Craig Bellamy thinks it would be the wrong move for Gareth Southgate to call up Jamaal Lascelles for his next squad.

The next England get together is only a month away, as we endure yet another international break.

England play Brazil and Germany in high profile friendlies in November but the former Newcastle striker believes the NUFC captain hasn’t done enough to earn a place in the squad.

Craig Bellamy says he wants to see more from Lascelles before getting a chance for his country, even though the centre-back has started the season well.

Bellamy thinks too often players have got a call-up for the three lions far too soon and thinks Jamaal Lascelles needs to show his form over a longer period before being considered.

The bottom line though is that for anybody to be considered for the finals in Russia, there will be precious few opportunities before the end of the season.

This get together in November, then another in March, before the final pre-tournament preparations after the Premier League season ends.

You can understand what Craig Bellamy is saying but a big positive for Lascelles is surely the fact that England don’t have any outstanding players in the middle of defence.

The likes of Cahill, Stones, and Smalling are much of a muchness.

Whilst the Newcastle captain will take heart from the fact that both Harry Maguire and Michael Keane were playing Championship football in 2015/16 and both have gone on now to play for their country.

Craig Bellamy speaking to Talksport:

“Jamaal Lascelles has started well this season.

“I would like to see a little bit more though.

“It is England again…as soon as a player is doing well, he should automatically be called up to the England squad!

“I would like to see Jamaal Lascelles maintain the good form he is enjoying at this present moment.

“I would like to see that form a little bit longer and then who knows?”

  • Paul Patterson

    That’s normally how it works, play well for a bit and get a call up. There are no games for a while so he has the chance to play well for a bit longer.
    Bellamy – always a gobs***e.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    The dipstick manager of England can call up any English player & the result will be the same
    Back on the 1st flight out of Russia next year

  • steve pearce

    Craig – I wouldn’t worry!

    With an Ex-Boro’ player and manager in charge there’s no chance any Newcastle player will get a call up.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    But Harry Winks did?

  • David2211

    From those quotes he doesn’t say he “doesn’t deserve a call up”. He simply says he’s doing well and would like him to continue that before getting his chance.

    Misleading and negative.

    From a selfish point, I hope he doesn’t play for them. Same goes for all our players re international games. Not possible though sadly.

  • Leicester Mag

    Geared up to have a pop at the Gobsh(te Bellers but in all honesty what he says make sense and is nothing like the headline! Come on leave the hyperbole to the Chronic

  • Paul Smith

    He has a point though… Half (probably more) of our fans didn’t even want him in the Newcastle team until the last few games where he scored a couple of goals.