Rafa Benitez as manager and the 57-year-old is lucky to have Newcastle with their huge and deeply loyal following.

“I sense Benitez is happy at a club with a similar working-class character to Liverpool where he is still regarded with much affection, not least for winning the Champions League.

“In Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley, he has the west (ED: ‘vast’?) financial means to give the Premier League a real go next year.

“Mike talked about ‘making your own luck’ but in football you also need a good manager and great players.

“He has at least one of these ingredients. And in my experience the rest follows – as long as you have a big cheque book, which Mike certainly has.”

Karren Brady – April 2015:

“David Gold says that there’s no chance of he and co-owner David Sullivan selling West Ham.

“How different from Mike Ashley, who appears to be going through the motions like a marriage with Newcastle, that both bores and irritates him.

“Owning a club is a business but, more than that, it is a responsibility to the community, fans and the game itself.

“Only Mike Ashley knows how many of those tests he thinks he passes.”

Karren Brady – May 2015:

“Rarely is it thought necessary for a club captain, in this case centre-back Fabricio Coloccini, to issue a letter apologising for the way the team have been playing, pleading with fans to unite behind them for the last three matches.

“I think someone at the top must have had a brainwave and whistled up the club captain to do it, and probably wrote it for him.”

Karren Brady – December 2015:

Alan Shearer’s 15-year-old son often chooses rugby over Newcastle United.

“The waste of a free ticket may upset the owner more than his club’s failings but, according to Shearer, son Will is not alone.

“Newcastle are going through an abysmal time, despite boss Steve McClaren saying ‘we are doing the right things every day’, bar matchday, I guess.

“Owner Mike Ashley has to try to rectify things in the January transfer window, or accept one of our great clubs is on the road to relegation.”

  • Rich Lawson

    ”A tiger waiting to be unleashed” You should have a word with your employers and see if you can get a picture of Rafa in the Ann Summer’s windows with that caption for Christmas ?

  • steve pearce

    I would pay very good money to see a tiger unleashed on the Fat Stinking Bag Of Southern Pus after the next home game and I would gambol merrily in his gory remains singing the Blaydon Races whilst stroking the tiger’s sensitive areas..

    Beat that Rich Lawson!

    • Rich Lawson

      Think we might need a licence for that,but I don’t doubt we’d get a sell out,and the dvd could help us both retire in comfort.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    See her and her two spivs the two David; s doing great at West Ham this season with their state funded new stadium. With the three of them leaving Birmingham City bankrupt and in a right mess they should have been banned from football for life a right bunch of crooks.

    • Danimal

      You’re right. But they’re still better than your mate “Mike”.

      • Kneebotherm8

        Him and his mates on here defend him to the fkn last.