Difficult to believe that less than three weeks ago, no Newcastle fan was talking about Amanda Staveley.

Or if they were, they knew/believed something that 99.9% of us didn’t.

Her appearance in the crowd at the Liverpool match and the subsequent media coverage, have made sure that little else has been talked about since.

Talks of a potential takeover of NUFC and Amanda Staveley’s reported access to $28billion of Middle East investment, has left Newcastle fans wondering if at last their luck will change.

I don’t want to spoil anybody’s Newcastle United & Amanda Staveley love-in but…I do have my doubts.

This week has seen ever increasing ‘detail’ in the media of the step by step progression of the entrepreneur towards completing a purchase of Newcastle United.

We all want it to happen and so it is difficult to keep a clear head when all around you everybody is losing theirs.

Maybe Amanda Staveley will indeed complete the buyout of NUFC on behalf of investors or solely for herself/her company – but I must admit to becoming increasingly sceptical of the whole thing.

The media are giving us a blow by blow account of her increasing involvement but how do they know she is having meetings, has signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), wants to be the main woman (run the club herself), has set aside £XXXXm for transfers, etc etc etc?

There are only two explanations – either somebody is feeding this information to the media, or else the newspapers are making it up.

Which then leads me on to the subject of the other four interested parties who have allegedly signed NDAs.

All of the newspapers have stated this as fact, that four potential buyers had already registered their interest in buying Newcastle United, before then Amanda Staveley became a fifth combatant.

So the question is, how do the media know every single step of Ms Staveley’s route towards buying Newcastle United, yet know absolutely nothing about the other four potential purchasers?

I’m not saying they don’t exist or that Amanda Staveley isn’t interested in doing a deal for NUFC – but you do have to admit it is all a little bit strange.

If the press are ‘finding’ out all these snippets of information about her progression towards buying the football club, how come they know nothing, or less than nothing, about the other quartet of interested parties?

No journalist has even (seriously) guessed at the identity of any other potential investor, never mind actually claim they know.

Sadly, it all leads me to believe that nobody really knows anything, that anybody with info about Amanda Staveley’s ‘actions’ is only being fed that information from a source that may have other motivations driving it.

How can the combined efforts of the media fail to name another supposed interested investor in Newcastle United?

I think we are all being played yet again (by Mike Ashley and his minions) and around Christmas/New Year time we will eventually discover the bigger picture, potentially.

Unrequited love is always the most difficult to deal with and Amanda Staveley will simply prove to be a moment in time, rather than a long-time lover.

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  • Geordiegiants

    I dont think there will be many that would say you are wrong.

  • Mrkgw

    Reserving judgement until we know more. Echoing the sentiments of many, Amanda Staveley will undoubtedly be welcomed by us but until the deal is signed, we shouldnt get overly excited. Great in principle but we have been let down on so many occassions.

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      Why would she be welcomed when her one venture in the UK went into a individual voluntary settlement in 2008 and lots of people out of work .She does deals and not running football clubs and takes large margins at that.

      • Guest 2

        Q.ton collapsed after she sold 49% of the company to Eurotelecom. She personally lost around 1.75 million as she had taken the majority of the sale money in Eurotelecom shares. She also had the company investigated for fraud afterwards.

        Funny like, as you don’t mind your mate Ashley closing down USC (after asset stripping it first) and throwing people onto the dole days before Xmas – some 200 of them received only 15 minutes notice.

        • Mark Spark

          Guest 1 Monkseaton Magpie 0
          love to see the fact MM thought he was being clever by using Google search,but in his desperation to sound superior missed the blooming big elephant in the room…called Ashley.

          • Guest 2

            Most of the drivel he comes out with is utterly false.

          • Kev Newcastle England

            DRIVEL MONK

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            So did her company collapse yes her only venture in the U.K.
            apart from her first café . Ashley has put a lot of his money in the club which is his own not borrowed money or loans of daddy.

  • Paul Patterson

    I stated earlier in the week- FORGET the takeover speculation.
    Our (the fans) performance is key over the next few games. It sells the club and motivates the lads.
    THAT is the most important thing.
    Roll on tomorrow 3pm.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    It`s not over until the Fat Lad sings down at the Nags Head in Peckham with a Chelsea shirt on

    • steve pearce

      And then hoys up in the fireplace!

    • Dillon Tovak

      Wrong side of London mate.

      • Danimal

        Strangely, Millwall and Chelsea both get casual mentions in Only Fools and Horses. Ashley could have been a good substitute for Jim Broadbent’s Slater though.

  • steve pearce

    Could The Owner’s slimy PR machine be planting disinformation? Why has only Amanda Staveley come forward? That stupid Turkish King Biscuit denied any interest as did some one else whose name I can’t remember. What is of interest is that Reuters were first to break the news of Amanda Staveley’s continuing involvement and they I assure you do not deal in fake news!

    • Virsino

      Very true Steve on the reuters source, and the journalist that wrote the piece is a mergers and acquisitions writer, not some rag at the chronic. I think there is something to it, plus the fact that she hasn’t denied it, as of yet.

  • paul mclaughlan

    Do as I do and do not read any newspapers.

  • joppadoni

    Yawn article. What did this add other than nothing. Jesus true mackem.. Worst than normal..

    • anyobrien

      Agreed stopped reading ffs

  • HarryHype59

    As much as I want the fat lad gone, a hedge fund leveraged buy out, brokered by the lovely Amanda could be bad for our club and us as supporters!

  • Andy Mac

    It may not be relevant to this article but I’m still looking for a definitive answer to the question of who invited her to SJP ? I’ve read it was Dalglish because she’s a Red (Scouser) apparently. I also read it was Rafa. I also read it was the Board. No one seems to know ? Is she a smoke screen (shielding one of her clients interests) or is it yet more smoke and mirrors from Fatman ?

    • Virsino

      Personally, I don’t think the fat lad moves in her circles, and I also don’t think she is a smokescreen type of woman – I can’t see her doing a favor for Keith Bishop. I do think her work in the Man City deal previously is making it difficult for her to avoid the camera, so, while she may certainly be a front for a client, I don’t think her presence is smoke and mirrors at the behest of Ashley et al.

  • Blackburn1066

    This sound like another SAFC bit of C–P

  • HappyToons

    Some irrelevant news-She can run the 100m in 12.6 seconds that’s faster than Tommy Cassidy with the runs

  • Stephen

    The owners in my time have never been popular ( remember ‘sack the board’)
    Even Sir John who made the club great and the only one in recent times to unlock some of the vast potential, left with a fat profit
    The club simply has never had a benifactor.
    Highly unlikely any of the potential new owners will be any different.
    Can it be any worse than the last decade NO Definitely not

    • Danimal

      The aforementioned John Hall was popular with me. He was entitled to leave with a fat profit because he added value.

      • Stephen

        I’d just like to see someone with his heart in the club.
        Bill Kenwright, Jack Walker( RIP)
        Not simply an investment.
        The current incombant could write a book on ways to upset the fan base of a football club.

  • Steve Smith

    I’d say it’s more likely we’re being used to distract from the true intention of either buying Liverpool or from the Barclays case.

  • benton mag

    Not like this site to be negative

    • Thefootballerwhocouldfly

      Realistic….. after 50 years it’s good to have a healthy cynicism!! Keep the faith, one day……

  • Chris Stanton

    I, too, am extremely sceptical. Ashley will still be the owner in January when no money will be available to Benitez “because of the impending deal” and then to the shock of nobody, the deal will fall through.

    • HarryHype59

      The odds of that happening are fairly high! It could result in Rafa moving to a more ambitious club, resulting in yet another relegation. Fat lad would then see the value of his cash cow plummet by over 50%.

      I am looking at a worse case scenario, but hey ho this is Newcastle United!

    • Mark Potter

      Yet there was up to £17m available in the kitty during the last days if the transfer window, either in cash or potential player sales, such as Gayle. We trust by Jan Colback has accepted he has no future here and takes an offer from another club. Saivet and Haidarra are also available still, maybe even Mitro. Plus the first installments of TV money will have been received.

      Rafa will have money to spend, if he can find the right players available in mid-season that would fit in with the existing players. Since this money is in the transfer budget, any impending sale should not impact it. The club should be running “business as usual” until such time as a deal is signed. Potential owners not on board by Jan would know that failing to make any signings threatens the longterm value of any investment.

      • HarryHype59

        Seriously, how much do you think sales of Saivet, Hadarra and Colback would generate for new players? At best we would get them out on loan but still have to subsidise their inflated salaries.

        If we were very lucky we may be able to sell Gayle if he isn’t injured again.

  • goalseeker

    A reliable source told me – now keep this under your hats – she is a front for Donald Trump

    • Danimal

      Someone has finally found a potential owner who would be even less acceptable than the fireplace vandal. Well done.

    • Mark Potter

      Does your “reliable source” support the Mackems?

      Though strangely, the bookies are giving odds on him, as if people are actually placing bets on it happening!

  • Leazes Ender

    I’m sceptical….. maybe Staveley is using United to drive down the price of a Liverpool takeover.

    • Oldgeordie

      Grow up

      • Mark Potter

        What’s his age got to do with it? Two facts we do know – she is a Liverpool fan, and has no interest or connections to NUFC, the city or even the area. If she is acting for investors, then they are foreigners with even less knowledge/interest in the area.

  • Thefootballerwhocouldfly

    Heart hopes there is something in it & the club will be rid of Ashley. Head believes this is all smoke & mirrors & PR excercise for the mercenary sociopath!

  • Trev Stardust


  • Alan Thornton

    All the leaks are coming from her side though, Is she playing Ashley at his own PR game? I think she wants the fans onside to help push Ashley to sell Maybe She wants us to know she’s interested in the club and she’s willing pay to pay £300 million, Its like she wants everyone to know whats happening before she does due diligence and she cant say anything because of the non disclosure agreement.

    • TubbyMunky

      Agreed. And, given how unpopular Fat Mike is, maybe she just wanted some idea how she’d be received as not only the new owner, but also whether or not she’d be taken seriously as a woman.

      • Mark Potter

        Or taken seriously as a complete outsider – a Liverpool “fan”, with no connections to the club or area, interested only in it as an investment, coming from a very privileged background, friend of royals and best buddy of Theresa May. Nothing in common with 99% of fans.

        Yes, I think you are right. She wants to see if the hatred for Ashley is so bad, that we will ignore the fact that she has more in common with him (loads of money, no experience of football, no interest in the fans only in making more money to go abroad). The answer is overwhelmingly yes, most fans seem to be keen to accept someone who ten years ago they would have been seriously questioning. That’s how bad it has got under Ashley. And how globalisation has impacted even local football clubs. Never again, it seems, will a geordie own our club.

  • Chris

    I’ve also been very sceptical about those 3 or 4 unidentified groups which have allegedly been doing due diligence.

    The story originated in the Times and I suspected that it was just another bit of misinformation that the club had put out. In fact I tweeted George Caulkin to ask about it and the reply I got didn’t really clarify things, but he mentioned, among other things, that it wasn’t his story. I replied that I knew it wasn’t his story and I just wanted to know whether or not HE believed it.

    He didn’t reply, which I take as a NO

  • Shop

    I’ve seen at least three names of other potential bidders across the last four or five days. Other than leaks from associates, or a representative at a match, how is there meant to be any speculation? You seem to be complaining that everyone is speculating about Amanda Staveley’s appearance at the match, but only because they aren’t speculating about people it’s impossible to know anything about.
    To make it even worse the regular “woe is me” side come out, being their general negative selves, and then, to show you just how deluded and depressing they are, they cheer themselves up by hoping for a Corbyn government. You couldn’t even make it up.

  • Nicholas Dryden

    what a miserable so and so. way to bring everyone down

  • Mattmanchester

    I don’t post here often but i remember when the city takeover happened. If I’m correct didn’t they say the owners looked at nufc before city but found them to be an easier outlay. Staveley was part of that and is maybe thinking noes the time

    • Virsino

      I remember reading that, and that Fat lad didn’t have the courtesy to turn up to a meeting, essentially denying Newcastle to opportunity of being the current Man City.

  • Guest 2

    The most obvious and likely source is the Club itself. That’s why we all know about Barnes’ role, and this has the cack handed feel of Bishop.

    Signing an NDA is self explanatory. It’s also legally enforceable otherwise there’s no point in having one. The only people who could therefore know of 4 interested parties (if they actually exist) is the Club.

    • Mark Potter

      The club has over 100 employees. Plus there are their accountants, solicitors, bankers, agents, investment brokers etc. Working for the club and working for the potential buyers.

  • ghostrider

    It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks to the contrary of the feel good factor.#
    The fact is, at the minute we are riding along on the crest of a takeover wave that can potentially catapult this club into exciting times ahead.

    It may not happen as I’ve said but until that becomes the case, then I’m taking a nice slice of feel good factor from it all.

    I’ve spent all my life having ups and downs over Newcastle United, as we all have…and in recent years we’ve had littler to shout/crow about in terms of pitting our wits against the big hitters.

    There’s 3 ways all this can pan out.

    1. Amanda Staveley and co, or similar can take over and propel this club into elite status, long term. (fingers massively crossed)

    2. We can get a fly by night take over owner who promises the world and delivers the story and pictures but no physical evidence of it’s existence.

    3. It all falls apart and we end up with Ashley keeping the sails up.

    Let’s hope number 1 is the future and never number 2.
    Number 3 is the devil we do know and would be certainly better the devil than 2.

    • Mark Potter

      Why put Staveley’s name in the first paragraph? That implies you know she would propel the club to elite status. She has no experience of running a business, never mind a football club. Her background is in helping super rich foreigners become even richer. Along the way she has become rich. But is she significantly richer than Ashley? Can she provide the sort of money over several years that would be required?

      And would the Prem League/EUFA even allow it, under FFP rules? To become a top six club means replacing one of the existing top six, who would surely cry foul. FFP was introduced by elite clubs for elite clubs, to ensure no-one else became an elite club.

      • ghostrider

        And co, or similar is the key, not specifically Amanda Staveley herself, as she seems more of a deal maker than a personal money fronter.

        Her personal wealth is reported to be about 100 million so I’m hardly using her as the money owner.

        • Mark Potter

          And co which we know absolutely nothing about. The only thing which seems 100% certain in all of the stories is the people who buy the club will plant a magic money tree in Leazes Park, giving Rafa an endless supply of cash to buy the best players in the world.

          They will be philanthropic, not interested at all in making a profit from the club. They will “get the club”, understand the area and it’s traditions. They won’t wish to change the name of the stadium, change the manager, change the colours of the strip, call us the Panthers or other NFL type name, they won’t think that they know better than the manager and his staff who are good players, who to buy and what wages to pay them. And they won’t use the club to promote themselves or their brand, covering the stadium with their advertising.

          We know all that must be true because Ms Staveley is rather photogenic. Amanda, nous t’adore. Please buy our club, never mind silverware, a trophy Chairperson is even better.

          • ghostrider

            The fans want rid of Ashley. It could turn out to be a grass is greener model if Ashley goes. It could aos go teets up in short order.

            The issue is very very simple. Ashley is hated. Ashley has and is created/creating mass hatred and dislike and distrust on a continual basis.

            Any minor issue with the club no matter what will always be down to Ashley, whether it is or not.
            See what I’m saying?

            I’m not an Ashley hater. I can see both sides of his tenure and I can also see a stable club.
            We could be owned by far far worse owners.
            However…football has been sold to the devil a good number of years ago. It’s a dying nostalgia game or grass roots game.

            In a nutshell, we either fester as an also ran football club like we’ve done for long enough or we take the plunge into the lucky bag and see what transpires.

            I want the chance to win something and I want the chance to do it by having a team that plays exciting football.
            However, I do not want this if it comes at a cost of sending Newcastle United into oblivion, so that’s why I’m staying positive about new owners taking us forward and if all goes teets up, at least (hopefully) leaving us in good shape to be passed on to (at the very least) someone who can at least keep it stable.

            Take a look at Man City or Chelsea. Look at how long they’ve pushed the boat out. Why can’t we?

            If Ashley chose to stay, then so be it. I won’t ever change my allegiance to my club. I’ll just keep on hoping for something better to happen as each season passes, like I have done just about all of my life.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    I have got to say that something about this doesn’t ring true and why could she not buy Liverpool at the time ?
    Could this woman just be another more glamourous looking Barry Moat who is nothing but a time waster using this as publicity for herself ?

    • Son of Wilt

      Why does she need publicity for herself? Personally minted and representing interests unbelievably minted, maybe she’s using that to get a head start publicly. These people know how to use the media, unlike our current oafish owner. She may turn out to be a bust, but as fatty as declared not one more penny from his pocket, I would give her the benefit of the doubt.

  • nevfur

    Who isn’t having fantasies about Amanda. Oh you mean buying the club lol who knows