Erick Thohir has been asked about the situation at St James Park.

The Indonesian businessman quizzed on whether he is interested in buying Newcastle United after Mike Ashley released a statement on Monday, declaring the club was officially up for sale.

Erick Thohir is currently chairman and minority shareholder at Inter Milan.

Erick Thohir:

“Newcastle for sale? 

“In this moment I’m concentrating solely on Inter. 

“There is no such law in Europe that states I’m able to own two clubs in the same part of the world. 

“I’m also the President in another club, D.C. United out in the United States that is in Washington.”

Erick Thohir is founder and chairman of the Mahaka Group, a holding company which focuses on media and entertainment.

Whilst the wider Thohir family have a holding company, TNT Group, which has large investments in the Indonesian Energy, Foods, Property and Media Industry.

In 2011, Erick Thohir was one of the consortium that bought the USA basketball team, the Philadelphia 76ers.

Then in October 2013, he took his first steps in football club investment, when becoming majority shareholder of Inter Milan, a month later then confirmed as the club’s new chairman.

However, in June 2016 Thohir sold part of his stake in Inter Milan to Suning Holdings Group, controlled by Chinese billionaire Zhang Jindong. Erick Thohir though remained as the chairman, despite becoming the second largest shareholder.

Various parts of the Pozzo family own both Serie A club Udinese and Watford, plus they also owned Spanish club Granada until selling last year (2016).

So while Erick Thohir talks of not being able to own more than one club ‘in the same part of the world’, there are ways and means.

Who knows whether Thohir would be interested in Newcastle United but one thing is for sure, it just reminds us that Newcastle are a very much talked about club, and if Mike Ashley is serious about selling and puts NUFC up at a market price – the club will sell.

  • Mark Spark


  • Wor Lass

    Perhaps someone could ask the Sultan of Brunei if he wants to buy us – he`s very rich – or Laksmi Mittal, maybe. The possibilities of people we could be told aren`t interested are almost endless.

    • Rich Lawson

      Surprised Branson hasn’t been chucked in the mix !

      • HappyToons

        Rather Branston Pickles…now there’s real northern flavour. ‘Ha, way the Pickles’

  • 1957

    There is a cottage industry growing identifying wealthy people who say they aren’t interested in buying NUFC.

    Who next Bill Gates…

  • toonterrier

    Just read that Donald Trump’s fortune has dropped by £450 million. Could he be our new owner. The new black and white blonde.

  • steve pearce

    Here we go – there’s speculation that bobbifleckman has unearthed the Templar treasure on Oak Island in Canada. He’s going to buy Newcastle United and have himself cloned so he can occupy all seats on the board and play every position on the pitch. That’s more believable than all these so called “links” that will crop up until we find a new owner. My guess is that Amanda Staveley’s presence at two matches and the belated sale announcement means this is nearly a done deal and these links are just a smokescreen to deflect media interest and allow the business to be done in private. Amanda would be a perfect owner – The first woman to own a Premiership team and a person of great strength and determination. She is conducting her affairs whilst fighting Hutchinson’s disease and if she can do that well owning a football club will be easy!

    Good luck Amanda and we will be in safe hands.

    • Rich Lawson

      I thought she was just a broker, do you think she would fancy being an owner,could be a bit more stressful as I think she would want to be more hands on than Ashley ?

      • steve pearce

        Good point Rich – but she would be the polar opposite of the present owner!

        • Rich Lawson

          Totally agree,I’d love to see her do it,but I think she has a lot of front with a debilitating disease,might do her more harm than good,shame.

  • pedrodelgardo

    I see the chuckle brothers are on tour…………..

    • HappyToons

      Hope they are coming to Cambois as I’ll be sleeping out all night to be first in the queue for tickets. If you ever visit Cambois everyone looks like a Chuckle Brother… but the 1970’s version…denim suits are fashionable at present.