Newcastle fans can wipe the sweat off their brows, Rafa Benitez has decided to stay at Newcastle United.

That is according to an exclusive on Thursday morning.

It appears to be a classic example of the usual rubbish we expect these days from most of the media.

It is The Sun who claim that Rafa Benitez has ‘rejected an approach from Everton this week’ after the scousers (allegedly) offered him the chance to replace the under pressure Ronald Koeman.

The amusing/annoying thing is that this latest Sun exclusive follows on from their last Newcastle one four days ago, when it was THEM who claimed Everton were making a move for Rafa Benitez.

The whole thing is ridiculous, making up an exclusive and then later carrying an exclusive claiming that what you made up in the first place isn’t going to happen.

Even without the hope of Mike Ashley at last leaving the building, Everton is one club that you 100% know Rafa Benitez would never consider joining.

Many of their fans wouldn’t want/accept him and Rafa has such a close relationship/history with Liverpool supporters, he wouldn’t consider it for a second.

Plus of course he has put in all this initial work at Newcastle, so why, with all respect, would he want to walk away to join a club like Everton?

The Sun:

‘NO THANKS Rafa Benitez rejects Everton offer to replace Ronald Koeman as Toon boss sticks with Newcastle

RAFA BENITEZ has rejected an approach from Everton this week to take over at Goodison Park.

SunSport exclusively revealed on Sunday that Everton want the Newcastle boss to replace under-fire Ronald Koeman.

The struggling Dutchman, 54, is out of favour with Everton chief Farhad Moshiri, who has targeted the Spaniard as the man to revive the Toffees’ fortunes this season.

Benitez, 57, still has a family home on the Wirral and famously guided Merseyside rivals Liverpool to Champions League glory in 2005.

Everton, who face Lyon at home on Thursday in the Europa League, are a lowly 16th in the Premier League. And Koeman appears to be on his way out unless results improve dramatically.

Benitez has spoken repeatedly in recent months of his frustration at missing out on several summer transfer targets at Newcastle.

But, with Toon owner Mike Ashley having officially put the Toon up for sale, Everton were left disappointed by Benitez’s rejection of their offer.’

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    A Liverpool Legend such as Rafa would never ever manage Everton
    Fake News

  • steve pearce

    I’d like to see the Scum try to publish fake news like this when Amanda Staveley takes over as she’d rain injunctions down on them like floods of Makem’s tears!

  • do your research

    LOL!!! As if Everton would go for rafa the fat Spanish waiter, just another BS story.

  • philie

    “why with respect would he join a club like Everton”,ermm maybe because they are a much bigger,more successful club than Newcastle ever have been or ever will be.Oh,and they don’t get relegated every few years,cheers.

    • steve pearce

      Take your head and grease it liberally. Stand with legs apart and insert it where the sun doesn’t shine. Then the only shyte you’ll be spouting will be your own and you’ll choke on it!

      • philie

        very amusing pal,you should be on the stage,still doesn’t alter the facts though

    • Alan Pardew

      I want to take a job somewhere where I have a chance of trying to win something.

  • Paul Patterson

    He’s built this squad even though it’s not the one he ideally wanted and he wouldn’t be able to change Evertons until January.
    Everton have spent a fortune and he knows very few of them.
    He has the Liverpool connection and he’s aware there is a potential takeover afoot at Newcastle.
    The so called journalism is frankly pathetic..

  • James

    He obviously wouldn’t want to go there as it’ll be the other club in Liverpool

  • Rich Lawson

    And yet our ”media partner” reports Everton board 100% behind Koeman. As Sunderland are apparently (see yesterdays post) a much better buy than NUFC,it can only be the end of the week before The Sun reports they make ”audacious” move for Raffa ?

  • Alan Pardew

    Us managers, we wait by the phone and see what happens.

  • Geordiegiants

    If I hear another story with “Rafa still lives on the Wirral” I’m going to explode. It’s mentioned more than Brexit in the news.

  • Andy Mac

    Here’s a story………..Journalist caught with head up his own R’s

  • Albert Stubbins

    Why would he go there? Whinging Scouse makems. Dislike them with a passion. Quietest ground in country. Think they’re a big club. Who can forget them all leaving half an hour before the end of the game in a f.a cup quarter final up here in 98 ? Loyal my a***!!