According to an ‘Exclusive’ on Sunday morning, Everton want Rafa Benitez if/when the sack Ronald Koeman.

If the blues fail to win at Brighton today and Leicester get three points at home to West Brom on Monday night, the scousers will fall into the relegation zone.

The newspaper story (see below) claims that the Everton hierarchy aren’t impressed with how the team have performed, especially after the amount of money spent by Koeman in the summer.

This is one bit of the report I can/could believe, the Toffees having spent over £140m in the summer, including some eyewatering fees such as £45m for Sigurdsson.

However, the whole story appears simply to be The Sun dredging a very deep barrel, very similar to a club struggling to score goals being linked with another club’s striker.

The only exclusive part appears to be that The Sun are the only ones to have made it up, this time…

The report claims it would be ‘a remarkable move for Everton’, well yes it would be remarkable because there is no chance of it happening.

Obviously as Newcastle fans we would hope/expect that Rafa wouldn’t want to jump ship from what he is building at Newcastle, for a club such as Everton.

More than that though are two things which are impossible hurdles to overcome for the ‘Exclusive’ to become reality.

Firstly, the Everton fans despise Rafa and wouldn’t want him anywhere near their club.

Secondly, and most importantly, Rafa Benitez would do nothing to harm the special relationship he has with Liverpool supporters.

Unless Mike Ashley changes his ways then the fear will always be there to some degree, that he could drive the United boss away, but if that did ever happen then the new club would never be Everton.

The Sun ‘Exclusive’:

‘RAFA BENITEZ is the amazing new name in the frame to replace Ronald Koeman at Everton.

The former Liverpool chief is high up on the list of potential successors to Koeman if he is fired by majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri.

An approach for Benitez, who led Merseyside rivals Liverpool to Champions League success in 2005, would be a remarkable move for Everton.

The Newcastle chief is in a powerful position with the fans at St James’ Park but he has never quite convinced owner Mike Ashley to loosen the purse strings.

Benitez still has a house on Merseyside and is highly ambitious.

Although Everton are historically reluctant to fire managers, Koeman spent so much money in the summer that they expected far better from the team.

Despite his emotional bond with Liverpool fans, Moshiri’s advisors have earmarked him for the move if Koeman is sacked.’

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  • Paul Patterson

    Another slow news day then. Some journalist putting two and two together and getting seven . .

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Not a hope in hell, He is one of Liverpool`s greatest manager & he wouldn`t even give it a 2nd thought

  • Damon Horner

    If they consider themselves ambitious and want a manager who has strong pedigree then surely approaching Ancelotti would be a higher consideration.

    That said, Rafa was linked with them before Koemam got the job so this story is either patched back together or they actually might be big fans of him.

  • steve pearce

    This is an extremely serious matter. When there are good signs that a change of ownership is under way, the last thing we need is for our position to be destabilised with fake news like this. Our present owner should order his legal team to issue a warning to The Scum that any further such articles will result in action against them and also raise the matter with the FA. Fortunately as Damon points out it seems more likely that Ancelotti may be approached but The Scum must not be allowed to publish any more scurrilous untruths in the future.

    • Paul Patterson

      I’m sure any potential buyers don’t ready much of the Newspapers and any rumours of the manager leaving would lower the value anyway, so they’d be onto a win win . .

      • steve pearce

        Er no – Rafa’s presence as manager is essential if we are to be sold. Potential buyers as successful business people read EVERYTHING about the club they are looking to purchase. So you’d want Rafa to leave to lower the price would you?

    • Mark Potter

      Lol. The Sun have been publishing scurrilous untruths throughout the last 50 years. Why do you think you can stop them?

      Or Ashley can stop them? What “action against them” would his lawyers take? I see no defamation here, you have to prove damage to a person, in terms of their reputation, livelihood, etc. No-one has been hurt by this story. If it was against Ashley, then his reputation is so poor then it would be hard to argue it had been made worse. But it isn’t about Ashley, nor Rafa, nor NUFC, but what Everton might or might not want to do.

      And you think the FA have jurisdiction to control what national newspapers publish?

  • TheFatController

    Sports Editor: both Newcastle and Everton play today, so let’s have both of them in story to get listed on google search, aware as I am that I need clicks to make money.

    Lowly journalist: ‘how about we just change the ‘Rafa to West Ham’ story to an Everton equivalent …?’

    Editor: great, stick ‘exclusive’ on it …

  • anyobrien

    Lazy lazy jurno

  • toonterrier

    I reckon if Rafa doesn’t get the backing he needs in January then he may well walk away to either Liverpool or Everton and who could blame him. As his other half still lives over there then it wouldn’t be a difficult decision for him. Hope it never happens but if the fat lad hasn’t sold the club then these things happen and we’ll be the losers.

    • steve pearce

      No it will never happen for that will result in empty seats and put paid to any hope of selling our club.

  • HarryHype59

    Why is it a feeble story! Ashley didn’t fully back Rafa in the last two windows and will now use the on going sale saga as an excuse not to spend in January!

    Rafa is over achieving (so far) with a limited squad and as such has enhanced his reputation!

    Little wonder more ambitious clubs will be monitoring him!

  • Dave Pattinson

    People still actually buy & read The Sun? WTF?

    • paul mclaughlan

      Seems Sam Hepworth does.

  • Rob Brown

    Another typical overexcited blogger gets all emotional and rockets off piste.

    The “exclusive” you are talking about suggests that Rafa may be “high up on the list of potential successors to Koeman.”

    And as far as you know this could be perfectly accurate.

    All your ranting about what Rafa may or may not do is not really relevant, is it.

    Because the article is about what Moshiri’s advisors think. Not what Rafa thinks, and more importantly not what your meandering, off topic, cant quite grasp the original point, mind thinks.

  • Albert Stubbins

    That “Little Klub” didn’t he once refer to them as? No chance.