Southampton are ‘sweating’ on the fitness of Shane Long ahead of Sunday but the Saints fans don’t appear to share those worries.

The forward has failed to score all season, as apart from scoring three goals against West Ham, Southampton have scored only two goals in their other six Premier League matches.

Shane Long has started the last three games and being a sub in another three but the supporters are showing their exasperation with the lack of threat up front.

The striker was ruled out for Ireland in midweek with a hip problem but Southampton fans aren’t too bothered if he makes it against Newcastle.

If ruled out, Long will probably be replaced by Manolo Gabbiadini, who hasn’t played a full 90 minutes all season, whilst former Newcastle target Charlie Austin is waiting for his first start under Mauricio Pellegrino.

Despite his overall poor scoring record, Shane Long has had a liking for Newcastle, so no worries for visiting fans if he doesn’t make it.

These are comments from the south coast newspaper the Daily Echo about Shane Long potentially being missing against Newcastle:

‘Why…are saints sweating on long….he aint going to score…give someone else a chance to put the round thingy in the oblong thingy @ each end of the pitch ffs he has had his chance and hasnt taken it…sell him in Jan.’

‘Sorry everyone for being so negative but this just sums the position we are in up. After all the players we have had we are down to sweating on a player who cannot score goals.’

‘Sweat?..Sweating because they cant get the champagne cork out, because that is what I am doing. The guy is a mockery of a sham when it comes to hitting the back of the net, so I for one will be happy if he cant play…

Good runner…yes, good voice…yes…good in front of goal….woeful.’

‘With the prolific goal scorer Long out, what are we going to do now for goals?

If we are sweating on him them we really are in trouble, I’m sure he is a nice bloke and would run to Mr whippy for the boys, but he just isn’t a goalscorer, we have a better chance of getting a goal with him out injured, he couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo! Absolutely shocking.’

‘I see his record has moved out from 1 in 4 to 1 in 5. Shame. Perhaps MP2 will be forced to field a goal scorer like Gabbi or Charlie, shame it wont be both as it just isnt worth risking two on at once…..’

‘Thanks for all your hard work Shane, but the feeling seems to be your ‘glory days’ alongside Pele and Mane can’t be recreated and that it’s now time to move on…..’