Crystal Palace fans experienced the highs last weekend, a surprise 2-1 victory over champions Chelsea giving them respite from a terrible season so far.

Saturday afternoon it was back to no points and no goals.

However, Crystal Palace fans were pretty united in the belief that they’d managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of  victory (or at least a point).

A game of few chances saw Palace arguably the better team, with a late Newcastle winner crushing the travelling fans.

There is nothing like a late winner to give supporters the respective highs and lows.

The Crystal Palace fans not very complimentary about Newcastle United, apart from begrudging comments regarding Rafa’s defensive-minded formation and its effectiveness.

Crystal Palace fans comment via their top Holmesdale message board:

‘Deserve to be relegated if we can’t beat such a poor Newcastle team. We were so average today it was painful.’

‘Just sick of losing games in this fashion. Better side all game, created a bunch of chances, then let in a soft goal in the last few minutes when they haven’t threatened us at all.’

‘Benitez did a good job getting his defence to nullify our no-striker approach while forsaking any ambition from his own side. They then got a goal out of nothing.

A bit of chess game this match. A really, really boring chess game.’

‘We’d have won this if we had a striker. Had total dominance for most of the 2nd half against a Newcastle team playing rubbish.’

‘Gutting that. Was there for the taking. They turned it up in the last 15 and that was the difference. That and our missed chances.’

‘Wilf often has a bad game because the other team shuts him down and all the while they’ve got at least half an eye on him they are less effective. I think it was telling that Newcastle upped their game when he came off. I’m not a Roy hater at all but I think that was his first big mistake so far. It was an almost Pardew-like substitution.

Personally, with my admitted limited knowledge of management, I would have taken Cabaye off at or near HT and brought RLC on then. Cabaye was at risk of blowing his top (good on him that he didn’t in the end), he was letting the crowd and the other team get to him.’

‘Well that was worth getting up at 3.00am in the morning for! In truth neither side deserved to win that, Very average from both teams, Newcastle very lucky to get anything,’

‘We were the better side. They were rubbish and offered nothing but AGAIN we concede from a corner… We clearly have a problem with defending corners.’

‘Townsend has to polish up his shooting.’

‘Agree his shooting is very poor, also he needs to learn to pass, he holds onto it way too long, always hoping to have a chance for himself only.’

‘From a big high last week to a big low this week. We were always generally in control but they defended in numbers well enough.’h and we had no goal scoring ideas.

We had all the control upto the penalty area but when you need the goal scorers to take over I am afraid we had none.’

‘Should have swapped Cabaye for RLC and kept Wilf on. Wilf coming off gave them a lift.’

‘Watching West Ham last night they have a lot of quality individuals but I can’t see them sitting as deep or being as disciplined as Newcastle. They let a fairly average Brighton team take them apart on the break and defensively they look weak. Plus they have Joe Hart in goal.’

‘Thanks for getting back to kicking us in the boll…. every Saturday Palace. Even worse that we were the better team and had chances to win it.’

‘We were the better team, bossed most of the game and Newcastle had to work hard to keep us out. Cruel sucker punch to lose to a last minute ricochet corner but that’s football.’

‘The reason that football is so exciting is because it is completely unfair. Today was the perfect example of that.’

‘The fact is Wilf had the easiest chance to score in the match today and missed.  

He had been stopped all game by their defence and so no point in risking keeping him on.

We were in control virtually all game but they scored a fortunate goal and we did not.’

‘I was there today and we looked pretty good, composed and in control most of the game. We should have done better in a few attacking situations but were solid in defence.

That is until the last 10 minutes or so when they made a couple of subs and we didn’t… they started to look stronger and we were a bit slow with our subs.

In the end we were a bit unlucky and that’s football – Newcastle are a good side but most of the match we were the better team – you just have to take something when you’re in the ascendancy or you can come a cropper. Play like that every week and we’ll pick up points – not going to worry about relegation – it could happen but there’s enough time and matches for the averages to even out in our favour.’

  • Phil K

    Well, they got one thing right. They DESERVE to be relegated

  • Milo79

    All of those comments might hold water if their team had managed one shot on target.

  • Paul Patterson

    Shots on target- 0. End of..

  • Andy Mac

    Considering we often play without a striker as well we didn’t do too badly against a Palace side who have spent more money than Fatman keeps stuffed under his mattress

  • anyobrien

    Well from we’re I Sat in the east stand they never threatened us apart from the van mackem slide at the far post….. These fans need to remember we are just a two bit CHAMPIONSHIP Team and can’t really hold our own against massive established epl teams such as the mighty Palace, Swansea, West ham, Stoke and Southampton how dare we have a world class manager who has gelled a hard working, organised footballing unit… So we must win no matter what…. Lmfao and may it continue… Howay the lads.

  • gallowgate26

    Bit of sour grapes but mainly correct in what they say. Their team didn’t even have a striker or a shot on target in the whole game though, so I’m not sure that they deserved to win! On paper they have a decent PL squad and are too good to be in the bottom 3. Good luck with the rest of the season, I think they might just scrape up when Benteke is back and Hodgeson starts to get a few results. It looks like a shock club like Stoke, Everton, West Ham or Leicester will go down in one of the spots. An established PL club, perhaps two. All the promoted sides won this weekend, which was nice for the league I thought.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Blah, blah, blah, time for the pundits & opposing fans to wise up to the fact we are an average team at best, but we have Rafa.
    they bemoan the fact they played without a striker, we`ve been doing that since we bought Hoss E Loo

    • Paul Patterson

      When we play with Joselu and Perez it’s like being down to 9 men.

      • Keith McSherry

        Aye coz you’re the manager that brought us up. Obv the work rate is also getting results where Mitro is likely to get sent off

      • Peaky Magpie

        Yes the old 4-4-0 formation !

    • Wor Monga

      Ahh! we’re an average team now are we?…up til a short while ago you had us down as certain for relegation…with hardly any or even none of our players PL standard…Aye, we’ve got Rafa in charge, but isn’t he the one that picks Joselu to start games, and leaves your 2 favourites, Mitro and Mbemba out?!!!

      • Natturner26

        Joselu is a rag doll.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        i have NEVER said we would be relegated, Now [email protected]@k off you Moron

  • Paul Busby

    We had possession and shots on target stats so not exactly sure where they get the idea they “bossed it”. Their football was marginally more attractive in the final third… thats about all they had going for them.

    We were both terrible TBQH and a draw would have been a fair result, as it turns out, a few decent substitutions made a difference for us and some pressure at the end cracked them.

    • Wor Monga

      No it wouldn’t have been a fair result…we scored and they didn’t…no matter what the game was like upto, and past that point!!!

      • Paul Busby

        It would have been a fair reflection of the complete lack of quality throughout the game.
        I’m not saying we shouldn’t enjoy the win.

    • Marveauxless

      We had 3 shots on target, all coming after the 80th minute. 2 were long shots and the Palace defender deflected it off Merino’s face for the third. Their opportunities were more threatening (Loftus-Cheek to van Aanholt in particular). Until Diame came on I can’t remember us having the ball in the opposition half.
      Whenever we are favourites we try to control the game and end up getting caught out in defence, Zaha and Townsend were given too much space and with a bit more luck could have been clean through on a few occasions

  • David2211

    It was a struggle to watch, but surely it’s the sign of a good team, winning without playing well? That’s four wins now. Last time out in this league, we achieved our fourth win in mid-December. It’s been good stuff so far.

    • gallowgate26

      If Man U get a 1-0 win when playing badly the pundits will say, ‘it’s the sign of a good team’. If we do it, we are told it’s because we got lucky!

  • nufcslf

    It was a shocking match that had a 0-0 draw written all over it. Subs did make all the difference and actually having an effort on target. Sometimes you are bottom of the league for a reason. Still feeling the rot left behind by their saviour Pisdew, I’m affraid.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Newsflash to palace fans. You’re going to lose to much worse teams than us this season!!

  • Jimblag23

    Mainly pretty fair comments. Especially the boring chess match comment.

    The part about Townsend holding onto the ball too long and wants his own chance, to be fair to him he’s head and shoulders above everyone else.

  • Grahame Johnson

    As Stoke game and palace show a lot of clubs in the premiership away support is rubbish, Brentford Ipswich and a rock bottom Rotherham put them to shame last season to mention a few

  • Philippines

    In the two seasons we were relegated in recent years there were some matches we didn’t deserve to lose. Sometimes the ‘bounce of the ball’ is unkind in football. Its nice to see it go our way for a change.

  • East Durham Mag

    Against a poor Newcastle United side that’s 7th from a team that’s rock bottom, and we’re labelled as deluded by everyone.

  • HarryHype59

    To be honest we are very poor in the striking department! It is confirmation of Rafa’ s ability as a coach and manager and a bit of luck that we are even in the top half of the table!

  • Jim

    With the CPFC record – other teams should be out of sight – not the case – when Palace regain any sort of form it would make an interesting table.