Jurgen Kopp has been reflecting on both the match and his own behaviour, when Liverpool visited Tyneside last weekend.

The Liverpool manager admits that a build up of frustration, led to him stepping over the mark after the 1-1 draw against Newcastle.

Jurgen Klopp feels that the scousers haven’t been getting the results their play has deserved and he took it out on one of the journalists in the post-match press conference.

The Liverpool boss saying: ‘When I went out, I thought…‘Come on, go back, shake hands, it is not his fault.’

Klopp had taken exception to a journalist suggesting that 1-1 had been a fair result.

The former Borussia Dortmund manager claiming Newcastle had only ‘one chance and scored’.

Whilst Liverpool had far more possession as Rafa predictably had his team sitting deep and counter attacking, the stats afterwards didn’t really back up the visiting manager’s claims that they had been that unlucky.

The BBC Sport stats showed that for all Liverpool had more corners and shots, as well as possession, they actually only had one other effort on target, on top of Coutinho’s outstanding goal. In comparison Newcastle had five on target, including when Mohamed Diame could have won it in the final seconds.

Possession was Liverpool 68% Newcastle 32%

Total shots were  Liverpool 17 Newcastle 8

Shots on target were Liverpool 2 Newcastle 5

Corners were  Liverpool 5 Newcastle 1

Jurgen Klopp:

At Newcastle I was close (to losing it)….it was too much for me for a second.

“It felt unfair after the game.

“We were the better side and we had more chances – they had one chance and scored.

“Your colleague (another journalist) asked me ‘Do you think it’s a fair result?’ and I said ‘What do you think?’

“When he said ‘Yes’ I was close to getting up, as a human being I’m not proud of this.

“When I went out, I thought…‘Come on, go back, shake hands, it is not his fault.’

“But it is like the world is and they aren’t interested (in performances), is it (all) about results.

“Against (Manchester) City we were the better team before we had 10 men, then they scored five.

“The big challenge for us is to stay confident and play our football – I am ready for this (playing Man Utd) and the boys are ready for this.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    modicum of truth there, Liverpool were the superior team but that doesn`t mean they`ll win & they didn`t

    • StuartC

      Yes with the benefit of hindsight Liverpool were lucky to escape a thrashing ;-)

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        I watched the game with some Liverpool lads & I’ve got to say they took it on the chin

        • Wor Monga

          …I say!…wasn’t that big of them!!!

        • Rich Lawson

          Good for them,I’ve no time for blind logic,if your team has a bad day, admit it and then keep your mouth tightly shut and look forward to the next game.

        • Kneebotherm8

          Unlike Mr Klopp.

  • Simon Ritter

    An against-the-odds victory is one of football’s great joys. If the better team won every time, the excitement levels would collapse like Seydou Doumbia on a bad day. Herr Klopp was under pressure and allowed himself to take the bait. Congrats to him for being big enough to admit he regrets his behaviour.

  • Wor Monga

    Klopp’s been in football quite a long time and he should have known better…I’m sure that he’s had teams that have worked their gonads off and held on to grind out a decent result against better teams…so what if it was decided by a flukey goal…it was scored by a player valued at £5m chasing a through ball against 2 central defenders with a total valuation of almost £50m, and managing to score a (thoroughly deserved) goal from it…

    …football as we know it is still a man’s game Jurgen so start behaving like one, and not a spoilt brat,eh!!!

    • Steve Smith

      It was only fluke because Joselu made a hash of it! A better striker would’ve buried the chance first time and nobody would’ve had a complaint.

      • Wor Monga

        …It was only Klopp that seemed to be complaining about it, bonny lad…I was too busy jumping up and down like thousands of others…one of the best goals I’ve ever witnessed seeing as they all count just the same!!!

  • steve pearce

    Aye two fingers up to you as well du grosser arschloss…..

  • Son of Wilt

    I don’t mind old Klipperty Klopp, he seems a decent sort with a bit of a sense of humour not usually found in his countrymen. Mind, when you look like Bingo from the Banana Splits, you need to have a bit of a humour about you.

    • steve pearce

      Funnily enough I’ve got two German friends with fine senses of humor bordering on madness. It must be something in the beer…