Harry Redknapp has once again got plenty of time on his hands.

Birmingham City quickly realising they were only heading one way if they stuck with him, having naively allowed Redknapp to bring in some 14 new players in the summer.

Sadly, this means he has plenty of time on his hands, to give an expert opinion on what is happening elsewhere.

Never shy of commenting on Newcastle United, particularly where transfer speculation was concerned, Harry Redknapp has now had his say on the potential sale of Newcastle United.

‘Arry says that with the ‘right kind of buyer’, Newcastle United ‘could push on to another level’.

Mike Ashley has of course already twice in the last 10 years pushed NUFC ‘on to another level’, unfortunately that level proved to be the Championship.

Exactly who the ‘right buyer’ actually would be, is as hard to guess as working out when Mike Ashley is actually telling the truth.

Harry Redknapp is sure about one thing though, saying ‘I am sure it will be another foreigner coming into the game’.

Having foreign owners of yet another Premier League club leaves the out of work manager ‘sad in many ways’.

Ironic really that one of the very few major clubs with English owners are Tottenham, who sacked Redknapp back in 2012.

Jack Walker is pretty unique in modern football, in terms of being a proper football fan who sank a fortune into a club just because of his love for it.

No thoughts of what he get out of it in terms of making money whilst he owned it or by selling it, instead getting the only reward he really wanted for him and his fellow fans – the Premier League title.

All Newcastle fans want is an owner, from wherever, who will treat the club with respect and try to make it the best it can be. Then if in the future they sell the club on again at a profit, good luck to them.

Harry Redknapp speaking on Talksport:

“What a club (Newcastle are).

“That is a club where if someone comes in with serious money, with that support, Newcastle could push on to another level.

“If he (Mike Ashley) has got a buyer and it is the right kind of buyer.

“I am sure it will be another foreigner coming into the game, which is sad in many ways.”

  • Peaky Magpie

    If I want an opinion from an a***hole I’ll ask my own thanks very much.

  • Rich Lawson

    14 players in one window is a lot of brown paper bags,and by the way
    Harry,didn’t you turn us down when the opportunity came up to manage here a while ago ? Don’t big us up now,you had your chance,enjoy your (enforced) retirement and be careful with those big car doors !!

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    give him his due i`ve never heard him say a bad word about Newcastle.
    How’s the Dog `Arry ?

    • Rich Lawson

      Thanks Max,he has a holiday home in Spain,managed his investments well,if only I’d been so careful instead of sacrificing myself to the game I love. I’m thinking of putting him in for Crufts next year if I can find out who the judges are ?

    • Rich Lawson

      Or,Sadly I have to report he had a fatal accident when trapped in the car door as I was moving away. His DNR will kindly left his assets to me (tax paid off shore,he was always clever that way)

  • steve pearce

    I can’t take anything seriously from a man who looks like a hamster undergoing a full cavity search…

  • Nut

    Truth is if you look very carefully at photo’s of Amanda Stavely when she was at the Newcastle Liverpool match, you can spot who was looking to purchase a football team…

    No not Stavely herself, look at the person next to her… in the vast majority of photos he is turned away from cameras, so obviously someone trained to spot them and avoid.

    In fact I only saw one that caught him face on but it does resemble a loosely disguised Crown Prince of Dubai.

    • Geordie-7676

      it was her husband!

      • Rich Lawson

        Is he ashamed that she might be involved with Liverpool too ?

        • Geordie-7676

          probably more p****d off that shes considering throwing away £1billion of his future widower pension….by all accounts her health issues mean she will be lucky to live another 20 years. Can’t remember which disease it is.

          • Rich Lawson

            He can always get Ashley’s lawyer later.