On Tuesday, it was announced that fans would find out on 19 October at the earliest, which Premier League live TV games had been chosen for Christmas Eve and games throughout December.

Premier League Chairman Richard Scudamore stated at a meeting with concerned fan representatives that no Premier League games would be moved to 4pm or later on Christmas Eve.

However, he refused to comment either way on matches being moved to Sunday 24 December with an earlier kick-off time.

Wednesday lunchtime has seen a newspaper exclusive, claiming to reveal details of what has been agreed for Christmas Eve,

The report from The Star says that they understand just one match will be moved to Christmas Eve, with Arsenal v Liverpool kicking off at 12.30pm on Sunday 24 December.

The newspaper says that West Ham haven’t been told about any potential move to Christmas Eve for their game with Newcastle, this being the case also with other games that could have been moved.

However, as they also point out, Newcastle fans could still be messed about.

The game at West Ham could still be moved to another time on Saturday 23 December, or even worse, to the Friday (22nd) night.

Just to add to the confusion, The Star also state that the Premier League fixtures for December and January will be announced on Monday 16 October.

This contradicts what the Premier League said in an official statement yesterday, which declared that December live matches would be announced on Thursday 19 October, with January games potentially revealed a week later.

Fans left in the dark as always with this confused picture…