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Don’t want to spoil the Amanda Staveley love-in but this doesn’t make sense

5 years ago

Difficult to believe that less than three weeks ago, no Newcastle fan was talking about Amanda Staveley.

Or if they were, they knew/believed something that 99.9% of us didn’t.

Her appearance in the crowd at the Liverpool match and the subsequent media coverage, have made sure that little else has been talked about since.

Talks of a potential takeover of NUFC and Amanda Staveley’s reported access to $28billion of Middle East investment, has left Newcastle fans wondering if at last their luck will change.

I don’t want to spoil anybody’s Newcastle United & Amanda Staveley love-in but…I do have my doubts.

This week has seen ever increasing ‘detail’ in the media of the step by step progression of the entrepreneur towards completing a purchase of Newcastle United.

We all want it to happen and so it is difficult to keep a clear head when all around you everybody is losing theirs.

Maybe Amanda Staveley will indeed complete the buyout of NUFC on behalf of investors or solely for herself/her company – but I must admit to becoming increasingly sceptical of the whole thing.

The media are giving us a blow by blow account of her increasing involvement but how do they know she is having meetings, has signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), wants to be the main woman (run the club herself), has set aside £????m for transfers, etc etc etc?

There are only two explanations – either somebody is feeding this information to the media, or else the newspapers are making it up.

Which then leads me on to the subject of the other four interested parties who have allegedly signed NDAs.

All of the newspapers have stated this as fact, that four potential buyers had already registered their interest in buying Newcastle United, before then Amanda Staveley became a fifth combatant.

So the question is, how do the media know every single step of Ms Staveley’s route towards buying Newcastle United, yet know absolutely nothing about the other four potential purchasers?

I’m not saying they don’t exist or that Amanda Staveley isn’t interested in doing a deal for NUFC – but you do have to admit it is all a little bit strange.

If the press are ‘finding’ out all these snippets of information about her progression towards buying the football club, how come they know nothing, or less than nothing, about the other quartet of interested parties?

No journalist has even (seriously) guessed at the identity of any other potential investor, never mind actually claim they know.

Sadly, it all leads me to believe that nobody really knows anything, that anybody with info about Amanda Staveley’s ‘actions’ is only being fed that information from a source that may have other motivations driving it.

How can the combined efforts of the media fail to name another supposed interested investor in Newcastle United?

I think we are all being played yet again (by Mike Ashley and his minions) and around Christmas/New Year time we will eventually discover the bigger picture, potentially.

Unrequited love is always the most difficult to deal with and Amanda Staveley will simply prove to be a moment in time, rather than a long-time lover.


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