Crystal Palace fans have already seen their team smash Newcastle’s longstanding Premier League record this season.

In the 2005/06 season, Graeme Souness managed to take 438 minutes of Premier League action before he guided his Newcastle players to their first goal of the season.

It took 12 years but Palace have beaten that this season…and in fact have smashed it out of sight.

It is now 630 minutes, 10 and a half hours, of top tier football without a goal.

What is more, they haven’t picked up a single point either and are rock bottom of the Premier League, with a -17 goal difference.

Coming off the back of a 4-0 hammering at Manchester United, Palace’s next game is home to reigning champions Chelsea.

A visit to Newcastle United then beckons for the ninth Crystal Palace match of the season and with nothing expected against the blues, all eyes are on the trip to Tyneside…

Crystal Palace fans commenting via their top Holmesdale message board:

‘Assuming we lose the Chelsea game (Meanwhile one or two of the the 3 teams above us will get some small points) …..

The whole season boils down to this….

IF we Lose to Newcastle, AND at the same time ANY ONE of the 3 teams above us get a win then WE ARE GOOSED !

Apologies for sounding fatalistic, but it is as stark as that.

It would be nine losses. And Newcastle just gave Liverpool a black eye at the weekend.

We cannot guarantee our survival with a win at St James’s, but we can seriously stack the bookies odds against us if the above scenario plays out.

The January transfer window is always brutally cruel to the team at the bottom of the table. No new talent wants to sign for you and your existing top talent may be looking for an escape.

So lets show the fat spanish waiter that managing in La Liga was a walk in the park compared to the Premier League.’

‘Benteke might be out for a few more games so the match (when our) our season starts may be put back a wee longer.’

‘Absolutely right! Lose at Newcastle and we are relegated – a stone cold certainty.

Blame Alan Pardew for a series of bad buys – selling Bolasie too – but Benteke was a major mistake.

(Referee) John Moss should be held to account for allowing Huddersfield to kick the legs of Wilf (Zaha) to such an extent that he has missed so many vital games.

Steve Parrish’s problem now is preparing for the Championship next season, who to sell, probably at a loss, and who to keep.

If no points after 9 games, how can anyone expect us to get 38/40 points in the remaining 29?

I expect I shall get abuse for writing this.

I’ll be in my seat for Chelsea – would be wonderful if this is a repeat of last season’s away game – do cows ever jump over the moon?’

‘Personally I think we’ll pick up some points between now and Brighton (which is Palace’s 14th PL game of the season). Maybe 6 max (from a possible 42) if we’re lucky.

Then, I believe the Brighton away will define our season, more psychologically than anything else (Palace v Brighton is big grudge match despite geographical distance).

We win there, it will be a massive boost potentially ensuring we get to 8 or 9 points, I think we use that to go on a good run against West Brom, Bournemouth, Watford, Leicester and Swansea to get us back in contention.

If we don’t make the most of that run before we have to play Arsenal and Citeh again, we are completely and utterly knackered.’

‘I’m sorry but that’s utter rubbish.

There’s still 29 games to play and we’d only be a maximum of 8 points behind.

After Chelsea we have 11 games which are on paper winnable (except Spurs), if we come out of those games still 7 or 8 points adrift then I’d be inclined to agree.’

  • NUFCDan

    We did warn them!

    • HappyToons

      Yes we did and they continued to insult us for doing so.
      Maybe they’ll appoint McClaren next as they are deef lugs

    • Peaky Magpie

      ……..and they didn’t effing listen.Serves themselves right,no sympathy.

  • anyobrien

    Never liked palace strange club… They Think there one of the big boys but in my lifetime have always been gash.

  • Jimblag23

    It’s Parish’s fault rather than Pardew.
    Why would Parish employ Pardew when he had such a bad track record?

    Palace fans seemed to love Pardew and his “great buys” at the time too.
    Couldn’t happen to a smugger group of fans.

  • Tony Johnson

    No sympathy for them,not good enough for the Prem.Won’t be missed.

  • steve pearce

    I might have guessed – another Graham Porter article!

    Listen you utter moron, we don’t give a flying Donald Duck about what Crystal Palace fans have to say. Also the match is not until October 24th so why even mention it now. So go back to your room where you spend all your time watching self-made “Graham Porter is the coolest sexiest man in town” videos before crying yourself to sleep every lonely night

  • TheFatController

    I’ve almost forgotten the feeling you get when you have a poor team and are bottom – I remember the days, but forget the feeling of dejection – you go one down, Garth crooks or Paul Merson say ‘this could be any score’… and you settle at 4 or 5 against and players talk about ‘improving next week’

    Whatever happens at Chelsea (and at Southampton) when they arrive here, I am sure we will be tactically prepared, and simply the fact that no one’s place is safe – just ask Shelvey or Gayle – we’ll give everything, and then we’ll see what results …

  • paul mclaughlan

    “So lets show the fat spanish waiter that managing in La Liga was a walk in the park compared to the Premier League.“

    Erm I’m certain he managed Liverpool… imbecile!

  • Wor Lass

    I was actually at Joker Park in 1977 (a good mate was a fan and talked me into going!) when they scored against Bristol City in a Friday night game – I mean, Sky wasn`t even invented then! It was their first goal in 11 or 12 games (although 1023 minutes also seems to stick in my mind) and i just remember the fans chanting “raffle the baal”. You had to laugh.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    I don’t think it is as dramatic as that but they have to start winning games soon.
    I see Pardew gets a mention in reference to his performance in the transfer market and yes he has had a hand in proceedings but Steve Parrish is the Achilles Heel at Palace.
    He appointed Alan in the first instance when his stock couldn’t get any lower but it wasn’t down to a lack of ability but those pesky Geordies ran him out of toon !
    Personally I think that is one of the main reasons Pardew ultimately fails at clubs is his inability to build a side of his own.
    He’s not bad at coming into a distressed situation and giving it a shot in the arm in the short term but after that well we all know how it goes…

    The immediate problem Palace have is Steve Parrish who continually keeps putting his foot in it and making things worse.

  • Rich Lawson

    ”Jumpers for goal posts” Roy Manager. They look dead before 3 quarters of the season still to play with Benteke out.